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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 13 (part two)

Part 2!

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 13
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family/Friendship

EPISODE 13: Boyfriend Blues

But when they arrived, the three Digimon suddenly stopped and pushed the three kids behind a tree.

"Wha? Hey! What are you--?!" Otoya tried to ask, but they were so intent on getting them to hide behind the tree that they didn't hear. Once they got behind it, the three Digimon shushed them.


"What is it?" Otoya asked. Lopmon secretly pointed to what was in front of the station.

A very big, lemon yellow radish-like creature with long vines for hands, five streaks of red hair with light blue tips, red stripes on it's head, glowing red eyes, and a Dark Emblem on the bottom of it's belly. But that wasn't all that Lopmon and the others saw. Once Yun caught sight of what they saw, she nearly screamed, but Lucero quickly put both of his hands over her mouth, even though she continued to squeal very loudly.

Standing in front of the big yellow creature is another Digimon and...Shunji! Shunji, of all people, having a Digimon and fighting another one?! Everyone was shocked. The Digimon that's standing in front of Shunji is a small dragon half his size with pale green skin, a creamy white belly, sharp claws, red Y shaped horns on the back of it's head, sharp teeth, little red dragon wings, and reddish orange eyes. In Shunji's hand is a green digivice, exactly the same kind as the others. Shunji stood behind the small dragon Digimon with a courageous look in his eyes and a confident stance.

"Now Dracomon! Barbecue this thing!" Shunji commanded. The Digimon, Dracomon, flew toward it to attack.

"Yes sir!" Dracomon replied back in a rather strange, raspy voice. The giant yellow Digimon attacked as well.

"Stink Jet!"

"Dragon Ember!"

A blizzard of yellow gas came out from the yellow Digimon's mouth, and a stream of orange fire poured out from Dracomon's mouth. Both attacks collided and repeled each other. Yun took the time to look up both Digimon's information on her Digivice.

"Okay. So the yellow Digimon is Vegiemon. He's a champion level, virus attribute, vegitation Digimon. His attacks are Stink Jet and Compost Bomber. The little dragon is Dracomon. He's a rookie level, data attribute, dragon Digimon. His attacks are Baby Breath and Tail Smash," Yun read the information displayed on her digivice, then put it away.

"Yun-chan? Is that your sister's boyfriend?" Otoya asked.

"Anjo Shunji. Yeah," Yun replied.

"Wow. He actually looks pretty cool out there!"


Yun was shocked beyond anything she had ever felt before. She herself having Digimon is one thing. But her own sister's boyfriend, the laid back, lazy, flirtatious, over-friendly, and overly suave high school junior, of all people getting a Digimon? How in the world did it come to
this? She watched as Vegiemon and Dracomon exchanged attacks and duked it out like the monsters they are. So many questions were running through Yun's mind like the Grand Canyon Rapids. Why would Shunji of all people get a Digimon? How did he handle it? Has he fought other Digimon with him? Worst of all, how was he able to hide it from Ayaka? Yun knew full well--no, absolutely well--that Ayaka would NOT like this. In fact, she could almost see, feel, and hear Ayaka screaming like a rabid animal at the top of her lungs if she were ever to see this little dragon standing before her boyfriend.

But Yun also saw something else. As Vegiemon and Dracomon were fighting each other (Dracomon successfully managed to bite one of Vegimon's vines, causing him to roar in pain), Yun saw something else. Shunji is NOT acting like the laid-back and flamboyant boyfriend she saw back at home. Now he's acting like a very dignified and composed captain of some military army, looking totally calm, cool, composed, and confident. The look in Shunji's blue eyes showed no hesitation or fear whatsoever. How in the world did Yun not see this side of him? Why did she not like him before? She began to feel guilty about her distaste for him and his rather odd and peculiar and overly-affectionate behavior. But even so, it didn't look like anyone was winning this fight. Even Dracomon knew this as he looked at Shunji.

"Shunji! This thing's nuts! What are we gonna do?" Dracomon asked. Shunji clutched his green digivice.

"We can't give up! Not yet! We can't let this thing go into town! Continue fighting, Dracomon! No matter what, this thing must be contained! I won't let it off the hook!" Shunji edicted proudly and confidently, which seemed to motivate Dracomon to continue fighting this deformed yellow vegetable.

