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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 10 (Part one)

 This chapter's my longest yet!...and a three-parter!

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 10
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Friendship

EPISODE 10: A Wicked Witchmon

Yesterday, when the children were at school and around the time Minako and Otoya were fighting Doggymon, Yun's mother, Hisako, talked to the principal on the phone, asking if Lucero can be admitted into Fushimi Middle School despite their lack of information on him. At first, she was told that they'll look into it. But when Yun came home, Hisako was happy to tell her and Lucero that starting tomorrow morning, Lucero will be going to school. Yun leaped onto Lucero with joy.

"Hooray! Isn't this great, Lucero?! You get to come to school with me!" Yun exclaimed as she hugged the confused but elated blonde boy with his myriad strange purple tattoos.

"Ummm...what is school?" Lucero asked.

"It's a place you go to in order to learn things!" Yun explained.

"What shall I learn there?" Lucero asked again.

"English, math, history, social studies, all that stuff," Yun explained. Lopmon and Terriermon watched the whole conversation.

"Awwww! Lucero's gonna go to school too? Boo! Now I'll have nobody to play with!" Terriermon exclaimed with his arms crossed.

"You always have me. Plus, Hisako-san and Teruki-san will be here," Lopmon explained to him patiently and kindly.

"But they work some days!" Terriermon retorted.

"Yes, that's true, but it doesn't mean they work all the time," Lopmon told him again with a patient smile on her face.

After rejoicing over Lucero's admittance into Fushimi Middle School, Yun went into the basement while Lopmon played with Lucero some more. Terriermon did go into the basement once, but he never really felt the need to play there for some reason, though he did notice that Yun went down there a LOT. Curious, he decided to amble down the stairs with his long ears trailing behind him and find Yun. Thankfully, he saw Yun at the little round white table full of art supplies, crayons, colored pencils, and drawings. Terriermon noticed that Yun's working on a particularly big drawing. He leaped onto Yun's shoulder.

"Yun? What'cha doin'?" Terriermon asked innocently.

"Hi Terriermon! I'm working on my entry for the school's contest!" Yun replied.

"Contest? What contest?" Terriermon asked again.

"Our school's holding a contest called End Drug and Substance Abuse so they can help a charity that specializes in preventing kids from doing drugs and ruining their lives. We have to draw a poster that's both creative and influential. It has to be good at getting it's message across. The person whose drawing wins first place gets their poster sold to the charity and the winner gets some cool prizes!" Yun explained as she colored in part of her poster.

"What prizes?" Terriermon asked.

"Third placers win a lunch box and a new school notebook. Second placers win a bicycle helmet, a set of MP3 player head phones, and a DVD of The Dark Knight. First placers get a stack of books written by Takakage Eriko, an art set, and a CD!" Yun explained again.

"Sounds cool!"

"I know, right? I really want to get the books, so I'm working really hard on my poster! Wanna see? Lopmon helped me a bit on it yesterday," Yun told him.

Terriermon looked at the poster intently. It's tall and white with pictures drawn and colored on it. The pictures are put into six boxes with arrows pointing to the boxes on the right, with X's on the left boxes, and O's on the right boxes. The big red and yellow blocky writing on the top says 'DRUGS RUIN YOUR LIFE!!!' The colored text underneath the first two boxes read 'Don't smoke pot! Eat hot pot!' featuring colored pictures of a person smoking a cigar and a group of kids eating food together in one bowl. The colored text underneath the second boxes read 'Smoking blackens your lungs! Stick your tongue out at them!' Featuring colored pictures of a man's lungs turning black and a little kid blowing a raspberry. The text underneath the final set of boxes reads 'Alcohol makes you lose your mind! The best way through life is to be kind!' Showing pictures of someone drinking alcohol and a kid being nice to a kid who tripped. Underneath all of the pictures are big uncolored text that reads 'Put a stop to drug abuse! Living is more important than losing and dying!' Terriermon was impressed.

