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Otakon 2011: Summary and Aftermath

 Hello everyone! I have arrived from Otakon!...and it was sooooooo much fun! I got some cool stuff!

Clannad After Story DVD boxset
Coffee Samurai/Hoshizora Kiseki DVD (I mostly got it for Hoshizora Kiseki only)
Cantarella manga volumes 4-6 (I wanted to get volumes 7 and 8 too, but I was running low on cash)
Twin Spica manga volumes 1-2
More Starlight To Your Heart manga volume 2
a Deerling charm
a Madoka Magica keychain
an Ika Musume button (de geso!)
a Lillipup doll
a Celty keychain (for my friend Whitney)
a lucky egg (for my friend Chuckie)
a Vampire Knight cell phone strap (for my friend Suong)
a little cat keychain (for my friend Alex)

But this wasn't even what I enjoyed the most at Otakon! Wanna know the FIRST thing I did there? I went to see the US screening of Makoto Shinkai's Hoshi no Ou Kodomo! (I'll write a review for it later)...AND IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND AWESOME!!! I can't wait to own it on DVD in the next year or so if it were ever to get licensed, though some of my expectations were kinda unfulfilled, but they're just small ones so it's no big deal. Plus I got to meet my internet friend Meep! If you're reading this, it was awesome meeting you!

Unfortunately there's one thing that NEARLY killed my day. I got my friend Miki a cool Durarara themed notebook with the characters on it...BUT I LOST IT AT THE CON!!! When I realized this when I got home, I was horrified! I was retarded enough to LOSE a heartfelt present that I got for my awesome friend Miki!!! Well, all was not lost. My dad got the bright idea to order another one online (though I told him not to since he was probably tired from having too much fun yesterday) but he did it anyway, and I'm happy for that. Not only that, I couldn't find any Kanon or Haibane Renmei DVDs! And one vendor was charging 30 BUCKS for one Clannad movie! I'm ordering that online!

So, it was fun as heck! I can't wait to go again!
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