"Stink Jet!"

"Dragon Ember!"

Again, the attacks collided, and the kids watched from the sidelines. Unfortunately, as the stink jet faded, Vegimon flew into the air and attempted to jump Shunji. But Dracomon saw it coming, and he grabbed one of Vegimon's vines with his claws, spun him around for a bit, and made him fly into the building. The kids gasped when they saw this brave and chivalrous deed. Dracomon ran to Shunji.

"You alright?" Dracomon asked in a worried voice.

"Yes. I'm fine. Thank you, little buddy. You're awesome! But it's not over yet!" Shunji told his little dragon friend. But he saw Vegiemon prying himself out of the building and preparing himself for another attack.

"Compost Bomber!" He leaped into the air and shot a myriad of pink, ice cream-like blobs at them. Dracomon acted quickly and used another Dragon Ember to blow them away. But one of the vines caught Shunji! Vegimon leaped upward and wrapped Shunji in both of it's vines.

"Shunji!" Dracomon yelled.

"Oh no!" The kids and Digimon exclaimed quietly. Unfortunately, a now helpless Shunji is trapped in the clutches of Vegiemon's thin but strong and merciless vines. Dracomon ran over to him.

"Let him go, you ugly beast!!" Dracomon dug his claws into Vegiemon's vines and tried to pry them off of Shunji, but Vegiemon, seeing this noble and valiant attempt, decided to turn the tables on him. He threw Shunji at Dracomon, causing the both of them to fly into a tree. Both of them were injured. Shunji got himself up first and helped Dracomon get back on his feet.

"You alright, Dracomon?" Shunji asked in a kind but worried voice. Dracomon laid his orangeish eyes on his worried partner.

"I'm fine. Thanks for worryin' about me," Dracomon said. Unfortunately, both of them were both cornered and injured. Vegiemon stood before them and prepared to launch another attack.

"It's no good! I can't use my Dragon Ember anymore! I ran out of juice! We can't give up now!" Dracomon wailed.

"That's right! We can't give up! We've got to defeat this thing!" Shunji said. Both of them held no fear, even though the situation seemed very futile to them.

Finally, Vegimon launched his attack.

"Compost Bomber!"

Little pink swirlies flew toward Shunji and Dracomon. They didn't know what was to come after this.

But they surely didn't expect this.

"Lopmon! Go now!!"

"Freezing Snow!!"

A blizzard of ice permeated the pink swirlies and froze them, causing them to turn into nothing but swirly ice sculptures. Shunji, Dracomon, and even Vegiemon were surprised.

"Echoing Bark!!"

A loud bark rang in Vegiemon's ears, causing it to roar in pain. Not wanting to stand by and let the worst happen to Shunji and Dracomon anymore, Yun, Otoya, and Lucero finally caved and decided to appear in between them. Shunji's eyes widened, his mouth fell open, and the sight before him left him flabbergasted.

"Wha!? Yu-Yun-chan?! Wha...what are you doing here?!" Shunji managed to croak out, sounding very confused. Yun turned around with her arms crossed.

"We were going to ask you that!" Yun exclaimed.

"Yun-chan! Let's defeat this thing!" Otoya told her.

"Yeah! Let's! Lopmon! Terriermon! Labramon! Give him your best!" Yun edicted. All three Digimon stormed in on Vegiemon.

"Freezing Snow!"

"Blazing Fire!"

"Echoing Bark!"

Lopmon, Labramon, and Terriermon all ambushed Vegiemon with their attacks, managing to land some good hits on him. This gave them enough time to let Shunji and Dracomon regain their composure. Yun saw that Shunji has a green digivice in his hand. Shunji smiled at the kids impishly.

" have Digimon too, eh? I sure didn't expect this!" Shunji said.

"Me neither! You were pretty cool out there. I hope you can keep that up all the time," Yun told him.

"You're asking for the impossible, kid!" Shunji retorted back sheepishly.

"Since you two are injured, I suggest you let us handle this!" Otoya told him. Shunji and Dracomon looked at each other for a bit, then back at the kids.

"Alright. Show me what you've got!" Shunji told them.

