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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 10 (Part three)

 Here's part 3!

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 10
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Friendship/Family

EPISODE 10: A Wicked Witchmon

Once the group re-gathered in the park, Biyomon quickly digivolved into Birdramon. Everyone hopped on her back and she took to the skies. It didn't take long for the kids to arrive at the city where the casino is. It's only 17 miles from their town by car. Yun knew this because she and her mom drove there to meet with Teruki about a million times. She knew this way visually and by heart as of now. They finally got to the casino parking lot and snuck in. Thankfully they managed to get in without the police seeing them. Yun felt a little bad sneaking by the police, but considering that this could very well be a Digimon's doing, she knew the repercussions would be even more perilous if it were allowed to wreak havoc. She couldn't risk being caught now. Kosuke remembered that the explosion took place on the 6th floor. Yun knew how to get there, so she led the way. But once she and the others finally got there.



Another explosion occurred. It wasn't as big as the one featured on the news, but it was loud enough to make Yun cover her ears. She always was sensitive to loud noises and she continued to be so. But what they heard afterward was shocking.

"Aaaaagh!! Fiddlesticks!! I messed up again!!"

A voice that sounded like a very snooty and spoiled 16 year old girl permeated the walls of the packed parking lot. Right when it was heard, Lopmon and Lunamon's ears all rose into the air.

"It's a Digimon!" Lunamon exclaimed.

"Yes! Yes it is, indeed!" Lopmon backed her up.

"Let's go after it!" Terriermon edicted.

"Right! Everyone, march!" Yun exclaimed.

Everyone followed her lead and once they got into the parking lot floor, which has windows, they found the Digimon and they were quite surprised with what they found. The Digimon looks like a humanoid 16-year-old girl with short blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She wore a crimson red gown with black belt straps around her waist, a thick black cape, a funny-looking red witch's hat with a ghostly black cat flying around it. Her red gloves are extremely HUGE with big clawed fingers, she wore black witches shoes, and she sat on a big, crooked yellow broom.

"Awww! I thought it was a Digimon! My master's going to be so angry with me! But no matter! I'll find some Digimon soon enough!" The female Digimon exclaimed in a strange voice. Melody got out her Digivice and looked up it's information.

"Witchmon, a champion level data attribute Digimon. Her special attacks are Baluluna Gale and Aqua Pressure," Melody muttered.

But Biyomon was just absolutely disgusted by Witchmon's appearance.

"Ugh! What a disgusting, despicable Digimon she is!! That red outfit totally kills her figure!!" Biyomon exclaimed loudly.

Now THIS caught Witchmon's attention. She locked her eyes on the Digimon Brigade and they gasped.

"She found us!" Aria exclaimed.

Incensed, Witchmon floated toward the children.

"What's this I hear? Exactly WHO was it that called me disgusting and despicable just now?" Witchmon asked in a rather slick voice. But Biyomon wasn't phased at all, and neither was Melody or Kosuke.

"I did! That raiment doesn't flatter your body at all, witch!" Biyomon exclaimed sharply.

"How would you know? You don't even wear clothes," Melody told her bluntly.

"So?!" Biyomon exclaimed. Witchmon floated upward, but not high enough to where she'd hit her head on the ceiling.

"How utterly vulgar of you! I think this costume is very becoming of me! Hmph! I suppose it's natural since you've been domesticated by these humanoid creatures! But then again, I didn't think you creatures existed until now! And just when I was having fun putting those Dark Emblems on my subjects! It's no wonder they keep disappearing when I put one on them!" Witchmon exclaimed angrily. Otoya knew what she meant because Labramon said earlier that to the Digimon, humans are just legends and myths. But something else caught their ears.

"Dark Emblems? Are they shaped like hexagons with skulls and stripes on them?" Yun asked.

"Yes. How do you know?...Oh! Could it be?! YOU are the ones who keep sending the Digimon back to my world?! Goodness gracious! No wonder my master's plans keep getting messed up! Hmph! I might as well teach you loonys a lesson! How about a fight with me?!" Witchmon exclaimed, basically confessing that she's the one who's putting the hexagons on the Digimon and making them go crazy.

"Who's your master?!" Riku asked.

"Is that any of your business? If you fight little ol' me, maybe I'll tell you! Heeheehee!" Witchmon replied sickeningly sweetly, ending with a rather creepy and cackling laugh, like that of the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz. Everyone got their digivices out.

