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Firechick's Cartoon Reviews: LoliRock

I give this quirky yet well done magical girl show...a 92/100!

When I was a kid, I didn't watch girl shows like Bratz, My Little Pony, Sailor Moon, etc. I was more into shows like Pokemon, Digimon, Monster Rancher, Yu-Gi-Oh, Powerpuff Girls, etc. None of the girls shows that were on back then really appealed to me. I have watched more magical girl shows since then, and while some are downright awesome, others...are either meh, okay, or pretty darn bad. My experiences in the Tumblr Precure fandom didn't exactly endear me into watching more Precure or other magical girl shows. In my childhood, anime gave me all that I wanted from TV. Nowadays, it seems anime is going down a downward spiral, and Western animation is slowly climbing back to the top, becoming less merchandise driven and more intent on telling stories with substance. Granted, bad shows still get made (Teen Titans Go, anyone?), but good ones are popping up more and more. One of them is LoliRock, a French cartoon about magical girl warrior princesses!

The basic story is about Iris, a girl whose singing causes strange things to happen. One day, she is attacked by two villains, Mephisto and Praxina, but is saved by two magical girls, Talia and Auriana, who explain that Iris is the long lost princess of another world called Ephedia. An evil sorcerer named Gramor conquered Ephedia, and Talia and Auriana, whose planets were also taken from them, have fled to Earth to fight against him. When Iris taps into her powers, she accepts her new mission and is determined to find her real parents and save all worlds, including Earth and Ephedia. But on the side, she, Auriana, and Talia form a band called LoliRock and put on concerts in the town of Sunny Bay. But for the most part, they have to collect Oracle Gems and stop Gramor's minions from causing trouble on Earth.

The producers of the show must have been massive anime fans, because the animation style and the character designs are very anime. Eyes are large and beautiful, the girls have a cute purple animal...Pokemon thing named Amaru who doesn't talk but helps them out, there are pretty boys, magical girls, etc. But the actual animation manage to stay just Western enough to distinguish itself from regular anime properties. Plus, the bright, pastel colors and super sparkly magical girl transformation scenes make the show a visual feat for the eyes. Plus, the CGI blends surprisingly well with the 2D animation, though I think that's because CGI is mostly used for objects and battle arenas, not other stuff. To be honest, the show looks traditionally animated, but parts of it look like CGI. It's hard to tell, especially since it was produced in France. But the end result is great.

(more to come soon)
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