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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 8 (Part two)

 Part two!

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 8
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Friendship
EPISODE 5: The Boy Whose Name Meant Light

Soon, they checked out and drove back home. Hisako took Teruki (since his car got taken by Ayaka), Yun, Lopmon, Terriermon, and Lucero back home. Terriermon hopped around merrily, happy to be home. They all made themselves a decent breakfast (which Terriermon and Lucero were especially happy about, Lucero because he never had breakfast before and was happy to have a full stomach) and settled back into their house. A few hours passed, and everyone's been working on having Lucero settle in. Teruki laid out a futon he saved in the guest room's closet, Hisako removed some extraneous items from there, and Yun, Lopmon, and Terriermon kept Lucero occupied. Before they arrived home, they stopped at a small store and got some decent clothes for Lucero. Right now he's wearing an orange T-shirt and blue jean shorts. Yun could see the tattoos on his left arm and leg, but she chose not to talk about them.

"So they're Digimon?" Lucero asked.

"Yep! They're my little cuties!" Yun exclaimed as she hugged her little floppy eared friends.

"And thou ist from the Digital World?"

"Yep, we are!" Terriermon and Lopmon exclaimed in unison.

"Why doth thou come here?"

"We don't know," Lopmon said. "But we like it here nonetheless. I think you'll like it here in this house too."

Lucero smiled a bit.

Right as they were about to further engage in conversation, the phone rang.

Ring ring ring ring

The sound was so sudden that it made Lucero jump with surprise.

"Wha-What was that?!" Lucero exclaimed.

"Sorry! It's the phone. I'll get it!" Yun told him and ran for the phone.


"Yun-chan! It's me, Otoya!"

"Oh, hi Otoya-chan! What's up?"

"The Digimon Brigade meeting, that's what! I'm at the park right now!"

"Oh! The Digimon Brigade meeting?! That's right! Awwww! Sorry, I ended up forgetting, even though I set it up. So much went on last night!"

"Well, it's okay. Not to worry. You still have time. I'm the only one here right now."

"Are the others there yet?"

"Not yet. They'll probably be here soon though."

"Thanks for reminding me. I really am stupid, aren't I?"

"Of course not! Everybody forgets stuff! It happens to all of us."

"Alright. I'll be there in a bit! I promise! Bye!"

Yun hung up the phone and ran in front of Terriermon, Lopmon, and Lucero, all of whom are looking at her with confused faces.

"Why art thou in such a hurry, Yun?" Lucero asked.

"Lucero! Wanna go somewhere with me?" Yun said.

"Uhh...sure," Lucero said. That's when Lopmon's ears rose into the air.

"Oh! Our Digimon Brigade meeting is today, isn't it? We should get going!" Lopmon exclaimed.

Yun told her parents that she and Lucero are going to the park for a bit. They held no objection toward Yun's request and let her go, much to Yun's shock and joy. She took Lucero by the hand and led him outside of the house. Terriermon and Lopmon followed from behind. As they walked, Lucero gazed at the scenery around him, absorbing everything with his large pale blue eyes. The trees, the houses, the flowers, the birds flying and singing in the sky like the songstresses they are, the small squirrels running around and climbing trees, kids playing, cars and bikes and motorcycles going by, everything. Everything looked so new to him, but he slowly grew to like the things he saw. After a while, they finally arrived at the park. Otoya and her Digimon, Labramon, were sitting on a bench.

"Otoya-chan! Labramon!" Yun exclaimed as she approached them.

"So, you've arrived!" Labramon said in a somewhat nerdy boy voice.

"Glad you're here!" Otoya said. Then she noticed Lucero.

"Yun-chan? Who's this?" Otoya asked, confused.

"Oh! I'll introduce you two! This is my new friend, Lucero. He's the reason why so much went on last night. Mom and I found him near death in front of Wawa last night and we stayed by his side in the hospital. He's living with us now. And don't worry, he found out about the Digimon but he's cool with it! Lucero, this is my friend Jounouchi Otoya-chan," Yun explained kindly.

" meet thee," Lucero said.

"Hm? What's with the Shakespeare talk?" Otoya asked.

"No one knows. Not even him," Yun replied.

"Do you have a Digimon?" Labramon asked.

"I...I do not," Lucero replied.

"EH? Why is he referring to himself with "ware" instead of "boku(1)" or "ore(1)"?" Otoya asked.