"It's on!!" Everyone exclaimed...well, almost everyone.

Lopmon digivolved to Turuiemon, Salamon to Gatomon, Lunamon to Lekismon, and Coronamon to Firamon. Labramon and Patamon couldn't digivolve yet, and MarineAngemon is already at her highest level, though not at her full power, but they all decided to fight with the champion levels anyway. Biyomon, however, was ticked off.

"Melody! Why don't you let me digivolve?" Biyomon whined.

"It's because you fly, and because this parking lot's ceiling is so low, you won't be able to fly around freely and fight as well as you normally do," Melody replied.

"Oh. I see. Well, I suppose this is a small trial, but I'll go in and fight anyway! Yaaaah!" Biyomon exclaimed as she decided to join the fight.

Lekismon is the first to attack.

"Moon Night Bomb!" Her watery spheres attempted to soak Witchmon to the bone, but with great speed she quickly dodged it.

"Oh-la-la! Not a very wise move, I might say! Kihihihihi!" Witchmon exclaimed with a cackling laugh as she flew around the parking lot on her broom. The Digimon got ticked off and were now even more determined to bring her to justice.

"Ninja Kick!"

"Blazing Fire!"

"Fira Bomb!"

"Feather Strike!"

"Echoing Bark!"

"Holy Wing!"

"Spray of Hearts!"

Turuiemon tried to kick Witchmon, but she dodged it. Terriermon threw a fiery sphere at her, but she just deflected it with her broom, as she did with MarineAngemon's attack as well. Patamon, Biyomon, and Labramon all tried to slow her down with their own attacks, but Witchmon smacked all three of them with her broom, and had a good time of it. Firamon shot his firey bombs at Witchmon, but she had something planned for him and Lekismon.

"Aqua Pressure!" Witchmon pointed her finger into the air and a huge wave of water swept over Firamon and Lekismon. Although they fell out of one of the windows, Firamon managed to catch Lekismon and get back onto the floor. The kids climbed on top of some cars to escape getting soaked to the bone.

"Man! This witch is strong!" Kosuke exclaimed as he scooped an injured Patamon into his arms.

"Yeah! And she's not even an ultimate level!" Patamon backed him up.

"I'm scared..." Aria muttered to herself as she clung to Yun.

"Well, we can't give up just yet! I say we keep fighting!" Yun exclaimed.

"I agree! We cannot let Witchmon get away with what she's done!" Turuiemon backed her up wholeheartedly and proceeded to attack Witchmon again.

"Gauntlet Claw!"

"Baluluna Gale!"

Turuiemon tried to attack the slick and slippery Witchmon with her gauntlets, but Witchmon, with her trusty broom, spiraled a huge tornado like gust of wind, which pushed Turuiemon against two cars, breaking both windshields.

"Turuiemon!!" Yun and Terriermon ran to Turuiemon's aid and helped her up.

"Are you alright?" Yun asked worriedly.

"You sure took a good hit!" Terriermon exclaimed. Turuiemon helped herself up.

"I-I'm fine. Thank you," Turuiemon replied softly.

But something seemed to hit Firamon.

"Wait a minute! Has anyone seen Gatomon?" Firamon asked. Lekismon's ears rose into the air.

"Oh! You're right! Where in the world IS she?!" Lekismon exclaimed.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Gatomon is crawling underneath two cars, out of Witchmon's sight, and hoping to catch a good sight of her. The only problem is that Witchmon keeps flying around crazily.

"Yeeheehee! You'll NEVER catch little ol' meeeeee!" Witchmon said as she kept flying around the parking lot like an out of control airplane, only she actually IS in control. A second later, she caught sight of Gatomon, and Gatomon caught sight of her, which gave Gatomon an opportunity.

"Cat's Eye Hypnosis!"

But one problem: Witchmon beat her to the attack.

"Baluluna Gale!"


Witchmon shot out a big blast of wind at Gatomon, exposing her and throwing her against the wall. This horrified Minako.

"Gatomon!!" Minako yelled as she ran to Gatomon and scooped her into her arms.

"Gatomon! Speak to me!" Minako gave Gatomon a pleading look, to which Gatomon responded.

"Sorry, Mina-chan. I hoped to paralyze her with my Cat's Eye Hypnosis while she wasn't looking, but I guess my attempt failed. Nyan..." Gatomon croaked tiredly.

