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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 14

Here's chapter 14!

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 14
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family/Friendship

EPISODE 14: Outings and Happenings

Another Friday, another day until the beloved weekend arrives. But Yun had been looking forward to today the most, because after school, she and Minako are going to hang out and spend some time together. Yun hadn't really hung out with JUST Minako for a long time. Especially not after Minako's little brother died (as far as Yun knew, mostly). Yun knew very well that Minako had become withdrawn and even quiet and solemn after her little brother's death. She was grieving, and of course grieving would make someone forget about others. It happens to a lot of people. Yun knew this well, and knew to give Minako space when she needed it. Yun didn't like seeing her friend look so somber and abject and gloomy. She wanted to help in some way, but she didn't know how, even though they were friends. But now, it seems Salamon's presence is helping Minako return to her old self again: the same outgoing, smart, level-headed, and oftentimes motherly Minako Yun knew and loved.

Yun couldn't wait to go to her house and hang out. It had been a long while since she had ever been to Minako's house. A few months to be more precise (though this was surpassed by the last time Yun had been to Kosuke's house, due to obvious reasons). Yun was just so happy and excited about today she wanted school to just fly by in a millisecond and be done with it so she wouldn't have to deal with Nenji and Seiko or worry about anything. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Well, she'd have to deal with it. Yun was willing to endure anything for the sake of achieving something and getting something in return. Oftentimes she'd joyfully endure something and not get a reward at all, which seemed unfair. But it was life. Stuff happens. This time, Yun was sure to have some alone time with Minako. No doubt about it! No sudden plans, no sudden interruptions, no trouble, no mischief, nothing. But it wasn't after school yet. It is morning, and Yun had just finished prepping herself up for school, even though it's still only 7:21 AM. Yun liked doing things early and getting them done and over with so she won't forget anything in the process. Right now, she's in the living room, playing with Terriermon and Lopmon. Lucero was getting his stuff together. Even Terriermon and Lopmon couldn't help but notice Yun's excitement.

"Yun? You seem very excited today," Lopmon said with a smile. Although Lopmon sort of found it strange, she loved seeing Yun smile and be joyful and happy. And Yun is VERY joyful and happy today. So happy, in fact, that she literally hoisted Lopmon into the air.

"I am! I'm VERY excited! I'm gonna go to Mina-chan's house today after school! We're gonna hang out! And don't worry, you and Terriermon will come too!" Yun exclaimed happily as she spun around in the air with Lopmon in her hands.

"We're gonna go to Mina-chan's house and hang out? Awesome!" Terriermon said as Yun stopped and he clung to her leg happily. Yun set Lopmon back down on the couch and gently pulled Terriermon off of her leg.

"I haven't been to Mina-chan's house in a few months so it'll be my first time over there since school began! I just can't wait!" Yun said with a smile.

"What will we do over there?" Lopmon asked.

"I don't know. Maybe talk about stuff, watch some anime, play some games, eat some of her dad's awesome snacks, and all that stuff. That's usually what my friends and I do whenever we get together," Yun explained.

"Is that all?" Terriermon asked.

"Unfortunately, yes. As you might know, I don't really go out much," Yun muttered.

"Really? Ever since we've been battling Digimon you've been going out a lot lately," Lopmon said, putting her tiny, rosy pink paws on Yun's hand with a smile. Lucero stood up, unknowingly hearing Lopmon's statement.

"It's true. Thou hast journeyed outside the house a great many times since we have arrived," Lucero explained lucidly, which made Yun blush a bit.

"Yeah, that is true indeed..." Yun murmured quietly to herself.

"But if thou art going to Minako-dono's house by thyself...what shall I do at home?" Lucero asked. Yun saw his point. If she went to Minako's house, Lucero would be left with Hisako all alone. Teruki would be at work until around 8:30 PM, and Lucero is so used to being around Yun that comprehending the idea of not having Yun around for a couple of hours would probably throw him off (Just Yun's assumption. She doesn't know what could happen).

"I see. Well, Mom'll be home until around 7:30 PM so you can hang out with her...wait!" Yun explained at first, but was confused by something Lucero had just said. "Did you just call Mina-chan...dono?"

Lucero nodded. "Yes."

"'Dono'? Isn't that a really old and super duper respectful reference term from ancient times?"


Yun could feel some sort of anime-style sweat drop on the side of her head, though it wasn't real.

"You really do sound like you're from another timeline!" Yun exclaimed.

"Doth thou see a problem with my rhetoric?"

"No no! I like the way you talk! It's just...dono...isn't that going a little overboard? It's a higher level of respect than 'sama'! People will think you're treating them like kings and queens!"

"Is that wrong?"

"No! Not at all! I...ugh!"

