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Crap!!! I lost my ID!!!

Craaaaaaaaaap!!! I can't find my ID card anywhere!!! I've been tearing my house apart looking for it for two hours now! And for another hour last night, and I can't find it!!! I know it's in the house, but it's not where I usually put it!!! God, my parents are gonna be so mad when they find out! I'm usually very organized! How could I lose it?! Why am I so retarded?!?!?!

*sigh* I brought this on myself, so I might as well face the music. If we can't find it and we need to replace it, I'll pay the $30 needed. It is my fault for not being more careful with it (even though I usually am), so I might as well accept whatever punishment my parents give me. God, I wish I wasn't autistic, that way I wouldn't be so stupid as to lose something so freaking important!!!

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