"It's okay. You were great nonetheless. Such a smart little kitten you are! We'll get her somehow!" Minako praised Gatomon for her failed attempt, but at least she tried. Meanwhile, Turuiemon, Lekismon, and Firamon were having a hard time. They used every attack they could, but Witchmon dodged or destroyed every one of them.

"Grrr! This wicked witch is annoying!" Firamon exclaimed angrily.

"I agree! She even outruns my own agility! How in the world can we defeat her?!" Lekismon backed him up. Even the kids were worried.

"Lekismon! Don't give up now! Try and tire her out a bit!" Rena cheered.

"Yeah! Maybe take away Witchmon's broom or somethin'!" Riku shouted.

"That's it! Her broom! Lekismon, Turuiemon, let's try and take Witchmon's broom away! Perhaps it's the source of her power!" Firamon shouted courageously. Lekismon and Turuiemon nodded eagerly.

"A great idea, Firamon!" Lekismon said.

"Alright! Let's fight on!" Turuiemon cried out with a smile.

"Go Digimon! You can do it! We believe in you!" Yun cried out happily, cheering the three champion level Digimon on.

"Fira Claw!"

"Tear Arrow!"

"Ninja Kick!"

Firamon attacked with it's front fore-legs engulfed by flames. Lekismon shot pale blue arrows from the stick-ups on her back. Turuiemon tried to kick again. Sadly enough, Witchmon successfully evaded them all.

"Doesn't this thing ever take a break?!" Lekismon exclaimed angrily.

"NOOOOPE!! I'm telling you, you'll NEVER catch little ol' meeee! Yeeheehee!" Witchmon taunted them by flying around. But at one point, she rested for a bit on the ground.

That's when it happened. But Witchmon didn't know it until she started flying around again.

Yun screamed.

"What?! What is it, Yun?!" Otoya exclaimed.

"Look!" Yun pointed to Witchmon's broom. But Witchmon didn't see it.

"Hmph! You're all a bunch of weaklings! I should've expected no less! Alrighty then! Time to--huh?!" Witchmon attempted to attack them as she flew through the air again, but she suddenly felt a force pulling on her left glove. She couldn't move it. She turned around and gasped.

There, clinging to both her broom and left arm courageously, is Lucero!

"Ack! Get off of me, child!" Witchmon screamed like a girl who broke a nail. But Lucero sure didn't look as though he were even thinking about conceding defeat. He clung onto both the broom and her arm tightly.

"Thou must leave with haste! Surrender now, knave!" Lucero cried out angrily.

"No! I'm not a knave! Get off of me!" Witchmon whined incessantly as she flew around even more crazily in an attempt to throw Lucero off of her. Now this provided an opportunity for attack, and it was the rookies, MarineAngemon, and Gatomon who took it.

"Holy Blaze!" Biyomon engulfed herself in a rainbow flame and threw herself at Witchmon.

"Holy Bite!" Labramon bit into the arm that Lucero is clinging to, causing Witchmon to yelp in pain.

"Holy Wing!" Patamon left a fresh scratch on Witchmon's clothes and face with his glowing ear wings.

"Lightning Paw!" Gatomon's paw made sparks fly as she punched Witchmon in the gut, causing her to be incapable of breathing for a second.

"Spray of Hearts!" MarineAngemon spit out a few heart shaped bubbles at Witchmon...but they didn't reach her. Because Witchmon has finally had enough.

"Aqua Pressure!!"

A huge waterfall rained down on both her, Lucero, and the other Digimon, causing Lucero and the other Digimon to finally let go of the broom. Lekismon caught him and the rookies just in the nick of time, but Firamon was pushed against a car, causing him to destroy it which in turn caused Yun to cover her ears.

"This is insane!!" Yun yelled out.

"This is ludicrous! How could Witchmon have survived all that?!" Melody cried out angrily.

"Awwww! Now my feathers are soaked!" Biyomon whined similar to how Witchmon did earlier.

"Persistent, aren't you? I'm not going to let you get away with assaulting me like that!" Witchmon exclaimed. As she spoke, Turuiemon made an attempt to attack. Witchmon saw this and, having used up most of her power, struggled to make a split-second decision as to how to avoid or block Turuiemon's attack.

That's when she laid eyes on Terriermon.

In a split second, she grabbed him by the ears.

"TERRIERMON!!" Yun screamed as she watched her little friend be held in front of Turuiemon.