After a while, Yun decided to take a break from her poster and return upstairs. She and her family had dinner, which consisted of chicken, rice, green beans (which Yun hated), and corn. Lopmon and Terriermon talked all throughout dinner and everyone (except Ayaka) were enjoying having them around. Because their paws are so small, Lopmon and Terriermon used their long ears to hold their eating utensils with and did not have much of a problem with it. Lucero sat next to Yun and is enjoying just being next to her. But he did feel rather nervous. He's going to school soon. Somehow Hisako managed to get him a book bag and pull out some notebooks that had been laying around in the closet for some time now, but that wasn't what he was worried about. He was worried about how he was going to handle school. Would the teachers be nice or mean? Would the teacher expect him to know stuff he didn't? Would he make a good impression? Would the kids like him? All kinds of jumbled up thoughts are going through his head and he didn't want to tell Yun or the family about it. He didn't want to burden them, though he seemed to know that his very presence is certainly bothering Ayaka (not that it was his fault to begin with). After dinner, Yun worked on her homework and took about an hour and a half to finish. She had some trouble, but hopefully the careful notes she took would be able to help, though in the back of her mind Yun still had her doubts. Once she finished, Yun took a bath, played with Terriermon, Lopmon, and Lucero for a while, blow dryed her hair, brushed her teeth, watched some anime with her floppy eared friends and Lucero, and went to bed.

Tuesday had arrived, and so did Lucero's first day of school. Lucero put on a short-sleeved light green shirt underneath a big, thick pair of blue overalls with partially rolled up pant legs, small white socks (he had some trouble getting them through his golden anklets. Worse yet, he had trouble getting his bracelets and anklets off at all!), and a pair of brown shoes. Yun was surprised.

"Ooooh! Lucero, that looks cute on you!" Yun exclaimed.

"Thou thinkist so?" Lucero asked.

"Yes! I wholeheartedly agree!" Lopmon told him.

"You look great!" Terriermon said happily.

Lucero's cheeks turned rosy upon hearing the compliments. After that, he ate breakfast, brushed his hair and teeth, put his notebooks into his new black school bag, put some lunch into Yun's old blue lunch box that she normally doesn't use anymore, and went into the car with Yun. After about a few minutes, they arrived and said goodbye to Hisako as she drove off.

"Lucero, welcome to Fushimi Middle School!" Yun said as she showed Lucero the outside exterior of the school.

Lucero was awestruck by the large brick building. Deep red bricks, while looking a little rusty, gave the school a very sophisticated air. He saw the set of stairs leading to the entrance (or main office). He saw all the children running around happily or talking amongst their friends. Then, Yun suddenly gasped.

"Oh! That reminds me! Mom said we gotta get your schedule! Come with me!" Yun said as she took Lucero by the hand, walked him up the stairs, and into the main office, where a lady secretary stood behind her desk. She saw Yun and Lucero arrive in front of her.

"Oh? Are you Lucero?" The lady asked. Lucero became a little timid.

"Y-Yes, I am," Lucero replied rather shyly. The secretary handed him a folded piece of paper.

"Here's your schedule. I hope you enjoy your time here," The secretary said as she handed him the paper and returned to her work.

"Thank you! We appreciate it!" Yun said as she took Lucero by the hand and walked him out. Once they got to the bottom of the stairs, Lucero opened up his schedule and looked at it. Yun took a peek at it and was shocked.

"WHAAAAAAT?!? YOU HAVE ALL OF MY CLASSES!!" Yun screamed loudly, frightening Lucero a bit.

"Why doth thou scream so?" Lucero asked.

"My schedule is exactly the same as yours! We have all the same classes! Can you believe it?! This is awesome! We get to go to our classes together! Yippee!" Yun exclaimed happily as she hugged Lucero again. He felt happy upon hearing that he shares all of Yun's classes. He could turn to her if he needs help with how to get there and if he needs help with schoolwork or homework, though he's been told Minako's the smart one in this school. Maybe school won't be so bad after all.

But he began hearing things that started to bother him.