Yun, feeling very embarrassed at her inability to communicate with Lucero and make him she her point, drooped her head abjectly. Terriermon hopped on her head and gently stroke her hair with his green paw.

"There there, Yun. It's alright. No need to be all gloomy," Terriermon cooed sweetly, making Yun feel a bit better, and it wasn't because Terriermon's little black fingers were gently and slightly tickling her in the side of the head either. Lucero approached her and smiled at her too.

"Do not be so harsh on thyself. I feel thy pain. It happens to me too, and I get what thou mean. Shouldst thou go to school and make merry without a thought?" Lucero said gently. Yun stood up, forgetting that Terriermon is on her head.

"You're right! Today's a fun and happy day! Nothing will ruin my day with Mina-chan!" Yun edicted proudly, pumping her fists into the air.

"Yeah! Play with Mina-chan, Yun!" Terriermon innocently backed her up.

It's here that Hisako came into the living room with a smile on her face.

"You're certainly in high spirits today, Yun," Hisako said as she sat on the couch and turned on the news.

"Of course I am! You would be too if you were invited to hang out with a dear friend and were allowed to make merry without a thought!" Yun replied coarsely, literally (and unknowingly) copying Lucero's dialogue at the end of the sentence, which even left him awestruck. But regardless, Hisako smiled, happy that her youngest daughter's so high spirited and joyful today.

"I'm glad. Remember to take your phone with you in case there's trouble...and leave it on!" Hisako said, with emphasis on the last part. Yun looked confused.

"Do I really have to take it with me while I'm at school? Cell phones aren't allowed on school grounds!" Yun said.

"That is true! Cell phones are strictly prohibited," Lucero backed her up.

"No. You don't have to take it to school. I'll just hand it to you when you meet me at the car and watch you go off with Minako. How's that?" Hisako explained. Yun smiled and nodded.

"A much better idea!" Yun replied.

"A very good idea, indeed," Lopmon backed her up sweetly. Terriermon hopped into Yun's arms.

"Yun! Does Mina-chan have games?" Terriermon asked innocently.

"Sorta. She has an old pink Nintendo DS Lite and played games like Pokemon, Mario, Drawn to Life, Phoenix Wright, and Professor Layton. She doesn't play them very much anymore though," Yun told him, but Terriermon did not seem to mind.

"Yay! Games! Yeehee!" Terriermon exclaimed cutely, which made Yun snuggle up to him like a little girl who got her first stuffed animal, even though to her, Lopmon and Terriermon are MUCH more satisfying than any doll she has or will ever get. Ever. Yes, these little floppy eared animals are special. Special to her.

Though she couldn't spend the entire day with them. Yun happily trotted off to school with a light heart, eagerly awaiting what's to come.

Of course the first person she greeted was Minako, who gave her a light-hearted "Good morning!", an obvious harbinger that Yun is going to have a great day. The school day came and went, without much difficulty, although there were some bumps in the road, with Seiko making some snide comments about Yun and accidentally giving the wrong answer on a question in health class. Regardless, Yun did not let these things amass on her heart like bricks being piled on top of a rock. She was determined to have a fun day with Minako and Salamon without anything holding her back! No sir!

Finally, the bell for dismissal finally rang, and Hisako gave Yun Terriermon, Lopmon, and her cell phone (of course, Yun had her digivice on her the whole day). Yun then trotted off with Minako and Minagi in the car. Minagi drove the two girls to the house. Yun also brought some DVDs and books with her in case Minako wanted some entertainment. Right when Yun and Minako stepped into the house, Salamon greeted them joyously.

"Yun-chan! Wan!" Salamon cried out sweetly and hopped into Yun's arms.

"Salamon! Hi!" Yun said.

"Girls! I made an afternoon snack!" Tatsuha yelled out with a smile.

Tatsuha cooked up some omelet rice, both without toppings. Yun doesn't like toppings on anything, not even on her favorite foods. She didn't even like ketchup, mustard, OR mayonaise. But Minako didn't mind. She and her family knew Yun long enough to know what she likes and doesn't like, and they respect that. Yun took a couple bites of omelet rice, while secretly giving some to Terriermon and Lopmon, who were under the dining room table (along with Salamon). Tatsuha was the first to strike a conversation.

"Wow! Yun-chan! You sure got pretty over these past few months!" Tatsuha said kindly. Yun's face turned red.

"Ah! No! I-I-I'm not pretty at all! I..." Yun got a little flustered. She wasn't sure if he was referring to her clothes (a short sleeved white shirt with three yellow stars, one big one on the left part of her chest and two small ones on the bottom, and red buttons, black jean shorts, white socks with pink stars on them, and white sneakers) or her general appearance. Yun never did consider herself attractive or pretty (blame Seiko for her snide comments), and she never did try to actually be as such. She doesn't even wear make up. But Minako and her family liked Yun the way she is.