"Eat this, rabbit!" Witchmon exclaimed.

But Turuiemon saw it too late.

"Oh no!!"

"Let me go, Witchmon!" Terriermon yelled.

"NOOOO!!" Yun ran after them, totally overcome with worry. That's when...her digivice glew again. This stopped Turuiemon from attacking and Witchmon from being able to hold him. Terriermon became engulfed by a pale emerald green light. Everyone watched as the light surrounding Terriermon rose into the air with awe and wonder. Yun and Witchmon both stopped in their tracks.

"What's happening?" Aria asked.

"Terriermon's digivolving! What else?!" Kosuke retorted rather angrily, which was uncalled for but Aria didn't seem to mind.

"Terriermon, digivolve to..."

The light surrounding Terriermon got bigger and bigger until it became the size of Turuiemon. The pale green light dissipated and out came a totally different Digimon! His head (the parts above his mouth) and ears are pale green while the tips of his ears and the rest of his body are light yellow. In between his beady opal blue eyes is a gold diamond on his forehead and two Indian war paint stripes on both of his cheeks of the same gold color. A black belt strap is wrapped around his body, his feet are bigger, and his hands are now shiny silver guns.


Gargomon, now the exact same size as Turuiemon, stood in between Yun and Witchmon courageously.

But something about Gargomon didn't look right. Yun, and the others saw it. It was the color of his gun hands.

"Why are his gun hands silver? Shouldn't they be black? And why is his face paint gold when they should be red? And shouldn't his belt strap be brown instead of black?" Yun asked herself, but Gargomon didn't hear it.

"Something's up, I know it!" Melody exclaimed.

But Gargomon didn't hear a thing. He was just too pumped up.

"Hey you! Witchmon! Time for a good thrashing!" Gargomon exclaimed as he proceeded to attack and got his hand guns ready.

"Gargo Laser!!" A myriad of glowing white bullets shot out from his gun hands like the ones used on machine guns. Witchmon was only hit by two of them, but she somehow managed to evade him, which shocked the children.

"How can this be?! Witchmon shouldst be weakened! This shan't happen! Not at all!" Lucero exclaimed, in shock that Witchmon dodged Gargomon's attack.

"Why isn't Witchmon giving up?!" Labramon exclaimed.

Nonetheless, Gargomon continued to pursue Witchmon. Seeing his example, Turuiemon, Lekismon, and Firamon decided to follow him.

"Bunny Pummel!" Gargomon attempted to bash Witchmon on the head with his hand guns only...but she evaded them.

"Tear Arrow!"

"Fira Claw!"

Lekismon and Firamon tried to help him out by attacking Witchmon with their own attacks, but even that didn't work as Witchmon kept on evading each and every one of them! Yun was just ticked off.

'I can't believe this! Witchmon's only a champion level just like the others yet she keeps evading all of their attacks and outmatching us! Man! Even though Terriermon digivolved, she's still stronger than us! How are we gonna--' She thought when she suddenly tripped and fell. Her digivice bounced out and rolled for a bit. But what it did afterward surprised Yun. A long light engulfed in a rainbow hue appeared from Yun's digivice and formed a rainbow-colored rope of light that hung out from it. She picked it up...and flicked the rope for a bit. Although she didn't understand why it happened, she did come to realize what it could be used for. That's what gave her an idea.

"I got it!" Yun exclaimed. As the four champion level Digimon (excluding Gatomon, who is still recovering) fought Witchmon, all of them, including Witchmon, were so pre-occupied with the battle they didn't see Yun approaching them.

"Yun! What are you doing?! Get out of there!" Minako exclaimed, but Yun didn't listen. The champion level Digimon didn't hear her, not even Witchmon.

"Kyahahaha! Even though you digivolved, I still outrun you all by a--" Witchmon wanted to tease them a bit more...that is, until she felt a strange tug on her leg. She looked down and gasped when she saw a rainbowy light wrapped around one of her legs.

"AAAACK!!" She yelped. Yun used her digivice as a lasso and caught Witchmon by the foot. Despite the fact that Witchmon is flying, Yun's feet remained firmly on the ground as she tugged on Witchmon's leg with all her might.

"Everyone! Our digivices can be used as ropes and lassos!" Yun exclaimed.

"Whoa! Seriously?!" Kosuke yelped as he looked at his orange digivice.

"Wow! That's awesome!" Riku exclaimed.

