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Live Action Sailor Moon

Welp, I finally finished episode one and...OH MY FREAKING GOD THAT WAS AMAZING!!! I was so convinced I'd hate it but it's already done so many things right that annoyed me in the anime!
1. Usagi actually manages to fight the enemy on her own instead of freaking out the whole time! She did freak out a little but she got her act together! Yay for realizing what's important!
2. Naru actually suspected her mother was acting strange! I found that to be really well done, because if my parents were acting strange, I'd be able to figure it out too.
3. The pacing actually felt great. Nothing was rushed, nor was anything going too slow.
4. Luna! I could sing so many praises about her it's not even funny! Wanna know why? SHE'S NOT AN ANNOYING NAG THIS TIME AROUND!!! One thing I always hated in the anime was the fact that she always seemed to get on Usagi's case, basically forcing her and even threatening her to go into battle, and even when she did a good job, Luna never seemed to praise Usagi for her good efforts. THIS IS NOT THE CASE HERE!!! Luna is actually genuinely nice to Usagi, lets her decide to be a senshi on her own giving her time to make her choice, gives Usagi space, praises her for doing good, encourages her to fight without pushing too far, and even gently explains what she needs to do without resorting to petty name calling or being a nag. THANK YOU PGSM FOR IMPROVING ON LUNA'S PERSONALITY!!!
5. Queen Beryl looks so far out, though I think it works here since she's supposed to be a crazy villain here.
6. I find it kinda interesting that they turned the arcade into a karaoke bar (is that what they're called? I know kids visit there so I don't know what else to call it).
7. Naru's played by the girl who sings the Ouran High School Host Club anime theme song. Yes.
8. Usagi's voice isn't annoying, and her calling her attacks isn't annoyingly high pitched either! And she actually holds her own in a fight and WANTS to fight! Yay!
9. The music is wonderful.
One thing I can't take seriously is Jadeite. His hair is so massively curly that I can't help but think he came right out of some beach side American romantic comedy movie! Yeah, the special effects can be kinda dumb, the fight scenes aren't that good, and the villains are over the top, but not even those detracted from my enjoyment of the show! I am SO watching this over Sailor Moon Crystal (not that I hate Crystal. I'm just not motivated to watch it at the moment. Got too much on my plate as it is).
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