"Hey. Who's that blonde kid over there?"

"Whoa! He's so handsome!"

"What's with all those tattoos? He's pretty hardcore!"

"Overalls? Who wears overalls these days? He a hillbilly or somethin'?"

"Why is Wakamiya fawning over him like he's her baby? He's way outta her league!"

"I agree. He should know better than to hang out with someone as retarded as her!"

Not only does he hear people talking about him and his strange tattoos (which he did not know about or remember anything about), but of Yun as well! And in a malicious and maligned manner, no less! He couldn't believe what he was hearing. One girl called Yun a retard! He had his doubts about school before, but all this gossip pushed him further into a quandary. But he kept his cool and said nothing. He stayed by Yun's side and participated in her social activities with her friends. They had just happened to run into everyone. Kosuke was the first to speak.

"So you're finally here at school, eh? Welcome aboard!" Kosuke exclaimed as he shook Lucero's hand.

"I'm quite honored to be here," Lucero said.

"Eh. The school isn't really honorable considering how ignorant and self-centered the teachers here are," Kosuke said rather bluntly, which Lucero didn't quite understand.

"Kosuke-kun! Not ALL the teachers are ignorant and self-centered! Takahashi-sensei totally man-handled Nemoto when he was picking on Yun last week!" Otoya retorted loudly so she could get the point across.

"Yeah! I saw the whole thing too!" Riku backed her up with a straight-forward statement, but Kosuke wasn't very convinced.

"But not very well. He's still walkin' around doing whatever he pleases!" Kosuke retorted sharply.

"Now now. Let's not go there, please," Yun tried to calm him down, which he did a trifle. But Lucero was still quite oblivious to the whole conversation they had and didn't quite understand what they were talking about, though he said nothing. As Lucero was watching the kids talk amongst themselves, he was suddenly approached by Melody, who is looking at him with a rather solemn and stern look in her light brown eyes and with her arms crossed firmly.

"Lucero. I'm sure you're probably coming in here thinking it's gonna be a nice place. But let me tell you this as a warning: sometimes school isn't exactly the best place in the world. Especially for those who are cowards and spineless imbeciles. I don't think you're any of those, but just so you know, there are two kids in the 6th grade who are willing to do anything to make people they hate miserable. Nemoto Nenji and Shimizu Seiko. They're the worst people the 6th grade has to offer. I suggest you stay away from them or end up paying the price. Yun's already having to deal with them and I feel real bad for her. She didn't do anything to deserve what they're doing to her, yet she has to deal with them every day! You should be careful, kid," She told him sharply and sternly.

Lucero let the words sink into his heart. In truth, he didn't really think that school was going to be all fun and rainbows, though he was mostly thinking about himself. But after hearing Melody's small hint about what Yun could potentially be going through, his doubts amassed and became voluminous. But he refused to let those doubts win over his conscience, but at the same time he couldn't scoff at Melody's warning either. He laid eyes on her with the same stern look she has right now.

"I thank thee for giving me a warning. Thou art a kind person. I must confess, I myself did not think school would be a nice place, and I do not expect it to be so. I suppose thou truly cares about Yun, am I right?" Lucero replied in a low, solemn voice. Melody couldn't help but crack a smile.

"Yes. I'd do just about anything for Yun. She's the best thing that ever happened to me, though fate hasn't really been all that kind to her. You don't seem too bad yourself, not that I thought you were bad, but you never know what's gonna happen," Melody told him.

Then, the bell rang and school began. Yun happily took Lucero by the hand and led him to the classroom. Homeroom had just begun. The homeroom teacher, Kamogawa-sensei, stood before the entire classroom full of children, which, thankfully, all of her friends shared as well. A pretty woman Kamogawa is, with long jet black hair, black as the raven's wing, tied in a neatly arranged odango style bun with striking blue eyes like the ocean and porcelain white skin that seemed to resemble snow. She dressed up quite modestly, wearing nothing but a white shirt with red and green watercolor-esque flowers painted it along with dark blue jean pants and white sneakers. Around her neck is a pretty amethyst necklace that shined in a violet light when underneath the faint sunbeams. Everybody (except Lucero) knew her well for her possible multiple personalities (she can switch from being sweet and kind to merciless and scary within a millisecond, especially toward naughty and unruly children who loved to disobey her and break the rules), her beauty, and the fact that even at her young age she's already married to a nice man. Mrs. Kamogawa raised both of her hands up to mollify the children.

