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Top 30 Favorite Anime (extended, #33-31)

Here's numbers 33-31 of my top favorite anime of all time!

33. Secret of Cerulean Sand
I only came across this anime in the summer of 2010, but an anime with modern day technology set in a Victorian era-esque setting? Sign me up! This is one of the great sci-fi anime I've discovered, and I'm glad I did! This may seem like a kid show, but it doesn't shy away from dark topics. The production values were quite good for it's time (2002-2003?), there's bits of character development, the anime doesn't go overboard when explaining the technology, making it easy to understand (I'm proud to say that I've learned a lot about technology from this anime), and the main character Jane is one of the best female characters I've come across. It's based on novels by Jules Verne, aka the "father of science fiction" and I'm glad to say that I love this anime!

32. Tanoshii Moomin Ikka
I've always loved kids shows involving fantasy worlds, where cute animal creatures go on adventures and have fun and run into mystical creatures. Which begs the question: Why didn't this get brought to the US?! If this had been shown to me as a kid, I would hate eaten it up! This show has everything I want in a kids show: lighthearted humor, good characters who are consistent (most of the time), beautiful animation, good episodic stories that teach good morals, etc. All of the characters are great and unique in their own way, and even though the show has 104 episodes (the latter 52 have not been dubbed, sadly), it manages to remain consistently fun and intriguing all the way through, with some exceptions. I would totally show this to my kids if I ever had any...which I likely won't.

31. Yuuki Yuuna is a Hero
Madoka Magica was the big magical girl show back in 2011, and I ate it up because I genuinely liked it. But now that I'm a little older, I still like it, but I am more aware of its flaws, and since then, other shows have knocked it off of my top 35 list, Yuuki Yuuna being that show. I feel it does a lot of things right that Madoka didn't tackle, such as, oh, I don't know, giving the characters actual personal lives, like hobbies, interests, weaknesses, and strengths...well, most of them anyway. Itsuki's best character, by the way. Then again, for all I know I could watch this years later and see its flaws better. But despite its shortcomings, especially its ending, I really liked it and I want to hug Itsuki! I can relate to her the most!
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