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12 Moments in Anime 2015 #5: The Champions of the Digital World Are Back!

I, along with many other kids, watched and adored Digimon. I was one of the minority in that I watched and loved both Pokemon and Digimon. This article only goes to show how loved and adored Digimon is all across the globe. I mean, come on? Kids pairing up with cute monsters and saving the world from evil villains and some not-so-evil-just-misunderstood? A show that actually dealt with realistic, mature issues such as divorce, loneliness, death, etc.? It gave kids something to relate to, me included! I've loved Digimon since I was a kid, and I still do. I even wrote an (admittedly bad and still incomplete) Digimon fan fic series based on my favorite series, Tamers. My favorite Digimon is Lopmon, and I own Tamers on DVD. I've seen reruns of all the seasons (except Data Squad's dub and the rest of Fusion). We all thought the original series had ended.

That is, until one day, a series of movies was announced. Enter Digimon Adventure Tri, a six-movie sequel to both the original and Adventure 02, telling a brand new story.

To say the fans, old and new, rejoiced would be the colossal understatement of the century. Everyone exploded at the announcement. After over a decade, the original Digidestined are back with new tales to tell! Some are a bit miffed that the original cast for the humans haven't returned, the new art style, and new storylines, but I for one am absolutely psyched to see my favorite characters back on the screen (especially my faves TK and Kari!).

Welcome back, kids. You're all grown up now. The tale of the Digidestined goes on! And so it begins, a new adventure.

Moment #5: Digimon Adventure Tri and the return of my childhood.
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