"Everyone! May I have your undivided attention please? I have a very important and exciting announcement to make!" Mrs. Kamogawa announced lucidly for all the children to hear. The children quieted down and Mrs. Kamogawa smiled brightly like she was a newly blossoming sunflower in a barren land.

"I'm sure a lot of you don't know, but starting today we have a brand new student joining our class from this point on. Dear? Please come inside," Mrs. Kamogawa edicted kindly and gestured Lucero to appear in the classroom. He came in through the door rather shyly, and immediately everyone laid eyes on him, both out of curiosity and wonder.

"Come over here, if you please," Mrs. Kamogawa gestured him to stand in front of the class. Lucero was extremely reluctant to appear before this class, but he saw many of his familiar faces, including Yun's, which inspired him to take the plunge and present himself to everyone with a bold face.

As for the class, they stared and watched with awe and wonder as this strange boy appeared before him. Everything about him struck most of the class as odd. His sky blue eyes, his snow white skin, his blue overalls, his thick gold bracelets and anklets, his golden locks of hair, and, most blatantly, his peculiar purple tattoos. The tattoos became a popular topic of gossip among the children (or anyone that didn't
include Yun and her friends). Why would a kid his age have tattoos? And all over the left side of his body, no less! Where did he get them? How did he get them? Do they symbolize something, or is he just plain hardcore? The boys cocked their heads in confusion, thinking the boy to be both strange and girly-looking. They surely weren't used to such pretty looking boys. The girls, on the other hand, had their hearts stolen by this handsome, beautiful blonde boy, and boy were they going to grab his heart soo enough. But all Lucero did was stand there in front of the class bravely.

"Care to introduce yourself?" Mrs. Kamogawa asked.

"Y-Yes. Ummm...g-good morning, everyone. I-I-I'm...Lucero Giampiero D'Orio. I'm...happy to meet you all," Lucero spat out. For once he did not use his usual old-fashioned dialect. Last night, Yun told him beforehand not to use it when introducing himself because she knew it would cause an uproar and make him into a target for bullies, and Lucero saw first hand that his dialect was very rare in this day and age. Also, it was Yun who came up with his false name.

"As you all can see, Lucero here is a foreign exchange student from Italy--" Mrs. Kamogawa wanted to explain more about Lucero before she began homeroom, but right when she reached the part about his coming from Italy, instantaneous pandemonium broke out.


Practically all the female voices in the classroom screamed in high pitched squealy fangirl voices. Soon, all the females in the classroom (except the ones who were already acquainted with Lucero) crowded all around him like overexcited fans wanting to see Elvis at his concerts. A second later, the boys began crowding around him, but more out of curiosity than admiration.

"Are you seriously from Italy?! I'm so jealous! I wanna go there!"

"Have you gone to Sicily? I hear it's beautiful!"

"What about Florence? That's the city of art in Italy!"

"What kind of food do they eat there?"

"Are their restaurants fabulous?"

"Say 'Good morning!' in Italian!"

"Why didn't you introduce yourself in Italian?"

"Come on! Tell us! Pleeeeease?"

Lucero, shocked by this sudden crowd, was beginning to become overwhelmed by all the screaming and the tightness of the space. Mrs. Kamogawa and Yun, from a distance, saw this. Not wanting to let him be smothered by the overactive crowd, they jumped in and tried to push the happy and excited children away.

"Everyone! Calm down! Give the kid some space, will you?! He just came here! Nobody wants to suddenly be surrounded by screaming fans on their first day, right?! You should know better!" Yun edicted loudly for all to hear.