"This isn't the time to be excited! We gotta help her out!" Rena interrupted.

"Yeah! Let's do it!" Melody yelled out.

Everyone got off of the car, got their digivices, and tried to approach Witchmon. Yun had a plan and she wanted to put it to use. Since her digivice can be used as a lasso, who's to say the others' couldn't be used as such either? Perhaps everyone can use their digivices to keep Witchmon from flying all over the place, that way all the Digimon could attack her and give her some justice.

Unfortunately, Yun wasn't able to even begin her plan. Witchmon got ticked off.

"You're not getting me THAT easily, human!" Witchmon exclaimed as she flew up into the sky, carrying Yun with her. After a few swings, Yun's digivice lasso finally faded and Yun was thrown against the wall like a rag doll...well, technically Turuiemon saved her in the nick of time. Witchmon, in a fit of anger, broke a car with her broom, which frightened Yun into covering her ears and leaving everyone (except the Digimon) frozen in their tracks. But Witchmon was having problems of her own.

'I can't keep this up forever! I've already used up all my power on that last Aqua Pressure. Awwww! What am I going to--Oh! I know! Why did I not think of that before?! Silly little me!' Witchmon thought as she flew all over the parking lot floor. She looked down at her hand and gazed upon a black hexagon shaped stone with a skull on it. She clenched it in her hands and started flying toward Gargomon, who decided to attack.

"Take this! Gargo Laser!" Gargomon tried to attack her with his bullets, but like always she dodged them all. However, for once she is actually intending to get close to him.

Right when she got close enough to Gargomon, she quickly pressed her hand, the one with the black hexagon stone on it, onto Gargomon's chest, leaving Gargomon quite dazed. In a split second, Witchmon got out of his way and flew toward the window. Melody and Otoya all saw this.

"She's getting away!" Otoya screamned as she and Melody went after Witchmon.

"Come back here!!" Melody yelled.

"Sorry! I've had enough of messing with you all today. 'Til next time! Ciao! Kihihihihihi!!" Witchmon winked and flew away from the parking lot floor...and the town. Melody and Otoya were appalled.

"NOOOO!! She got away!!" Melody screamed. She punched her fist onto the solid concrete floor. She didn't care if it hurt. Witchmon got away and they couldn't even land one attack on her. But there was another problem they had to deal with.

"Otoya! Melody! We've got a problem! Gargomon's gone beserk!!" Labramon exclaimed with fear in his eyes. Melody and Otoya gasped.

What they saw appalled them. Gargomon's eyes are glowing in a bloody crimson red light, and he's shooting bullets from his gun hands all over the place, breaking all the cars on the floor! It also didn't help that Yun is standing in front of one of the elevators with her hands on her ears, violently trembling and practically consumed by fear. And they all saw what's making Gargomon go beserk.

"The Dark Emblem! Witchmon put that on him! I saw her do it!" Aria exclaimed.

"Well, let's stop him!" MarineAngemon cried out.

All the champion and rookie level Digimon, seeing Gargomon go crazy, decided to try and calm him down and get the Dark Emblem off of him.

"Boom Bubble!"

"Spray of Hearts!"

"Feather Strike!"

"Echoing Bark!"

"Fira Bomb!"

"Moon Night Kick!"

"Ninja Kick!"

Unfortunately, Gargomon kept on shooting bullets and destroying cars all around him, repeling all of their attacks.

"No way! We should've been able to get him better than we could Witchmon! How is this happening?" Patamon exclaimed.

"I have no idea, but I think that Dark Emblem increases his power!" Biyomon piped in.

All of a sudden, Gargomon suddenly stops attacking and catches sight of Yun, trembling with fear and covering her ears. Yun became even more scared when Gargomon...

Aimed his gun hand at her.

Yun walked backward, but Gargomon kept walking toward her. Soon, Yun found herself against the wall, unable to escape.

However, what she didn't know, was that all kinds of thoughts were going through Gargomon's mind, and they certainly weren't controlled by the Dark Emblem.

'No! No no no no! What am I doing?! I can't hurt Yun! She's my friend! My best friend! I'd never hurt her! Why isn't my body listening to me? I don't wanna hurt Yun! Get off of me, you Dark Emblem!' Gargomon kept screaming in his mind to not hurt Yun, but his body was disobeying him because of the Dark Emblem. He walked closer and closer while Yun, completely consumed by fear, was unable to escape...or was she?