"No one knows," Yun replied again.

Soon, everyone else arrived. Minako, Kosuke, Melody, Rena, Riku, and even little Aria arrived! Right when she laid eyes on Yun, Aria dashed toward her with the sweetest and happiest of smiles on her face.

"Yuuuuuun-chaaaan!!" Aria exclaimed as she leaped onto Yun and squeezed her.

"Aria-chan! You came!" Yun cried out as she hugged her friend.

"Yun? Who are they?" Melody asked, pointing to both Aria and Lucero.

"Oh! Everyone, this is Yukino Aria-chan! I met her earlier this week, and she has a Digimon too! She's a part of the Digimon Brigade now!" Yun explained.

"H-Hi..." Aria muttered a little shyly.

"Hiya! I'm MarineAngemon!" Aria's partner, MarineAngemon, said.

"And this boy here is Lucero. He's my new friend! Yeah, he knows about the Digimon, but he's cool with it! Don't worry!" Yun explained again.

"H-Hi..." Lucero muttered shyly, much more so than Aria.

"Yun-chaaaaan! Wan!" Little Salamon hopped in front of Yun and happily rubbed against her feet.


"I've missed you, wan!" Salamon exclaimed in a cute voice. Yun smiled, but oddly enough, it was Lucero whom she managed to charm with her sweet appearance and cute voice. Lucero kneeled before her and very gently picked her up and cradled her in his arms with a dorky smile all over his face. Salamon saw this, but she felt no fear. She could sense that Lucero has no intention of harming her. In reaction to his, she rubbed her head against him.

"Hello! Wan!" Salamon said.

"Puppy..." Lucero muttered as he caressed Salamon without a care in the world.

"God, he reminds me of you when we were little," Kosuke said.

"I know, right?" Yun said.

But the meeting had to get started. Yun managed to get Lucero and Aria acquainted with everyone first. Thankfully they got some good reception and a warm welcome, though they both felt a little shy. Yun decided to have Lucero play with the Digimon so he can get better acquainted with them. He became quite popular with them. Once he began playing with them, Yun started the meeting.

"Now! Let's begin, shall we?'ve you all been?" Yun said.

"Fine," Kosuke said.

"Anyway, now onto business! Does anyone else happen to find it strange that whenever we fight bad Digimon they ALWAYS have some kind of black hexagon symbol on them?" Yun explained.

"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing," Melody said.

"Do ya think maybe someone's behind all this?" Riku asked.

"Well, I certainly don't believe this is all one giant coincidence, so I speculate that someone IS putting those dark symbols on the Digimon and making them run havoc," Minako explained as she started punching keys into her laptop.

"What do those things look like again? I forgot," Otoya said. Minako turned her laptop around to show everyone the hexagon.

It's deep black. Black as the raven's wing, and looking very ominous too. In the middle of it is a black skull with white tilted half circles for eyes. It doesn't have a mouth. At the corners of the inside parts of the hexagon are black crescents whose tips are pointing to the other corners. In between those crescents are diamonds.

"Ugh! It looks like those things you see in that one horror movie!" Rena exclaimed.

"Yes. I haven't battled many Digimon lately, but from what I can gather, any Digimon who has this symbol implanted on their bodies has glowing red eyes and displays psychotic and destructive behavior, and that they can be destroyed with basic Digimon attacks, though it takes a few times for it to totally disappear," Minako explained.

"Wow! You're on fire today, Mina-chan! I'm impressed. That's EXACTLY what I wanted to say!" Yun exclaimed, praising Minako's explanation and research.

"So in short, someone's making the Digimon go wild and we ought to find out who it is and teach him or her a lesson or two!" Yun edicted.

"Yay! An evil enemy we can fight! Yahoo!" Riku cheered and got up from the gazebo seat.

"Riku! Calm down! Don't get too fired up just yet," Rena told him.

"Awww! Now you're throwing water on my bliss!" Riku groaned sadly.

"By the way...raise your hand if your Digimon has digivolved in the past week or so!" Yun explained and raised her hand.

Rena, Riku, and Melody raised their hands. Everyone else didn't. Kosuke looked rather perturbed by this.

"Well, if yours haven't yet, that's okay! It'll happen soon! Well, that concludes today's meeting!" Yun clasped her hands together as she made her fiat. Minako looked confused.

"What? That's it?" Minako asked.

"We still have a ton of time left," Otoya said.

