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Grandma Wants To Read Manga

I can't believe I forgot to talk about this! The day before school, my dad and I went to Ohio to visit relatives, namely my grandmother, aunt, cousin, and one of my three uncles. We got to eat stuff, talk, etc. But then something absolutely glorious happened at the dinner table. I've talked about how I took my grandmother with me to two anime conventions, right? the dinner table, she told me she wanted to read a manga.

No, your ears are not playing tricks on you. My 89-year-old grandmother, who just had to get a breast removed due to breast cancer, who survived the bombings in England during World War II, who looks really old fashioned...actually said she wants to read a manga. She thinks it looks interesting.

I gave in and lent her my (now broken!) copy of Udon Entertainment's Les Miserables manga...though the entire front and back cover peeled right off for some reason (it was paperback). I MUST encourage this! If she ever comes to visit my house, I am taking her to my room and we are gonna have a manga reading party so I can show her all my favorites! She likes reading and reads fast like I do, so it'll be absolutely perfect!

I am so giddy about this it's not even funny.

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