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Blue Screen Rant

Please excuse me as I scream like a rabid monkey.




I. Hate. My. Freaking. Computer!! Why? It keeps blue-screening!! "A problem has been detected and Windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer." It keeps blue-screening and it's been doing this for months now! Nothing me and my dad have done has fixed it! We re-installed Windows 7 TWICE! We blew the dust out of my motherboard! We added new antivirus programs! And NOTHING WORKS!! I have absolutely no idea why it keeps doing this! The thing about it that really annoys me?! It ONLY blue-screens whenever I'm NOT using my computer! If I'm using it or browsing websites or playing games on it, it's completely fine! But if I leave it alone for 20 minutes or longer, it blue screens and I have to restart it, and I know that can't be good for my computer! Not only that, the blue screen just STAYS there and doesn't change even after HOURS of so-called initalizing disk crash dump, and it never goes beyond that! I am so freaking sick of this. I'm at my wit's end here! I'm not a tech expert so I have absolutely no freaking idea what to do!

*sigh* It feels good to let all of that out. Sorry about that, guys.

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