Yun got her digisword out and Otoya got out her digilasso. Yes, they gave them names. Otoya proceeded to use her lasso to round up Vegiemon before he could lay an attack. Yun charged at it with her digisword and prepared for an attack. Unfortunately, she didn't get to do so.

"Stink Jet!"

A gaseous yellow substance poured from it's mouth and Yun quickly ran away from it. She felt bad for being so cowardly, but there was no way a digisword could ward off an attack like that. Especially if it smells like dog poop times ten! A putrid and noisome smell, it was! The Digimon all attacked Vegiemon at once, but their attacks were all warded off in an instant.

"Oh no! How can this be?! It worked before!" Labramon exclaimed.

"Like we said! This thing's tough as nails! You're really gonna have to hit it home if you wanna beat him!" Dracomon told them.

"Thanks for the advanced warning, bub!" Otoya exclaimed sarcastically, not happy with hearing that comment. But she didn't notice Vegiemon grabbed onto her leg with both of it's vines...and biting into it with it's teeth.

Otoya yelped in pain, which got Labramon's attention.

"Otoya!" Labramon leaped onto Vegiemon and forced it to let go of her, which he did...but not very gently. He threw Otoya against the same tree they hid behind, leaving Otoya injured and in pain. Nonetheless, Labramon and Vegiemon duked it out real good. Labramon did NOT look happy. In fact, he kept scratching and scratching at Vegiemon, non-stop.

"How dare you hurt my partner that way?! I'll show you no mercy!" Labramon howled vehemently as he scratched Vegiemon relentlessly. But he then noticed Dracomon walking toward Otoya.

"You okay?" Dracomon asked, sounding worried.

"Ye-Yeah. Think you can help me up?" Otoya replied.

"No prob!" Dracomon said as he attempted to help Otoya get back to her free. Unfortunately, Vegiemon found this to be a great opportunity and hopped toward Otoya.

"Stink Jet!"

Dracomon and Otoya both braced themselves for an attack. But Dracomon and Otoya both didn't feel anything. After a few seconds, they slowly but fearfully opened their eyes. But what Otoya saw made her gasp.

Labramon is injured, lying on the ground, and unconscious. And smelling really bad. But Otoya paid no attention to this.

"Labramoooon!!" Otoya ran to her unconscious dog friend in tears. Seeing this terrible scene, Yun, Shunji, and Terriermon decided to act.

"You're dead!!" Shunji yelled as he grabbed onto Vegiemon, not caring about the fact that Vegiemon's vines are still active.

"You'll pay for that with this!" Yun exclaimed as she tried to attack Vegiemon with her digisword, but one of Vegiemon's vines coiled around it. Yun, not caring for this, continued to try and push the sword into him anyway, which wasn't working.

"Terrier Tornado!" Terriermon landed a hit on Vegiemon's face, allowing Yun to land her digisword in it. Unfortunately, it didn't hit his lower abdomen, where the hexagon is.

Otoya watched the entire scene with awe. Nobody in her whole entire life cared about her to this extent before. As she caressed the unconscious and injured Labramon in her arms, she watched as Shunji, Yun, Terriermon, Lopmon, and even Lucero joined in to fight Vegiemon and make him pay for what he did to Labramon. Otoya knew she found change in her new life, but she never expected anything like this. Her friends putting their lives on the line for her sake! Nobody ever did this for her. Earlier, she had been telling Yun about how nobody cared about her because they expected her to be nothing but a preacher's kid who did whatever her father asked her to, totally not acknowledging the fact that she's just the same as everyone else. Just a normal kid. Their words echoed in her mind again.

"Sorry, but you can't play with us. Preacher's kids aren't allowed!"

"Go away, preacher's kid! We don't want you here!"

"Shouldn't you be at church, listening to your dad pray?"

"Be a good little girl and read the Bible!"

"As a preacher's kid, you're supposed to do whatever your dad says!"

"I don't want a preacher's kid in my clique!"

"Go back to church already!"