"Yes. I agree. This is his first time here, children. Give him some time to get used to all of you before you start asking him questions," Mrs. Kamogawa explained kindly.

From afar, Melody flashed a praise worthy thumbs up at Yun, silently lauding her for her bravery. But someone else didn't quite think Yun's bravery was worthy of praise at all.

"Quit being such a little busybody, Wakamiya!"

Unfortunately, the snooty voice came from Seiko of all people. Behind her are her two friends. Seiko approached Yun with her arms crossed and a very disappointed look on her face.

"Who do you think you are, his bodyguard or something?" Seiko asked sharply.

"No! I'm not. We just happen to be friends, that's all! Is that wrong?" Yun retorted back. The other two girls just chuckled among themselves wickedly, and even Lucero could see that what was going to happen is not going to be pretty.

"You? This kid's friend? Ha! That's the best joke I've ever heard! Listen here, Wakamiya! This boy just so happens to be a foreign exchange student from Italy, probably from a rich and high class family with all kinds of unlimited privileges to do whatever he pleases! And what are you? Oh, I don't know, nothing but a stupid little retard who does nothing but dream and laze around all day like a pig laying in the mud?!" Seiko explained in a very vicious and wicked manner. Lucero gasped. The girls in Seiko's clique gasped. Everyone else was shocked into silence.

"Oooooh!" The girls in Seiko's clique exclaimed.

"Yeah! Yous white trash, dog!" Nenji yelled out mercilessly.

"Shimizu! Stop this right now! I don't--" Mrs. Kamogawa tried to scold her for harassing Yun like that, but Seiko didn't let her finish.

"Hmph! Now tell me, Wakamiya. Why would a noble and high class kid like him want to hang out with someone as lowly and worthless as you?" Seiko exclaimed.

"You don't know that! You didn't give him time to explain himself!" Yun exclaimed back.

"Here this kid is, gracing us with his dazzling presence, and yet you're fawning over him like he's your baby! Obviously you have yet to see the cold, hard truth! You should know by now he's way outta your league! Do you honestly think a super duper cool kid like this would even want to--" Seiko wanted to break Yun's heart and hurt her feelings mercilessly just a bit more, but she was cut off.

By a very unlikely person.

"Silence thyself!"

Lucero, finally having enough, stood in between Yun and Seiko. He started Seiko in the eyes, with the strictest and most indifferent and most solemn look that ever appeared in his eyes before. His look was so striking that Seiko even took a few steps back a bit. And the purple tattoo under his left eye didn't add to it either.

"I suppose thou is Shimizu Seiko?"

She nodded. She had never heard someone her age talk like that. Using "ware" as a self-reference term? 'Is that how Italians talk in Japanese?' she thought.

"Must thou truly believe that I am not worthy of Yun's friendship? Quite the contrary, really. Our families happen to have a very strong ancestral connection and my parents just so happened to leave me in the Wakamiyas' care. In addition, Yun saved me from death and for that I am most grateful. I owe this girl my very life. Doth thou not believe that is worthy of friendship and praise? If thou cannot accept what is and stop thinking of thyself superior to the weak, and to whom thou must hate, than thou ist nothing but a knave. And a very vain and wicked little girl. For what reason doth influence thee to antagonise Yun so at thy discretion? Is that the answer to thy problems? Picking on the weak? Do you honestly and truly think thyself superior?"

Lucero didn't stutter. He didn't tremble. He didn't suddenly break down into a paroxysm of tears. He didn't run away. He didn't even show any hint of sympathy or mercy in his own monologue of flowery words. All he did was stand in front of a very freaked out and confused Seiko with that look on his face and recited that entire old-fashioned monologue as right in front of her face. Seiko was just absolutely and positively flabbergasted. Not only was this handsome blonde boy siding with Yun of all people despite his beautiful physical appearance and infinite privileges (which she obviously knew absolutely nothing about...not that she even knew him, of course), he's talking in a dialect that she had never even heard of before or even knew existed! She never heard this language or dialect before, but from what she could decipher and the way he used it, it's blatant that he's standing up for Yun and against Seiko. His monologue was dagger sharp. He showed no mercy. Her legs felt like they were turning into jelly. Everyone watched with awe, hoping to see more. Seiko felt like she was about to fall to the floor in humiliation. But Nenji, who arrived on the scene looking very choleric and cocky, snapped her out of it.

