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12 Moments in Anime 2015, #1: Otakon 2015

I already talked about my adventures at Otakon 2015 earlier in the year, so I'll have you guys check it out for yourselves.

When I first heard that there were such things as anime conventions ten years ago, I thought they were just silly pipe dreams. I didn't think such things were possible. But then my dad and I went to AnimeNEXT in 2005, and I had found my Nirvana. Since then, my family and I went to one every year, namely because I just wanted to be among people like myself without being judged or criticized for being who I am and loving the things I do. My first anime conventions were great, but when my dad and I went to Otakon in 2008, my expectations were blown away.

We had gone there again in 2009 and 2011, and lots of things happened since there. We couldn't go to Otakon anymore until 2015. Honestly? After how terrible 2014 had been, and how crappy the summer of 2015 had been due to various real life and internet events, I really needed something like Otakon to cheer me up, especially because my grandma came with us that year and she became more interested in learning more about my interests in anime and manga. I managed to save more money for this particular convention than any other year, I bought more stuff, I finally got to meet Bryce Papenbrook, I got to see some awesome panels and learned about The Study of Anime, and a lot of other things! It even beat Otakon 2011 as my best convention year.

If I ever get a job, and I seriously want to, I want to try saving even more for conventions and going to them. Because I'm not gonna be young forever, and I want to enjoy my life as much as possible, anime conventions included.

Moment #1: Returning to Otakon and remembering how awesome it was to go there, and cons in general.
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