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Pokemon: A Marvelous Journey

For the 0.00001% of you who actually care about my stupid, pointless ramblings, I have an announcement: I'm working on one of my most ambitious fan fic projects ever, a potential Pokemon fan fic. It will be titled Pokemon: A Marvelous Journey. I've had this idea in my head ever since I was very young, but only recently, after reading someone else's Pokemon themed fan fic, did I finally get the inspiration I needed to finally bring this idea to life. So far, only two chapters are complete, though only 22 are planned out at the moment, and I want to finish my Steven Universe and Sailor Luna fan fics before I do anything big with it.

Eleven year old Julia Parisa is a shy but sweet girl with autism who can't wait to have a Pokemon of her own. Having been surrounded by them her whole life, she doesn't know what she'll be when she grows up, but she has plenty of options she can explore. It's just getting her confidence up that's the problem. When her birthday doesn't exactly go as planned, she ends up befriending a shiny pichu she names Hikaru. However, when her sister Amara steals a totodile from Professor Elm's lab, the entire family is thrown in upheaval, as Amara is on the blacklist for multiple counts of cruelty toward pokemon. With courage and ambition in her heart, Julia and Hikaru decide to journey across Johto in an attempt to bring Amara to justice. But she winds up getting sidetracked by things she never thought she'd be involved in, such as gym battles, meeting new friends and rivals, Team Rocket's machinations, and learning more about herself in the process, especially about her ability to talk to Pokemon.

Julia Parisa: A shy but sweet natured, warm hearted girl from New Bark Town who loves anything and everything Pokemon. She has grown up among Pokemon her whole life and considers them to be family. She dreams of either writing stories or owning a Pokemon ranch of her own. She's autistic and sometimes says the wrong thing, and doesn't always understand what's appropriate and what isn't, so she doesn't have many friends her own age. This doesn't stop her from having a heart of gold that'll never waver no matter what...unless you hurt Pokemon. That's when she'll hate you forever and declare you public enemy number one. She loathes battling, thinking it to be nothing but barbaric and cruel. Her starter is a shiny Pichu she named Hikaru. Ever since she was young, she could talk to Pokemon, but this resulted in her getting bullied by both her peers and adults who couldn't understand her.

Perrine Innocenti: A polite, well mannered young lady who dreams of winning the Pokemon League and becoming the champion of Johto. She comes from a rich family but can't stand her father's controlling, overbearing ways, and doesn't want to live a life of endless luxury and boredom. She may look like a spoiled princess, but she turns out to be very loving, patient, understanding, and kind. She's the mediator of the trio, always wanting to solve problems in a calm, rational manner and understand both sides of the argument. She isn't afraid to get dirty when she needs to, but sometimes can be a little too stern for her own good. It's always out of genuine concern for her friends' well being, though. Her starter is a Vulpix named Kitsune.

Caiseal Brownstone: A sometimes friendly, sometimes short tempered young boy wanting nothing more than to run away from his personal demons and find happiness for himself. His starter is a Cubone he named Mallow. For the most part, he is nice and friendly, even amiable. However, he has a bad temper that even he's not proud of, and almost anything can set him off, even the best of intentions. He even goes as far as to question his friends' intentions and doesn't always think before he acts. He was abandoned by his parents, and found true companionship in Pokemon, so he has very severe trust issues. This doesn't mean he doesn't care for his friends, though. He dreams of living the high life like Perrine is living.

Amara Parisa: Julia's older sister, aged thirteen. She used to be kind, amiable, and friendly until something happened that made her resort to bullying and hurting pokemon. As a result of her bad behavior, she's on the Pokemon blacklist, meaning by law she can't have a Pokemon until she rectifies her behavior. Now, she's nothing but cynical, bitter, whiny, argumentative, quick to anger, and never takes responsibility for her decisions, never thinking of the consequences. She wants nothing more than to be strong, to be more than just Julia's older sister. She feels Julia gets too much that she doesn't deserve and feels the world is against her. Her starter is a Totodile.
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