"Ey yo! What's with 'dat gushy and flowery talk? Yous think yer so cool, eh? I'd like to see you thrash me, yo! Yous got better stuff to do than hang around 'dis piece of white trash!" Nenji exclaimed in a very ribald and poorly constructed statement.

But Lucero said nothing. He just stared with that solemn look on his face. Now Nenji was starting to become quite perturbed.

"Wha...what'cha lookin' at me like that for?!" Nenji yelled angrily.

Lucero said nothing again. This time, Mrs. Kamogawa finally decided to intervene.

"Children? Friendship isn't about social class or physical appearance. And Shimizu, you should know by now that in this school we don't call names or discriminate against people for being who they are. I want you to go to the principal's office and stay there until the bell rings," Mrs. Kamogawa told Seiko in a soft but venomously stringent voice. Seiko was NOT happy.

"B-But Kamogawa-sensei! That Wakamiya brat shouldn't--"


Seiko tried to argue back, but Kamogawa-sensei was serious. Now her (Kamogawa-sensei's) face totally changed from sweet and motherly to scary and even evil. Seiko, shocked by this transformation and turn of events, finally relented and left the room, but not before muttering something under her breath.

"Why does this always happen to me? I shouldn't have to deal with all this! I'm Shimizu Seiko, the most popular girl in the 6th grade, and that Wakamiya girl's nothing but a retard and a low-life brat!"

Then Mrs. Kamogawa laid eyes on Nenji.

"That goes for you too, Nemoto! Go with Shimizu to the principal's office!" Mrs. Kamogawa edicted.

"But sensei! Why you takin' that retard's side?! She's white trash, yo!" Nenji retaliated angrily, incensed by Mrs. Kamogawa's attitude, but it only made Mrs. Kamogawa look all the more frightening and intimidating.

"I don't EVER want to hear that come out of your mouth ever again, young man! March! NOW!" She yelled. Nenji, shocked by this turn of events, finally relented and stomped off angrily. Now that the brouhaha finally dissipated, Lucero smiled at Yun.

"Well? What did thou think of my performance?" He asked innocently with a smile.

"You were awesome, Lucero!" Yun exclaimed.

"I'd like to see you do that again!" Kosuke said.

"Yeah! Cool!" Riku cried out.

But even though Lucero won this first 'war of the words' contest, everyone else was flabbergasted with the way Lucero talked. Who refers to himself as "ware" and ends his sentences with "nari" and "yue" and "beshi" in this day and age? But nonetheless, the class seemed to welcome him warmly. Even Mrs. Kamogawa, who was quite charmed by the boy's presence.

"Alright everyone! Back to your seats!" Mrs. Kamogawa edicted with a smile.

Lucero suddenly found himself popular. But that wasn't what he was thinking right now. Even though he lost his memory (and felt appallingly guilty about having to lie to the whole class about his upbringing, if he even had an upbringing or even a biological family for that
matter), he clearly and very strongly remembered one thing he absolutely hated the most: people who pick on others and think of themselves superior to them and those who brag and boast about their successes. He sure saw Seiko and Nenji as those people, and Melody was right about them not being very nice. Lucero made a silent oath in which he will never brag or boast or broach, especially about things that he can do better than everyone else. He didn't want to make people feel bad.