"I kinda wanted to talk about the hexagons only this weekend. But we can still hang out or play with the Digimon if you want!" Yun said.

"She has a point," Riku said.

"Okay! We'll stay for a bit longer!" Otoya said.

So, Yun got to hang out with her friends and the Digimon. Kosuke sat in the gazebo by himself. The Digimon are quite lively and energetic today, especially Salamon, Terriermon, Coronamon, and Patamon. Salamon kept exploring and looking at everything with a sparking curiosity in her lavendar violet eyes, big and bright. Minako often had a hard time keeping up with the spritely and lively little pup, but she enjoyed being with her little friend nonetheless. Lopmon taught Lucero how to make little flower wreaths, put some on their heads, and laughed cutely and heartily. Yun smiled at this. Otoya played frisbee with Labramon, who's very much enjoying it. Riku and Coronamon are basically running all over the place. Rena and Lunamon danced together. All of a sudden, Yun found herself with Patamon.

"You okay, Yun?" Patamon asked in a sweet little boy voice.

"I'm fine," Yun replied. She couldn't help but notice how big and bright Patamon's chocolate brown eyes are. The little orange winged animal hopped onto Yun's shoulder with a curious look on his face.

"You've been friends with Kosuke since childhood, right?" Patamon asked.

"Yep! But lately we haven't interacted much. Not that it's his fault, just...y'know what I mean. How did you know?" Yun replied.

"Kosuke told me. And it's alright. You don't look like a mean person so I get what you mean."

"Do you like Kosuke?"

"Of course I do! I love having him as my partner. He's calm and collected and always does what he can to help people and get by in life. I do kinda wish I could do more for him. I wish I could digivolve..."

Yun stroke Patamon's wing gently with a sympathetic smile.

"Don't worry. I'm sure you'll digivolve soon. Your time will come."

"Yeah. You're probably right. Kosuke's alone, so wanna come see him with me? Maybe we can talk together."


Patamon and Yun walked to the gazebo where Kosuke continued to sit by himself. They saw that he's writing in a little blue notebook, the size of his hand, and writing with a pen with black ink.

"Hi Kosuke!" Patamon exclaimed.

"Hi Patamon. Hi Yun," Kosuke replied quietly.

"How've you been?" Patamon asked.

"Fine," Kosuke replied again.

"What'cha writin'?" Yun asked. Patamon came closer to Kosuke so he could see what he's writing.

"A haiku. Wanna see?"


Kosuke showed Yun and Patamon his finished haiku.


Take me to heaven,
O kind angel with white wings,
So I can be free!

Patamon and Yun were stunned.

"Wow! That's beautiful!" Patamon said.

"Yeah! You're great at writing poems!" Yun exclaimed.

"Thank you," Kosuke said.

"But Kosuke said it's a haiku," Patamon said, confused.

"Yes, but a haiku is a type of poem," Yun explained.

"Oh! I get it now. Thanks!" Patamon said.

Yun decided to leave Patamon and Kosuke alone since they suddenly started palavering amongst themselves, Patamon happily and Kosuke rather apathetically, but she found it better than nothing. Then Yun found Labramon sitting in front of her. He looked quite striking with his cream colored fur, his magenta ears and tail, his gold claws, and his casual dog like posture.

"Hello," Labramon said politely.

"Hi," Yun replied.

"You're Otoya's friend, right?"


"Come sit with me."


"Otoya...talks about you a lot."

"Really? I didn't know that."

"Is that so? I suppose you don't hear compliments from people your age very often, now do you?"

"Not very, but it's alright. You're quite the polite little dog, aren't you?"

"We Labramon are always faithful to our partners, no matter who it is, and I don't mean that in a master and slave like way either."

"I can see why. Are you happy to be Otoya's partner?"

"Yes, I am. She's a nice girl. Friendly, clever, and optimistic."

"Good. She really is nice. She's certainly helped me in the past year I've known her. You're lucky to be with Otoya. You would absolutely hate having people like Nenji or Seiko as your partner."

"Are they bad people?"

"Yes, they are. They're constantly picking on me!"

"I certainly don't see why. I don't see any reason for them to pick on someone as nice as you. Of course, humans are weak creatures. They succumb easily to emotions that run wild as they see fit. But not all. I don't believe all humans are truly bad. I never have."

"That's good to know. Labramon...take care of Otoya-chan, will you?"