Long ago, she lost faith because of what everyone told her. But was different. The new friends she made, human and Digimon, put their lives on the line for her and are still doing so. Otoya couldn't help but be moved to tears. She remembered the very first day she met Labramon as a tiny little puppy head that hatched from an egg. Not only did Otoya find Labramon's baby form to be cute, she found it to be a great opportunity. An opportunity to teach Labramon everything she knew, including what was right and wrong. She took the time to teach him that no matter what, everyone's both different in terms of circumstances, and the same in what they are. Human. Otoya didn't care that her new friend turned out to be a Digimon with mystical powers. She was so happy to have Labramon by her side. And speaking of Labramon, he finally regained consciousness and Otoya saw this.

"Labramon! Oh, thank God you're still alive!" Otoya embraced her injured dog friend.

"Otoya...I'm so glad...I made it in time," Labramon muttered.

"Labramon...tell me. Why did you save me?" Otoya asked. She wasn't going to believe what came out of Labramon's mouth.

"I saved're my partner. My only partner. It's my duty to protect my partner, no matter what. Nobody can ever take your place. I...would never ask for someone different," Labramon muttered. Otoya closed her eyes and hugged him again.

"Oh, Labramon...I'm so happy," Otoya muttered.

"Otoya...let me ask you...why didn't you question my existence?" Labramon asked.

Now Labramon here isn't going to believe what came out of Otoya's mouth. The two looked at each other, even though Yun, Shunji, Lucero, and the Digimon are now struggling with trying to control the rogue Vegiemon.

"He's breaking away!" Yun yelled.

"Dracomon! Sick 'em!" Shunji told him.

"Get over here!" Dracomon leaped onto Vegiemon to subdue him. But it didn't work.

"It's because...I..." Otoya stopped for a minute, then finally finished it as the both of them closed their eyes.

"...Believed in you."

Right then, Otoya's digivice began to glow and Vegiemon finally broke away from the group's clutches, even though he became awestruck by the cerulean blue light enveloping Labramon. Otoya had to back away despite her leg injury, but she didn't care. She was so shocked that her partner, Labramon, is finally digivolving!

"Labramon, digivolve to..."

The light that's blue as the ocean enveloped Labramon, and it grew bigger and bigger and bigger...until out came not Labramon, but a very very different creature! This Digimon looked like a cross between a lion, a dog, and one of those ancient deities that are said to protect parts of Japan. He is VERY big, bigger than even Vegiemon or Shunji put together! He has lavendar purple claws, a solid shining gold horn, a golden lion's mane, a gold bushy tail, and gold, cloud-like paws. He also has creamy white fur, indigo eyes, sharp lion's teeth, bushy yellow eye brows that curled at the tips, and two purple stripes under both his eyes.


The beautiful, dazzling, and awe-inspiring dog-lion hybrid Digimon, Seasarmon, appeared between a shocked Vegiemon and an overjoyed Otoya. The large creature seemed to shine underneath the sunset, with the sunbeams being reflected off of his shining gold mane and horn. His long, curly tail swished around, catching the gentle breeze and the sun's rays without difficulty. Otoya was so awestruck she didn't move. Neither did Vegiemon or the others. Seasarmon then turned to look at Otoya. To the average human, Seasarmon appeared ferocious or even volatile. But to Otoya, he didn't look one bit ferocious. In fact, with the way Otoya's green eyes sparkled and with the way her smile glowed just like Seasarmon's holy presence, she seemed to feel that Seasarmon is the most beautiful thing in the whole wide world. Perhaps Seasarmon is God's gift to her.

"Otoya. Your unrelenting faith in me has helped me digivolve, and with that I thank you," Seasarmon said in a deep, pure, rich voice. To Otoya, he almost sounded like her preacher father. She remained silent. But Vegiemon didn't.

"Compost Bomber!"

Pink swirlies appeared again, but Seasarmon didn't even turn to look. Instead, with his horn basking in the sunbeams, it glowed and small yellow rays of light appeared around him, forming arrows.

"Tee Dia!"

The arrows of light, with the speed of light (get it?), ripped through the pink swirlies like it was nothing, and one of the lit up arrows hit the Dark Emblem on Vegiemon's stomach! Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to destroy it. Even so, it seemed Seasarmon knew this, and turned to face the angry Vegiemon.

