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12 Moments In Media 2017, #7: The Girls At The End of the World

It seems like every season, there's an anime that completely defies all expectations and becomes something awesome. Or even beyond that. If you had asked me a few months ago about the anime Girls' Last Tour, I wouldn't have known a single thing about it. But one of my favorite blogs began covering it and praising it up the wazoo. Curious, I decided to watch it...and boy was I in for a pleasant ride! Seriously, it's like this show was made just for me! The characters are all well developed and endearing, the setting is intriguing and mysterious, the animation and music are beautiful (Though I think the ending song is a bit too peppy for me), and the episodes are all very well written and well paced. I even bought the first two volumes of the manga and plan to buy the rest when they come out! Where has this show been all my life? I haven't finished it yet, but if the final episodes are as great as other people say, I have a feeling this might land a spot on my top 20 favorite anime ever!

Moment #7: Joining Chii and Yuu in their journey across apocalyptic lands.
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