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12 Moments In Media 2017, #3: A Journey Through Fairyland

I first heard about this movie via this article on Anime News Network. I had tried to find it because I thought I'd like it, but the film was even more obscure than its fellow movies, Ringing Bell, Sea prince, and the Unico movies. That is, until Discotek Media released the movie on DVD this past August. I finally got to watch it, and I got to say, never before have I seen such passion and love put into animation. Yeah, I won't lie, Journey Through Fairyland isn't the most original story. A misfit boy meets a beautiful fairy, gets taken to her world, and goes on some adventures before learning valuable life lessons. The English dubbing is kind of off-kilter and melodramatic and over-acted, too. But still, do NOT let this deter you from seeing this beautiful love letter to Disney's Fantasia. And yes, the director has gone on record saying that he wanted to make a Fantasia-inspired film, and this was his magnum opus. Seriously, watch the movie if you're a diehard animation fan.

Moment #3: Fairy Florence's re-release in the US for the first time in over three decades.
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