"I will do anything in my power to help her to thank her for bringing me up, even if I have to put my life at stake."

"Yun-chan! Labramon! Come hang with us!" Otoya exclaimed and called the two of them over.

Everyone played and played until it was time for everyone to go. Everyone got to know their Digimon better thanks to this meeting. Yun's dad picked her and Lucero up. They went to a clothes store to find some clothes for Lucero. They thought it was going to be hard, but it turned out to be a lot easier than they expected. Lucero certainly isn't one whose forte is fashion, but he immediately knew that he would NOT want to dress like a gangster and have chains sticking out from his pants. Also surprisingly good enough, boys' clothes were on sale today. Teruki got some good deals and they left the store with their hands full of bags. They got shirts, shorts, pants, and some pajamas for Lucero. He sort of felt a bit awkward, having these kind people do all these things for him, but he accepted them anyway since he's growing to like being with them. Soon, Lucero's room is finally ready and he settled in without difficulty. There isn't much except for a futon and a closet. But Lucero found that he liked it this way. When night fell, everyone fell asleep. Lucero in his new room, Yun, Terriermon, and Lopmon together in their own room. The weekend had ended, and for Yun, this was one of the quickest and most eventful weekends she ever had. She and her floppy eared friends felt tired with it all, but they had fun.

At around 6:29 AM in the morning, Lucero woke up first. Normally it's Yun who gets up earlier than the rest of the family (if one were to exclude Ayaka who only does it to get ready for school). Ayaka had already left for the bus stop down the sidewalk, so Lucero was left all alone. He wore nothing but a sleeveless white T-shirt and a pair of soft black shorts. His gold bracelets and anklets were still on him, and so were his tattoos. He has tattoos practically all over the left side of his body. He found it rather strange that the house is so quiet and halcyon, but he found this a good opportunity to do some exploring. He looked around the house, taking in every single aspect of the house. The dining room with it's table and chairs and place mats, the living room and it's TV and couches and dark blue rug, the kitchen and it's counters, cupboards, refrigerator, and everything in them, and the basement and it's TV, couches, odds and ends, and what caught the innocuous and innocent boy's curiosity the most, the white table literally FULL of art supplies. A plastic box full of old crayons, three boxes of used colored pencils, the voluminous amount of drawings stacked up on the table, the unused paper on a chair that's yet to be used, etc. Lucero looked at the drawing that's currently sitting in front of him. It's a colored pencil drawing of Terriermon, Lopmon, and their de-digivolved forms. It didn't look finished just yet, but Kokomon and Gummymon were colored in their respective colors: light pink and pale green. Lucero couldn't help but take note of how detailed and cute they looked in that drawing. He wanted to look at the other drawings carefully stacked up on the other side of the round white table, but considering how scrupulously they were stacked, he didn't want to mess up the pile, so he ambled back upstairs. He wasn't scared of the basement at all. To him, it looked like the kind of place he'd like to hang out whenever he pleased. Yun is probably using it for just that purpose. There are two other rooms in the basement, the computer room and the storage room where the sub pump is, but Lucero didn't go in those rooms at all.

Back in the kitchen he went. Once he quietly closed the door behind him, he noticed something thin and black coming from the cupboard that's on top of the counter that separates the dining room and the kitchen. He very quietly tip toed in front of it and gently opened the door. The thin black thing is actually a strap of leather attached to an old, worn down video camera. Small, but it was big enough to be carried like a stuffed animal with both hands. Lucero put the strap back into the cupboard, but one of his thick gold bracelets knocked something over. He picked it up. It's a small, palm-sized, greyish cassette tape. Much to his surprise, there's something written on it. It read 'Early Intervention, Session 31, 1/8/03' written in black ink. Next to the big pile of other cassette tapes is an even bigger black VHS tape. He gently took the big tape and, remembering that there's a DVD/VCR player in the living room, took both of them and went there. He pulled the bottom part of the big tape, gently slid the cassette tape inside, turned on the TV, turned the volume down with the remote so he wouldn't disturb the others who are sleeping, adjusted the settings, and very gently slid the tape into the VCR slot. How he managed to know all of this and do this, nobody knows. Not even the boy himself. Lucero sat in the middle of the living room, about six feet from the TV so he wouldn't stare deep into it and so his eyes won't hurt, and watched the footage play.