"Lightning Paw!!"

"Stay away from my friend, you beast!!"

Unexpectedly, Melody and Gatomon rammed into Gargomon so hard that he fell against the elevator doors. Melody clung to his long ears and scratched his face, which made him yelp in pain. Gatomon laid an awesome hit on Gargomon's chest, but it wasn't enough to make the Dark Emblem disappear.

"Think you can hurt my friend, huh? Well time for your just desserts!" Melody exclaimed.

"I've had just about enough! Cat Kick!" Gatomon yelled as she laid a kick on Gargomon. Yun finally fell to her knees. Lucero and Aria ran to her aid, but she couldn't move. Turuiemon, however, wasn't going to let anything stop her.

"Gargomon...forgive me. Gauntlet Claw!!" Turuiemon muttered to herself, then screamed as she pressed her gauntlet into Gargomon's chest, finally making the Dark Emblem disappear. The red glow in Gargomon's eyes dissipated, he closed his eyes, and fell to his knees.

"Yay! We did it!" Patamon cried out.

"They stopped Gargomon from destroying everything! Hooray!" MarineAngemon yelled as she and Patamon held hands and danced a victory dance. However, not everyone was happy. Especially not about destroying the Dark Emblem on Gargomon's chest. In fact, Kosuke, looking totally and completely choleric and incensed, stomped up to Melody and...WHAP! Slapped her square in the face! Everyone gasped.

"Kosuke! Why did you do that?!" Patamon cried out.

"YOU!! This is your fault!! Witchmon got away because of you! If you hadn't been so slow and lazy we would've been able to get Witchmon!! You let her escape!!" Kosuke screamed angrily, which in turn angered Melody.

"Because of ME?! Are you kidding me, Kosuke?! Witchmon outsmarted and outran all of us yet you seriously expected it to be easy to catch her and destroy her?! And that I LET HER ESCAPE?!" Melody screamed.

"You should've been able to predict her movements and attack her when she was weakest, yet you didn't do a thing!"

"Look who's talking! You barely did anything yourself, Hanemoto! Your own Digimon can't even digivolve yet!"

"You didn't make your own Digimon digivolve!"

"That's because Birdramon can't fly freely in this type on environment, blockhead!!"

"She was big enough to keep Witchmon from flying out the window, goth girl!"

"But she's weak against water, dipstick! And besides, quit yelling already! You should know by now that Yun doesn't like it when people scream and yell like a psycho maniac!!"

"Do you care more about Yun than Witchmon?!"

"I'd do anything for Yun, unlike you!"

An intense brouhaha broke out between the two, and everyone was not liking it.

"Kosuke! Melody! Stop fighting! It's not good to fight!" Patamon cried out.

"Yes! That's right! Witchmon outsmarted all of us, so there's no need to blame each other!" Biyomon backed him up. Surprisingly, Riku decided to break them up.

"They're both right! Witchmon's stronger than any of the other Digimon we've fought before, and she doesn't even have a Dark Emblem on her! Sure she got away, but fighting about it isn't going to solve anything!" Riku explained calmly, but Kosuke and Melody didn't listen to him. Instead, they looked at him with angry looks on their faces.

"Oh-ho-ho you're one to talk! All you did was cheer and scream like a guy on crack while Firamon nearly set the place on fire!" Kosuke yelled angrily, which angered Riku.

"HEY! Firamon tried his hardest to beat Witchmon! She outsmarted us! What else could we have done?! She evaded all of our attacks like it was nothing! And don't go blaming Firamon for everything around here!" Riku yelled back.

"The both of you LET Witchmon escape! Now she's gonna be putting Dark Emblems on every Digimon she sees!" Kosuke exclaimed.

"Well, sorry we weren't able to stop her, Mr. I have an alcoholic for a mother who does nothing but wallow in her self pity all day for the rest of her life!!" Melody screamed, which made Kosuke snap. Soon, Melody and Kosuke were throwing fists and kicks at one another, scaring not only the kids but the Digimon as well.

"Kosuke! Get off of her NOW!!" Otoya yelled as she tried to pry Kosuke off with Patamon and Biyomon's help. Minako and Rena helped too while the Digimon, Yun, Lucero, and Aria were all left frozen in their tracks. But Kosuke, Melody, and Riku were all persistent and kept on yelling and screaming and fighting. It went on for a good 5 minutes.

