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Firechick's Anime Reviews: K-On!

I give this moe fest a 71/100!

*sigh* Moe...what is moe? Well, it's the concept of making animated teenage girls look much younger, act much younger, and cuter for the sake of nothing but fan-service. Sometimes moe can be good, and sometimes moe can be downright stupid and ridiculous. Examples of good moe are Tamayura and Anohana (though I really don't consider them to be moe considering how awesome their storylines are). Examples of horrid moe are Kodomo no Jikan, Ro-Kyu-Bu!, and Baby Princess. Yes, I haven't seen those anime but I read a lot of blogs so I know. one of those "REALLY close to being horrid but is kinda average" moe anime. By the way, this review covers both seasons.

So basically it's about four girls (soon to be five in a later episode) who join the light music club and do nothing but eat sweets, practice music, and talk about things. Hirasawa Yui plays the guitar. Akiyama Mio plays the bass. Tainaka Ritsu plays the drums. Kotobuki Tsumugi (Why does her seiyuu have the same last name as her?!) plays the keyboard, though that's because she's more of a piano person. Together they're the light music club...and later, Afterschool Tea Time (seriously, what kind of lame band name is that?! My Dad's band from the 70s had a better name than that!).

As expected of KyoAni, their animation is great. One thing I found refreshing in this anime is how the characters' legs are drawn. Most anime make people's legs look really thin, skinny, and bony. My own legs are kinda on the plump side. Thankfully this anime does well in making the characters' legs look perfectly realistic. Yes, the animation also excels in fluidity and movement. Yes, the animation excels in background art, and yes, the animation excels in showing small details to everything. I say ALL of this sarcastically.

The I kinda find this to be the worst part of the show. The band's music isn't even good! I only found TWO songs that actually interested me, but the rest of them are really bland and over J-popish. Too generic and cliche for their own good. Plus the background music itself never really stood out. I don't even remember it, but I do remember getting bored and disappointed by it. I thought the first OP theme for the show cool...but then the second season came. Ugh! Those theme songs ANNOYED the living crap outta me and raped my ears because of their overblown rockiness, squeakiness, and overall generic moeness! I skipped both of them every time I started watching the episodes! Who found it a bright idea to make the theme songs worse than they already were?!

The characters...they're a mixed bag for me. At first my favorites were Yui and Mio, Yui because she acted a lot like me sometimes and Mio because she was smart and level-headed...but then they turned into tools of exposition. Yui became more retarded and stupid while Mio turned into everyone's slave, punching bag, and victim of lots of scaring. Everytime she squealed in fear every three seconds I wanted to deck her! Seriously, why is she so everything-phobic?! It also doesn't help that people actually LOVE her for it! I mean, come on? A fan club being started after she humiliated herself? My God! The only character I liked was Azusa. She was actually awesome! Tsumugi and, I didn't like them or their antics. I actually liked Yui's sister Ui and her friend Jun way better than the main cast! In fact, I LOVED the episodes when it was JUST them who were the central characters instead of the tea time band!

Also...there's not much of a story here. Just episodes where they sit around, drink tea, eat sweets, talk, and other things. The first season was only 13 episodes, and I can tolerate that premise fine in that sentiment...and then the second season came. I thought the second season was going to be just 13 episodes long...but then it turned to 26. I seriously wanted to finish this show just so I can get away from it! I didn't even watch the TV specials that came afterward! This is why I don't plan on watching KyoAni's newest anime Nichijou. Because of how badly this anime scarred me, I honestly DO NOT think I can stand watching 26 episodes of girls doing stupid things for the heck of it! Screw it! I sure don't have plans to watch the upcoming K-On movie!

So...that's K-On. It's not the worst moe anime out there, but it's flaws overshadow it's positives so I won't recommend it.

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