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Why Is The Audio Hissing?!

Okay, so the remake of Secret of Mana just came out recently. I used my first paycheck to buy it...and for some reason, ALL of the audio is nothing but scratchy, screechy hissing, like a dying TV! This isn't right, since all the other games I downloaded off Steam worked just fine, and all the audio on them never had this problem. I wonder if it's just a bad glitch or something on my end. Maybe I don't have a compatible sound card or something? I waited so long for this remake and spent $40 on it! I'll check and see if it works on my dad's computer, since it runs better than mine. If it doesn't, I'm asking for a refund. I'll probably save up for a PS Vita or something, get a memory card afterward, and buy it on that.

Edit: Alright, it works on my dad's computer. No hissing or scratchy screeching, so that's good. Still, I would have liked to play it on my computer. I guess it's just not compatible for some reason...which is weird since Tales of Zestiria works on it just fine. Oh well. I found a solution, so I'll make do. At least now I know the $40 I spent on it won't go to waste.

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