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12 Moments In Media 2017, #6: Finishing My First Tales Game

I know I already talked about Tales of Symphonia in this year's 12 moments in anime (or media, in this case), but I didn't really talk about my journey into the franchise in terms of the games. I never had the consoles needed to play them...until I got a 3DS and found out Tales of the Abyss was on that console a few years after it got released on there. As soon as I found out, I found a cheap copy of the game on Ebay and played it...up to a point. I wasn't always sure what to do a lot of the time, and the battle system, along with getting certain items, was really tough. I eventually stopped playing due to other obligations, though I will get back to it soon.

A few years later, I got into Tales of Zestiria, and oddly enough, I found that much easier to play than Abyss. I do think that's because I saw a walkthrough on YouTube beforehand, so I knew what to do and where to go, even if the game itself was already telling me. I got the game off Steam on Christmas Eve of 2016, spent three months playing it, and finished it in March of 2017. I had finished my first Tales game! Then I got Symphonia and finished that, too! But I still hold Zestiria close to my heart, even if I do acknowledge its many, many flaws. At this point, I started my second playthrough on Moderate and got up to where we fix the bridge to Marlind. Also, I now own the first season on DVD, plan to get the second season on DVD when it comes out in March, and I own the first three volumes of the manga with plans to get the fourth and final one when it comes out! I've also written several Zestiria fan fics, with plans to finish one and start more in the future! I guess you could say I'm a true blue Zestiria fan now.

Moment #6: Finishing my first Tales game and becoming more involved with the Zestiria fandom.
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