But despite his sudden and newfound popularity, getting through the school day was becoming quite difficult. For starters, people in all classes kept asking questions that he just simply couldn't answer. Yun and her friends stepped in to help him, but they scoffed at them for bothering to defend him. Upon seeing this, Lucero discovered that Yun and her friends aren't exactly the popular type, but they knew that they didn't care for popularity. He never saw the school before, so sometimes he was a little late getting to class, even with Yun's help, which resulted in small and mild scoldings from the teachers, but nothing big. Of course it'd be natural to be late for at least one class without advanced knowledge of the school. Lucero again felt guilty about not knowing much about the interior of the school, not that it was his fault. Nobody really told him. Yun felt a little guilty too.

Even so, Lucero felt happy about one thing: that Yun is by his side the entire day. In fact, he felt happy just from being with Yun at all. Especially since she saved him from death when nobody else would. He felt happy being with her. He lit up upon seeing her. He seemed to like everything about her. Her short dark brown hair like chocolate, her emerald green eyes, her snow white skin, her honest and childlike heart, her kind and gentle demeanor, her kind and appreciative way of talking to people (mostly those she likes), her vast knowledge (which he did not know was surpassed by Minako's intelligence), everything. If she had not been there for him, then Lucero would surely have had a much tougher time adjusting to school. He sat next to Yun in lunch, talked with her, and ate lunch with her. Yes, Yun was what Lucero loved best about school, though he had to deal with her at home too, not that he minded. He didn't really think anything was going to go wrong.

However, problems erupted when gym class arrived. (Note: Both boys and girls have to wear gym shorts in this universe. The girls will NOT wear those underwear-esque gym shorts you see in most anime! I don't know who approved of those, but I just don't like them at all!)

Firstly, Lucero did NOT like the smell of the boys' locker room. To him it smelled like rotten cheese that had been left out in the open for months. Part of it was because most of the boys barely cleaned themselves proper. Kosuke wasn't one of them, thankfully, but Riku was another story. Quite the messy type he is, with his clothes thrown into his locker like rag towels. How could he treat his clothes in such a cursory manner? Not only that, when Lucero tried to change his clothes, people immediately approached him and asked questions about his tattoos. He could not answer them. Kosuke and Riku defended him and let him change in the bathroom. But that was only the beginning. Lucero was quite surprised to see two teachers teaching physical education. A woman, Niiyama-sensei, and a man, Kadota-sensei. Both of them wore sports clothes suitable for physical education. But that wasn't the problem. As Lucero was quietly participating in the exercises performed in the beginning of class, Kadota-sensei approached him with an irritated look on his face. A gruff looking man he is, with dark hair and leftover hair on his chin after he shaved, and a lot of it on his big, bulky arms.

"Come with me, boy," Mr. Kadota said as he took Lucero by the hand and escorted him into the boys' locker room. It didn't smell as bad as before, but there was still a small odor lingering in the air. But that wasn't why he was forced inside.

"Listen to me, kid. You can't be goin' around wearin' jewelry in gym class. Yer gonna have to take 'em off," Mr. Kadota told him, pointing to Lucero's thick, golden bracelets and anklets. He looked down at them with a confused look.

"Do I...have to?" He asked quietly, which for some reason seemed to irritate Mr. Kadota even more.

"Of course, boy! Now get to it!" Mr. Kadota yelled angrily, which intimidated Lucero.

"I-I'm sorry! I'll...get to it..." Lucero muttered again. He didn't understand why asking a question would make Mr. Kadota angry. He just wanted some clarification, that's all. Despite his reluctance, Lucero attempted to pull his bracelets and anklets off. But...that was the big problem. He couldn't pull them off. They wouldn't come off. Lucero pushed and pushed and pulled and pulled them countless times, but they refused to budge. Now this left Mr. Kadota perturbed real good.

"Quit stallin' boy!"

"I'm not stalling thee! They won't come off!"

"Oh, is that your excuse? Here, lemme at 'em!" Mr. Kadota yelled as he grabbed Lucero's arm and attempted to push the big bracelet off of him.