It looked shaky at first, but then it turned into a moving picture featuring a young girl in a room full of toys and a young lady with a ponytail. Lucero could see the white numbers at the corner of the screen. They're the same as the date on the tape. 1/8/03. January 8th, 2003. Soon, sounds began to be heard from the TV.

"Okay...go!" Much to his surprise, that voice came from Teruki. The little girl and the lady sat at a little round table with three fruits on it. An apple, a banana, and an orange. The lady held a picture of an apple in front of the girl's face.

"Yun-chan? Show me the apple, please," The lady said in a kindly voice. Lucero was shocked. This little 2 and a half year old girl in the video is Yun? At first he couldn't believe it, but after getting a closer look at her brown hair and green eyes, he became convinced that it was her. Little Yun stared at the table and the things on it for about a minute. Then she picked out the apple and showed it to the lady.

"Right! Good job, Yun-chan!" The lady rejoiced with a smile, which made Yun happy.

"Whee!" Yun exclaimed cutely and happily.

Lucero became absolutely entranced by the video. The more he saw footage of Yun playing in the little room with the lady and doing simple tasks, the more and more he noticed that something about this small version of Yun was just vastly different from the Yun who saved him from death two nights ago. The answer became lucid once he heard Yun's quiet singing. Not the Yun from the video.

"Oh, the million points of light.
Oh, the many lights in the sky.
Oh, how they light the night sky.
Oh, they are called stars.

They shine and illuminate each other,
As if they're affirming each other's--"

Yun, draped in her pink pajamas, stopped singing when she saw Lucero sitting in the living room absorbed into the TV.

"Lu-Lu-Lu-Lucero! Wha-What are you...?" Yun tried to ask why he was up so early when she noticed the video playing. Now, the video showed a toddler Yun playing a puzzle game with her mom. Even Yun became curious.

"Is From when I was little?" Yun asked. As if she wasn't shocked enough, she began to hear the sound of sniveling. And it came straight from Lucero.

Lucero's watching the screen...with tears pouring from his eyes!

"It's different..." Lucero muttered, lucid enough for even Yun to hear it.

"What's different?" Yun asked.

"Thy here, thou is happy! Happy to be surrounded by kind people who love thee and care about thee! The purest smile I've ever seen! But now...thy smile is different! Thy smile now is more hardened than free!" Lucero exclaimed with a dejected look on his face. Yun was becoming even more confused.

"Ummm...exactly what do you--" Yun was about to ask him what he meant, but Lucero averted his gaze from the TV and now locked eyes onto Yun. He stood up and approached Yun with his hands in the air.

"I shall recover thy smile and see to it's return!" Lucero edicted as he approached Yun with a tearless look on his face and proceeded to...

Pinch her cheeks.

"Whuh? Whuh?" Yun was confused, but Lucero stretched her cheeks out and apparently was not giving up. He ended up doing it so hard that Yun fell to her knees.

"Whut are yuh doin' Lushewo?! Git offa meh!" Yun tried to push the ambitious little boy off of her, but he wasn't going to be giving up. But then he stopped and got a good look at Yun's face as he stretched her tender cheeks out. He finally let them go and sat on his knees in front of Yun. But after that...he suddenly let out a laugh.

"Thou hast a funny face!" Lucero exclaimed through his laughter, but Yun was all the more confused.

"Ummm...I don't mean to be rude or anything, but...what do you mean when you say my smile is more hardened now than free?" Yun asked with a confused look.

"In the screen, playing with the lady and thy parents, thou is happy. Happy, innocent, carefree, and without a care in the world! Free of all restraints and sadness and tears! That is the smile I yearn to see on everyone's faces, including thee!" Lucero explained, moving his arms and hands around like he's acting out a Shakespeare play to match his old-fashioned dialogue.

"If you put it that way...considering the date on the video I was around 2 and a half then, and I don't think I really knew about hardship or sadness way back then," Yun told him.

"Hardship, yes. I can see it now. As time passed, thy smile became hardened by the wickedness of others. They refused to accept thy presence and smile, and made life hard for thee. Thou wishes to be as happy as thou were back then, no? But thou cannot because of the wicked ones!" Lucero explained again.