"It's true. So how've you been since we've last met?" Minagi asked.

"I-I've been good," Yun replied timidly.

"Yun's entering the school's annual End Drug and Substance Abuse contest this month," Minako said.

"Really? How wonderful!" Minagi exclaimed with her hands clasped together.

"Well, I...I don't really expect to win, really. And even if I did, I'm mostly kinda doing it for the Takakage Eriko books. But I care about making sure kids don't do drugs too, so...ugh!" Yun a not-so-very-thought-out way, like earlier today when she talked to Lucero about his usage of 'dono', which weirded her out. But Minagi and Tatsuha didn't seem to mind.

"Did you do anything fun over spring break?" Minagi asked.

"Umm...well, Dad and I went to the zoo once. And Mel-chan and I hung out a lot. That's about it," Yun replied.

"Mel-chan? Do you mean Shimotsuki Melody?"


Minagi got a strange look on her face. Yun suspected it was of slight caution and distaste.

"I-I know Mel-chan's a bit strange and can be rather moody, sour, and snippy sometimes, but she's really a nice person! Honest, she is! She's helped me deal with Nemoto and Shimizu lots of times and she sticks up for me when they pick on me, so I'm truly grateful to have her!" Yun tried to explain, but was fearing her attempt was in vain. As usual.

Oddly enough, Minagi looked at Tatsuha.

"Nemoto and Shimizu? Tatsuha, you work with Shimizu's father at the diner in town, right?" Minagi asked.

"Yep. I sure do. Quite the nice guy, he is!" Tatsuha replied with a smile.

"Does he know about his daughter's bullying?"

"I wanted to ask him about it, but I figured I shouldn't meddle in other people's private business. But he sure does look mighty disappointed a lot these days."

Minako turned toward Yun.

"Wanna come to my room?" Minako asked.

"Yes!" Yun replied.

Minako gently took Yun by the hand and led her away from the table. Secretly and cautiously, Lopmon, Salamon, and Terriermon followed them. They made sure Tatsuha and Minagi didn't notice them, which they didn't. They escaped unscathed. Once they arrived in Minako's room, Lopmon, Salamon, and Terriermon happily hopped on the bed.

"Oh! This bed is very comfy and soft!" Lopmon exclaimed.

"That's because Mina-chan's bed doesn't have those metal springies in them! Wan!" Salamon told her.

"Metal springies? That sounds like it hurts!" Terriermon said.

"I wish I had a new bed! I wouldn't mind getting a tempur-pedic bed!" Yun exclaimed with her arms crossed. Minako couldn't help but chuckle.

Yun turned to look at Minako's desk and noticed her cell phone. Minako, seeing Yun's sudden curiosity, took the cell phone.

"Want a picture?"


Yun caressed Terriermon and Lopmon as she positioned herself in front of Minako and her cell phone. With a single click, a cute picture of Yun and her floppy eared Digimon friends was successfully taken. Yun, Minako, and the three little Digimon took a peek at it. Terriermon is doing the peace sign with both his little paws. All three of them are smiling sweetly.

"Oooh! It's cute! Wan!" Salamon piped in kindly. Minako then put her cell phone on her bed.

"Mina-chan...I notice you take a lot of pictures lately. Do you want to be a photographer when you grow up?" Yun asked.

Minako smiled.

"No. I don't want to be a photographer when I grow up. I mostly take pictures as a way to occupy my time, since sometimes I get bored rather easily. I really want to be a volunteer or charity worker, mostly in those charities that specialize in helping disabled kids overcome their adversities, helping provide food for the hungry, campaign against violence, and help make the world a better, more peaceful and livable place. That's my dream. The world is becoming a really bad place for some people, and it wouldn't be good if it were allowed to succumb to the decays it has," Minako explained slowly but lucidly.

"Awww! How wonderful, Mina-chan! Wan!" Salamon exclaimed as she rubbed against Minako's legs.

"Oh! Now I remember! When we were in 3rd grade you volunteered for that animal rescuing charity, didn't you?" Yun asked.

"Yes I did!" Minako said.

"How very admirable!" Lopmon exclaimed happily.

"'re just one person, aren't you? How will you make the entire world a better place?" Terriermon asked.

"Well, I don't expect to do everything all by myself and for it to happen really quick. That's not possible for me. But doing little things can make a big difference," Minako replied.

"Like planting flowers?" Lopmon asked.


"What about cleaning up trash? Wan!" Salamon asked.


"Would rebuilding places count?"


Yun crossed her arms with a smile on her face. She had nearly forgotten that when she needed to be, Minako can truly be a saint when it comes to helping others. In fact, Minako had always done charity work since she was a girl. Her parents thought it'd be good for her morality, and did it work! Salamon suddenly got a pang of curiosity.

