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Hunchback of Notre Dame Musical: Summary and Aftermath dad and I went to see a musical for The Hunchback of Notre Dame today. It was great!

I had heard rumors that the musical version combined both the Disney movie and elements from the original book, managing to rectify the flaws of both. I was worried about the execution, but the musical I saw managed to pull it off nicely. They even kept some of the best songs in there, especially Hellfire, and cut out the annoying parts, such as A Guy Like You and the screwball comedy. They even made the gargoyles only a figment of Quasimodo's imagination, not sentient. The musical also kept Frollo's benevolent but frustrated and misguided nature and made him far more sympathetic than the Disney movie did. I also really liked that the musical made their own songs as well, my favorite being Top Of The World and that they went with the book's more somber, bittersweet ending.

My dad and I both enjoyed it immensely. Although for SOME reason he made a big deal about my not clapping throughout the performance. I mean, seriously? He never had a problem with it before! Why make a stink about it now? I never clap during anything, even if I really like what I'm seeing because it hurts my hands, and I'm so into whatever I'm watching that I have no need to clap. I tried to explain that to him, but he just grunted and said, "Fine. Have it your way." I mean, come on! He makes it sound like I committed a crime or something! Who cares if clapping is socially appropriate? I don't. He never brought this up as a problem before, and the fact that he did so really made my blood boil. Well, I'm over it now, so no use whining on a good day.

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