"You who has the audacity to attack my partner without mercy...if you wish to show none, then I too will show none! It is time to rid the evil that is within you! Sekkantou!" Seasarmon's front paw glowed, and he punched Vegiemon straight in the abdomen, forcing the Dark Emblem to shatter into a million pieces, and a Digital hole to open. Vegiemon disappeared into the hole, unconscious, and returned to the Digital World. Shunji noticed Otoya's injured leg.

"Otoya-chan! Are you alright?" Shunji asked as he pulled a pile of white gauze from his sweater vest.

"Yes. I'm fine. Thank you," Otoya said as Shunji gently and diligently wrapped the gauze around her leg. Yun, Lopmon, Terriermon, Lucero, and Seasarmon watched. Yun smiled.

'Perhaps...Shunji is a genuinely nice person after all,' Yun thought as she hugged little Lopmon. Lucero hugged little Terriermon, who then noticed Dracomon approaching them.

"Hello! I'm Dracomon! It's nice to meet you!" Dracomon introduced himself and extended one of his clawed hands out to Terriermon. Terriermon, seeing this as a kind and friendly gesture, smiled and shook one of his fingers.

"The name's Terriermon! You were awesome out there!" Terriermon replied happily. Shunji then approached Yun as he put Otoya on Seasarmon's back.

"Hm! Well well well!" He said as he crossed his arms. "I sure never expected you to have a Digimon, Yun-chan!"

"Same to you! But...I have to admit, you two were cool out there," Yun said. Shunji laughed impishly and rubbed the back of his head.

"You really think so? But we weren't able to defeat Vegiemon!" Shunji said.

"So? You never gave up! And speaking of defeating were awesome too, Seasarmon! Plus you're beautiful too!" Yun gave the three of them (Shunji, Dracomon, and Seasarmon) encomium for their valiant efforts to keep Vegiemon at bay.

"I may have defeated Vegiemon, but it is Otoya who helped me digivolve. Her unrelenting faith in me has brought me to this form, and I am honored to receive it," Seasarmon said. Otoya got off of his back, and let him de-digivolve back into Labramon, who is still a tad injured.

"Well, I've gotta two were pretty cool yourselves! And to be honest, I knew those little rabbits were Digimon from the beginning! I just didn't know how to ask you about it," Shunji said with a sheepish smile.

"It's alright," Yun said. Then she and Lopmon noticed Dracomon looking at them innocently.

"Hello! I'm Dracomon! It's nice to meet you!" Dracomon said and got his clawed hand out again, to which Yun gently shook his finger with a smile.

"I'm Wakamiya Yun! And this is Lopmon! Nice to meet you too," Dracomon said with a smile.

"We're pleased to make your acquaintance, Dracomon and Shunji-san," Lopmon said to the two of them. But Yun had another thought she felt she had to bring up.

"By the way...since you have a the heck were you able to hide it from Ayaka?" Yun asked.

"Well, you see--" Shunji was about to explain, but he and the others gasped with shock and horror before he could even manage a word.

And this is a true case of speak of the devil.


There was Ayaka, standing five feet away from the group, consumed by nothing but fear and anger. Dracomon got the courage to approach her, much to everyone's dismay and horror.

"Hello! I'm Dracomon! It's--" Dracomon wanted to kindly greet Ayaka. Unfortunately...all he got was screaming and repeated beatings from Ayaka, who is whacking him with a fallen tree branch.

"DIE YOU FREAKIN' UGLY MONSTER!! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIIIIIEEEEEE!!" Ayaka screamed and screamed as she beat Dracomon, who, becoming choleric, caught the tree branch, pulled it from Ayaka's hands, and threw it to the side.

"Hey! All I'm trying to do is say hi and get acquainted with you! Is that really so wrong to you? That's not a very nice way to react to someone saying hi," Dracomon said, sounding very dignified even after he has a few splinters on his head.

"YOU CAN TALK TOO!! Oh my GOD!! Disgusting!!" Ayaka whined. This time, Shunji came between them...with a smile.

"Ayaka-chan! Don't be so mean! Dracomon here's my little buddy! My awesome little Digimon!" Shunji said as he wrapped both his arms around Ayaka and Dracomon.

Upon hearing the word Digimon, Ayaka got herself out of Shunji's grasp, gritted her teeth, walked over to Yun and...POW! She slapped Yun straight across the face!