And 5 minutes was just about enough for one person. He snapped.


Of all the people to suddenly scream loud enough to echo through the solid concrete walls of the parking lot, it was Lucero who snapped. That scream came straight from his mouth. His echoing scream permeated everyone's ears, causing everyone to fall silent before the wrath of a now absolutely incensed Lucero. He's finally had enough.

"You're all disgraces!! So what if Witchmon escaped?! Our lives would've been in great danger if Gargomon had not been stopped! If that had not happened, then nobody else would be capable of stopping Witchmon! Just like Riku-dono said, it is true that we have failed to capture Witchmon and bring her to justice, but this does NOT mean that it'll be the last time we see her! And fighting about it like a gaggle of kids throwing the temper tantrums of the century is NOT going to solve anything, you thick-headed gits!! Can you not see that Yun is about to start bawling at any minute?! Stop this meaningless fighting at once! There's always next time! And we can improve on our teamwork too!!"

Lucero was on a roll. He showed absolutely no mercy when it came to reprimanded Kosuke, Melody, and Riku for their childish animosity towards each other. Everyone was silent and frozen in their tracks. Not because of Lucero yelling at them, but because for once he actually used normal, modern dialect instead of the usual Shakespeare talk they grew used to. Perhaps he talks modern when he's angry. But one person, or in this case Digimon, regained his consciousness and looked around the destroyed parking lot floor, looking quite dazed.

"Huuuuh? Wha...what happened? Did Witchmon get destroyed?" Gargomon muttered as he tried to regain his composure, which Aria noticed.

"Well...let's at least be happy he's back to normal," Aria muttered.

"Yes. I agree," Otoya replied softly.

But that silence and brief moment of peace was broken when a certain someone exploded into an epic paroxysm of wailing, bawling, and crying.


It was Yun.

Her loud, piercing voice broke everyone, even the Digimon, out of their trances. Turuiemon was the first to react.

"Yun!" She, Melody, and Otoya ran straight toward the crying girl who sat on her knees, trying to mollify her. But nothing worked. Gargomon, while still a little dazed, noticed this.

"Yu-Yun! Oh no! I've gotta--" Gargomon tried to approach her, but what came out of Yun's mouth stopped him.


Gargomon froze in his tracks, shocked and frightened. Images were going through his mind. Attacked by Witchmon. A Dark Emblem on his chest. Destroying cars and wind shields upon laying eyes on them. Worst of all, putting an already scared to death Yun in a corner by threatening to shoot her with one of his gun hands. Everything came to him, even a terrifying realization that hit him like a mighty blow. Yun's bawling because of him. Gargomon's heart shattered into a million pieces. He could see his eyes get blurred by oncoming tears.

Gargomon made Yun snap. He made Yun cry. He scared her so much he made her fright reach it's peak.

But even so, why was Yun calling out his name?

"Terriermon! Terriermon! Where is he?! Where is he?! I want Terriermoooooon!!" Yun wailed and wailed as the kids tried to calm her down, but she didn't. This made Gargomon take a few steps back.

"Gargomon? What are you standing around for? She needs you!" Lekismon scolded rather harshly, but Gargomon began to tremble.

"I...I...I made Yun...cry...!!" Gargomon looked like he himself was about to explode into waterworks. Turuiemon could see the look of sadness in Gargomon's navy blue eyes and felt just as dejected as him, mostly upon seeing him realize what he'd done and mostly upon watching Yun wail like a helpless child. Turuiemon walked over to the still wailing Yun and carried her in her arms.

"I believe it's best that we go home," Turuiemon muttered softly, to which everyone nodded.

All the Digimon de-digivolved back into their rookie forms except for Turuiemon while Biyomon digivolved into Birdramon so she could take everyone home. Yun cried and cried all throughout the ride. Terriermon, who oddly enough is clinging to Birdramon's foot instead of being on Birdramon's back with the kids, could hear it as clear as day. His eyes shook. His ears were carried by the wind. But all of this was not enough to heal the insanely huge hole of guilt that had been formed in his heart.

'I can't believe this! I tried to hurt my best friend and made her cry! I'm so stupid! Why couldn't I stop myself? I...I can't be Yun's best friends don't make each other cry...' Terriermon thought dejectedly as he clung to Birdramon's leg like a leech.

But unbeknownst to all of them, Witchmon remained on the roof of the parking lot, watching them fly away.

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