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12 Moments in Anime, #13: Nothing Pretty With The Pretty Cure Fandom

Sometime in 2014, I joined the Pretty Cure fandom. I had seen some of the anime during that time and enjoyed them immensely. I thought maybe I could make some friends and share my love for the show with them. I even wrote my first Precure fan fic series. I thought that it'd be nice to share my ideas with them, and even if they disagreed on some things or pointed out what was wrong with my story, they would still respect my opinions and decisions no matter what, and if they didn't, they'd be cool about it.

Boy, was I dead wrong.

I had heard horror stories about some fandoms and people in them being absolutely horrible and whiny and bratty, but I had never experienced such horrors until now. The Precure fandom is occupied by militant social justice warriors who are massive drama queens, refuse to compromise on just about anything, blow any mistake you make out of proportion, refuse to see anything from anyone's points of view other than their own, make internet drama as commonplace as PBJ sandwiches, and have extremely strict rules on everything, even writing dark fan fics and on fics that deal with sensitive issues (they absolutely HAVE to be handled well or else you're a horrible person). They even accuse you of being a bad person over really stupid things, such as the way you write your characters, and even if you fix it, they continue to believe what they believe no matter what! Even people I admired and liked proved to be absolutely horrible and abusive!

The fandom was so toxic, it even rubbed off on me. I wound up doing something I shouldn't have, and I still regret it to this day. After a year of being forced to deal with them and growing more and more miserable, I decided to leave for good. They weren't worth it. They're still convinced I'm a horrible ableist person who starts hateblogs regularly, acting as though they clearly know me better than I know myself when they really don't, making up lies and gossiping to their posse all the while. Nothing I did or do can convince them otherwise. But you know what? I can't wait for the day of their downfall. I can only hope that Glitter Force becomes successful enough to make the fandom reach Pokemon levels of size and popularity! Hey, big fandoms are actually sane and sensible! I've been in the Pokemon fandom for a while, and I can say with 100% certainty that they're MUCH more sensible and rational than this cesspool of a fandom! I even left Tumblr as a whole, because people like them are everywhere on that site, and I refuse to be made miserable by a bunch of whiny babies who have no life.

It's a shame, because Pretty Cure is about love, friendship, accepting each other's differences, and embracing them for the better. It's disgraceful that the fandom cannot live up to the show's messages and ideals.

Moment #13: Experiencing the true horror of a bad fandom and leaving it for good.
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