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12 Moments in Media 2017, #10: Symphonic Tales

I'll be honest, I didn't get into Tales of Symphonia the way most fans did. I saw a picture of the OVA on Anime News Network, and I thought, "Hey! That looks like a cool fantasy anime! I wanna watch it!" Then I found it online and saw the first OVA and found that I liked it. Then I saw all the other ones that came afterward, even though the United World OVAs took forever to get subbed. I was vaguely aware of the game, but I didn't have a GameCube at the time, nor did I want one, so I had no way of playing the game. I did try to play the game at a friend's house long ago, about nine years ago or so, but I sucked at it and always got destroyed. I honestly genuinely liked the OVAs for what they were, even though I was unaware of the fact that the OVAs deviated greatly from the game.

Several years later, I got a job in April and managed to find a cheap GameCube at a store for only $30 at the beginning of January, then found a copy of Symphonia online for about $18 or so! I could actually play the game since everyone I know absolutely worships it! At this time, I had finished playing Tales of Zestiria and hadn't played my 3DS copy of Tales of the Abyss for a long while. I finished playing Symphonia this past November and now I see why people love it so much. It has an absolutely wonderful cast of characters (Except Zelos. He can suck it), the story is always intriguing and interesting, and the battle system is a delight. Now, I admit it's not perfect, as I had to look up walkthroughs just to be able to figure out how to get through a lot of the dungeons, many of the puzzles are really time consuming and tedious, and it does have the occasional annoying or idiotic character (Zelos). All in all, for the game that made the Tales series better known in America, I think its popularity is completely justified and well earned, and it earns its place as one of the best Tales games ever.

Moment #10: Taking a journey to Tales of Symphonia and finding the game that resonated with many players, me included.
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