Yun was absolutely flabbergasted. It was true that she had experienced hardship in her life a lot lately. Not just because of the volatile and knave Nemoto Nenji and the catty and gossipy Shimizu Seiko, but because of other things going on in her life. Yun often felt as though anything she learned and did meant absolutely nothing to other people. She had been taught by others how to say simple things to people, like thank you or sorry or please give me and to do things like share and play with others. But when the occasions came, their responses were NOT what Yun ever expected at all. She was taught that being good brought good things to her, but when she put them to use, the people who responded either yelled at her or pushed her away. It was like that even with her own family (though often times they don't mean it) and she often felt cheated. But even so, she is happy to have Lopmon and Terriermon in her life because they didn't treat her that way at all. Lucero too, even though they only knew each other for about two measly nights. But even so, how could this boy have known that so easily? Did he read her mind with his wild imagination and speculation? Or perhaps he isn't who he really claims to be? It's around here that she saw Terriermon and Lopmon walk into the living room.

"Oh! Here you two are! I had wondered where you had gone!" Lopmon exclaimed. But it seemed Yun didn't hear her.

"Good morning, Yun and Lucero!" Terriermon exclaimed with a smile, but it seemed they didn't hear him either.

"Oh! Speaking of purity, that song thou hast sang just now? What is the name of it?" Lucero asked. He sung the first two stanzas of the song in front of her.

"You heard me?" Yun asked.

"Yes! I heard thee!" Lucero said.

"Oh! That song? It's the song from Yun's dream!" Terriermon said.

"Dream? What dream?" Lucero asked.

"Yun's been having the same dream lately. Where she's in this beautiful place and she sees some people singing a song," Terriermon explained.

"It is true," Lopmon backed him up. Lucero's pale blue eyes widened.

"That dream...I hast had it too!" Lucero edicted with a smile.

"What?! You have?!" All three of them (Yun, Lopmon, and Terriermon) exclaimed in perfect unison.

"The song...I know it well," Lucero said. After that, he sang the song.

"Oh, the million points of light.
Oh, the many lights in the sky.
Oh, how they light the night sky.
Oh, they are called stars.

They shine and illuminate each other,
As if they're affirming each other's existence.
But one star shines purely and brilliantly.
That star is you."

He only sang the first half of the song, but because Yun remembered the lyrics so well his rememberance of the song is pretty accurate, and she held no objection toward his claim. But there was one thing Yun knew for sure: Lucero doesn't exactly have the best singing voice. Especially when singing in a low pitch. His voice, while still young, sounds a bit harsh sounding. Whether it was because of puberty or a possible symptom of vocal chord paralysis she did not know. Even so, Lopmon and Terriermon clapped for him.

"Yes! Those are the exact lyrics!" Lopmon exclaimed with a smile.

"But your voice...isn't all that good," Terriermon said. Upon hearing this, Lopmon smacked Terriermon in the head with her paw.

"Hey! What was that for?!" Terriermon yelled with pain.

"How dare you say something like that in front of Lucero?! You hurt his feelings! People don't like hearing that they're not good at something! It makes them feel sad and worthless!" Lopmon scolded in a stringent tone, which made Terriermon feel a little small.

"Okay! I'm sorry! I won't say it again!" Terriermon wailed. Yun and Lucero couldn't help but laugh.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Yes. I am. Art thou enjoying thyself?"

"I am!...Lucero, remembering lost memories can take a long time. Are you sure you're going to be okay with this?"

"Yun...I shall wait for them to come at my own pace. Also...we have only known each other for two nights, and thou art an eccentric girl, but...I feel that I will like thee real well!"

And thus began the addition of a brand new member of the Wakamiya family...but they had no idea what was about to come.

Author's Note: Hey everyone! My God it is sooooooooo HOT!!! I wish it'd cool off already! Thankfully it won't be so bad next weekend. That's Otakon weekend! Hooray! And yes, Makoto Shinkai's newest movie, Hoshi no Ou Kodomo (Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below), is gonna screen on Saturday at 10:00 AM! Yay! My dad and I are gonna get there real early so I can see it! I better go now. I'll see you all in the next chapter! Bye-bee!


1. Lucero talks in a very biblish dialect similar to how Lopmon talks in the Japanese version of Digimon Tamers. Lucero refers to himself as "ware", which is a very old form of "I", instead of using "boku", the normal masculine self-reference term, "ore" the very boastful masculine self-reference term, or even "watashi" the neutral gender self-reference term. He also ends some of his sentences with "nari" or "yue", which are also biblish talk. The other characters think he talks like characters in Shakespeare's works, like MacBeth or Hamlet, since they haven't been exposed to biblish dialect in their generation.

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