Lucero couldn't understand at all. Why is Mr. Kadota treating him like he's some bad kid who's been doing lots of bad things for the longest time? Lucero is not the type to display effrontery or commit transgressions. Lucero himself hated those things...but why? Why does Mr. Kadota seem to feel that way about him when he's only seen him for a few measly minutes? He doesn't look like a totally nefarious person, but why? Lucero had a very hard time comprehending this. But he did comprehend one thing: no matter what Mr. Kadota did, the bracelets and the anklets just wouldn't come off.

"Urgh! Stay here, boy. I'm gettin' Niiyama-sensei. I don't wanna see you escapin'!" Mr. Kadota yelled in a stringent voice as he left Lucero in the boys' locker room to get Miss Niiyama. Soon, the kids were beginning to see that something was up. Mr. Kadota brought Miss Niiyama in there and had her try to remove the bracelets and anklets. But like the preceding attempts, nothing worked. She sighed.

"Wow. These things are tough as nails," Miss Niiyama said.

"Did you put some kind of super glue on these things?!" Mr. Kadota yelled, which scared Lucero.

"I-I didn't! I...I don't know what super glue is!" Lucero replied, sounding frightened.

"Quit makin' excuses, you brat!" Mr. Kadota yelled again, which angered Niiyama.

"Kadota! That's enough! Quit treating him like he's Nemoto!" Miss Niiyama yelled lucidly for the both of them to hear. She continued to examine the bracelets and anklets.

"Hmmm...upon closer inspection, they appear to be floating by themselves. I don't think this is the work of super glue at all..." Miss Niiyama muttered. Then she decided to look at Lucero. " you know where and how you got these?"

Lucero closed his eyes and ruminated for a bit, then shook his head. "I do not. I don't remember a thing."

"That's strange.'s not allowed in gym class. It's easily lost and it can break easily," Miss Niiyama told him kindly.

"Ummm...I thank thee for telling me, and I appreciate it...but I swear to thee I have no idea where I got these or how to take them off," Lucero told her politely, but apparently Mr. Kadota didn't buy it.

"Hah! That's the biggest lie I ever heard!" Mr. Kadota exclaimed, which irked Niiyama again.

"Kadota! Can it!" Niiyama exclaimed, then sighed. "What can we do?"

"Ummm...can I still participate in physical education with the others? I promise I won't hurt anyone. Truly, I won't," Lucero told Miss Niiyama politely again. After a short while, Miss Niiyama sighed and stood up.

"Well, it looks like there isn't much we can do about these bracelets, so I suppose we can let you back into class," Miss Niiyama said, which made Lucero smile.

"Oh! Oh! I am most grateful to thee! But...truly, I wasn't intending to cause trouble. Not at all," Lucero exclaimed happily.

"You're already trouble! Those tattoos of yours scream delinquent!!" Mr. Kadota yelled again.

"I don't remember where I got these tattoos!"

"You liar!!"

"KADOTA!! Shut up already!! Grrr...what am I going to do with you? Off you go, Lucero. We'll be there in a second," Miss Niiyama yelled at Mr. Kadota for his blatant and unnecesarry vehement hostility toward Lucero and gently told Lucero to return to class, to which he dutifully and happily obliged. Yun was the first to approach him.

"I suppose it was about your gold rings, wasn't it? I could hear Kadota-sensei yelling," Yun asked in a worried voice.

"Worry not, Yun. I am perfectly fine...though Kadota-sensei is quite easily angered, isn't he?" Lucero replied.

"Yeah. I seriously don't like him. He's always yelling and screaming about stuff that isn't even bad. I wish he'd do a 180 already!" Melody scoffed bluntly, which made Yun laugh a bit.

Thankfully enough, the final hours of the day went perfectly fine, and Lucero got through the rest of them without difficulty at all. He managed to survive the very first day of school, and he felt proud of it. Finally, he met with the kids after school.

"Lucero! I'm so glad you got through the first day okay!" Yun exclaimed happily as she took Lucero's hands and shook them like an excited little girl.

"Yes. I survived," Lucero said.

"Hey, anyone up for a random Digimon Brigade meeting right now?" Kosuke asked. Yun's face immediately lit up.

"Sure! At the usual spot!" Yun said.

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