"YOU!! THIS IS YOUR FAULT!! YOU DRAGGED HIM INTO THIS, DIDN'T YOU?!" Ayaka screamed as she continued to hit Yun, who tried desperately to defend herself against her repeated blows.

"I didn't even know he had a Digimon until a few minutes ago! Stop!" Yun yelled back, but Ayaka wasn't stopping.

"LIES!! YOU RETARD!! BACK-STABBING GIT!! SPOILED BRAT!! I always knew you were plotting to turn the only person who understood me and made me happy against me!!" Ayaka screamed again. This time, she didn't get to continue with her tirade.

In fits of anger, Lucero, Terriermon, Otoya, Lopmon, and Labramon all dragged Ayaka off of a frightened Yun and pushed her to the ground.

"Don't EVER call Yun names like that ever again! Yun would never plot anything against you!" Lopmon edicted with her paws crossed.

"That's right! She didn't drag him into this mess! He already had a Digimon before we knew it!" Otoya exclaimed proudly.

"Thy sister is not a wicked thing! Thou must understand! Why express anger toward thy sister?! She hath done nothing!" Lucero backed them all up.

"If you ever hurt Yun again, I won't go easy on you!" Terriermon yelled.

"Stay back! Don't ever treat her that way again!" Labramon howled. Ayaka, feeling very humiliated and mortified, stood up and clenched her fists.

"I can't believe this! This is why I hate you all! You're always--" Ayaka tried to continue her tirade, but someone put a hand on her left shoulder, which stopped her from yelling.

It was Shunji. He stared at her with a very straight and even strict look on his face. Ayaka turned to look at him. She was confused. She never saw him look this way before.

"Ayaka-chan. In this case, she really is right. She didn't drag me into this whole Digimon mess. I found Dracomon on my own. You shouldn't treat her that way. After all, she saved me from that disgusting Vegiemon when all hope seemed lost. Please," Shunji said.

"B-But Shun--" Ayaka tried to explain herself, but Shunji put a finger on her mouth.

"Not another word. Also, don't treat my Digimon the way you did. He's my friend! Care to hear me out?" Shunji told her strictly. Knowing that there was nothing she could do now, she simply nodded and stepped back.

"Okay. This happened around a week and a half ago. Tuesday I think. I was on my way home from school and found this big green and red egg in my room. On my bed. Feeling curious, I decided to take a look at it. Then it hatched into Petitmon! That's Dracomon's baby form. I remembered that when I was a kid I was a total Digimon fanboy. I watched all the shows, collected all the cards, played all the games, everything! He reminded me of how I was when I was a kid, so I decided to raise him! Then he turned to Bebydomon! That's Dracomon's in-training form. I was soooo happy to have a little friend of my own. We did all sorts of stuff together. Then we saw this Digimon named Alraumon causing trouble, then Bebydomon digivolved to Dracomon and sent it back to the Digital World! It was awesome! Since then, we've been together and right now, I'm loving it!" Shunji explained.

Ayaka was frozen stiff. And silent. And appalled by what she heard. She couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"No! It's all lies! Shun-kun! Admit it! That stupid retard of a sister dragged you into this mess and is manipulating you!" Ayaka screamed. Shunji just cocked his head to one side.

"You think so? I don't think I've ever told her that I liked Digimon. And besides, she's practically never around me, so why would she want to drag me into this Digimon mess and manipulate me? Plus you gotta admit, she's only 11 years old. Does she even know what the word manipulate even means?" Shunji told her.

Yun cocked her head to one side again, showing Shunji's point. He flicked out his cell phone and saw the time.

"Whoopsie! It's getting late! I think we should all be heading back now. Good night everyone! And Ayaka-chan, try not to murder your dear little sister! Restrain yourself for me, okay? We cool? Yaaaaaay! Come on, Dracomon!" Shunji happily waved at his girlfriend and new friends and walked off with Dracomon by his side.

In a flash, Yun zipped back home before Ayaka could get the chance to yell at her even more. Yun took a bath, brushed her teeth, and, with her floppy eared friends, plopped into bed, tired because of everything that happened. And she had the best sleep in years. Lucero did the same thing, and he enjoyed it.


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