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12 Moments in Anime 2015 #12: Gonna Be a Music Millionaire!

Yes, anime fans. The impossible can happen. There are shows out there that look so cliche and fan-servicey and dumb and worthless, but turn out to be so gleefully good and fun that you can't help but love it, flawed as they are. It's definitely not a masterpiece, but Show By Rock is definitely one of those anime.

I didn't watch it on its first run, as I had other anime to watch and had other obligations. But then I heard about it and, once I confirmed it didn't have underwear shots or boob groping (I tend to ask that whenever I want to check out a new anime as I don't want to be blindsided or tricked. That's the reason I don't watch Nagi no Asukara and still won't), I put it on my watchlist. it's become my favorite guilty pleasure! But I'll definitely admit: it has a LOT of flaws. All of the characters are one dimensional and get almost ZERO development or insight into their previous lives or backstories, the setting is interesting but it is almost never developed, the music flip-flops from being good to sub-par, the ending is a hot mess, and subplots only get mentioned and never touched upon ever again. I'm thinking about writing a fan fic for Show By Rock and expanding on those elements. But at this point, my Pokemon fan fic takes priority. Oh well. We all know it's never gonna get a second season...

Wait! A second season has been announced?!

*does my happy/victory dance*

Also, ShingancrimsonZ are best band. Don't you forget that, peeps!

On that note, WHEN IS FUNI GONNA RELEASE THIS ON DVD?!? The dub's complete! Why isn't it out on DVD already so I can buy it?!

Moment #12: Show By Rock and it's second season announcement.
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