"Mina-chan! Question! How'd you get to be friends with Yun?" Salamon asked innocently. Minako smiled.

"You want to know?"

"Yes! Wan!"

"We wanna know too!" Terriermon and Lopmon both exclaimed happily as they hopped onto Minako's bed. Salamon followed suit. Yun and Minako both sat cross-legged on the floor.

"Alrighty! It all started about a week and a half after starting second grade..." Minako began.


A young Minako sat in a 2nd grade classroom among many young children, sitting on the rug and listening to the teacher read The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. Minako's semi-long blonde hair was kept in two wiggly pig tails supported by purple beaded hair accessories. Her violet eyes were fixated on her young teacher reading the book with such enthusiasm and sincerity, making the events from the book sound real itself. She wore a pink and white sweater, a white skirt, white socks, and purple shoes. She was having a hard time keeping still and finding a comfortable position to arrange her legs in. Of course, nobody really noticed since there are so many kids and the teacher is too focused on reading the book.

As she finally found a comfortable position to sit, she noticed one child slowly creeping out of the crowded circle and crawling toward the little book shelf. The girl has short dark brown hair and green eyes, wearing a blue green shirt and beige pants. Minako watched as the innocent and curious girl got to the book shelf and started looking for a book. Becoming curious herself, Minako slowly crawled over to the girl, enough so she wouldn't get caught by the teacher and enough so she could talk with the girl without interruption. Minako finally got the courage to speak.

"What are you doing?" Minako whispered.

No answer.

"Takatsuki-sensei's reading. Come back," Minako whispered again.

No answer. It looked as if the girl didn't hear her at all. That or she's too focused on finding a book to notice her presence, which somewhat annoyed Minako.

"Come on! You'll get in trouble!" Minako finally got a grip on the girl's tiny hand, which made the girl's eyes grow big. She gasped. Loud enough for the teacher to hear.

"Yun-chan? Mina-chan? What's going on?" Miss Takatsuki asked.

Both girls were silent. They looked at each other with confused faces. They didn't know how to answer. They didn't know how they could put the situation into words. Especially not the girl, Yun. But when Miss Takatsuki approached them, Yun saw the book and snatched it from her hands.

"Hey! Yun-chan!" Miss Takatsuki yelped.

Then, unexpectedly, Yun held the book in her hands.

"I read!" Yun exclaimed.

Some of the little kids giggled under their breath, while the teacher and Minako were both confused.

"Yun-chan. You can't read this just yet," Miss Takatsuki told her gently, but it seemed Yun didn't hear her.

"I read!" Yun opened the book and started to read the words. At first, everyone was rendered silent, but Miss Takatsuki gently took the book from Yun's little hands.

"That's enough storytime for today. Let's start our spelling lesson, shall we?" Miss Takatsuki told her in a strict but dulcet voice. But Yun was not liking it.

"No! I read now!" Yun cried out.

"No, Yun-chan. Storytime's over now. Come here," Miss Takatsuki took Yun by the hand and took her to her seat. Everyone else followed suit. Yun made a pouty face and crossed her arms, not happy that she was deprived of the opportunity to show off her reading skills. Kids barely developed reading skills by the time second grade came around. Even Minako knew this, but something about Yun seemed to stick out in Minako's mind. She just didn't know what.

Then, recess time came. Minako was just quietly playing jump rope by herself and humming the theme song to 'Animal Yokocho' to herself when suddenly she felt a tight tug on her hair. Before she knew it, one of her pig tails came loose. Someone stole one of her hair beads. Minako saw the culprit and chased after him.

"Hey! That's mine!" Minako yelled as she chased after the boy. The boy holding the hair beads continued to run when suddenly he was stopped by Yun of all people! Yun stared at him with a very striking and strict stare in her emerald green eyes. Her stare was so stern that the boy was frozen in his tracks.

"Dat's not yours! Give them back and say sorry!" Yun told him in a stringent, almost teacher-like tone of voice. At first the boy looked very reluctant to do what Yun said.

"No! I wanna play with them!"

"Dat's not yours! Give them back and say sorry!" Yun repeated.

"Uh-uh!" The boy shook his heas vigorously.

"Give them back and say sorry!"

Yun kept repeating her sentence over and over again, which annoyed the boy. Soon, seeing how persistent and relentless Yun is, he finally relented and gave Minako back her hair beads.

"Sorry..." He muttered.

Minako, happy she got her hair beads back, smiled.

"It's okay! But Takatsuki-sensei says stealing is wrong! YOU wouldn't like it if I took one of your toys, would you?" Minako replied.



Soon, the boy went along his way, leaving Yun and Minako all alone. Minako looked at Yun, who very sweetly and innocently smiled at her, which seemed to throw her off a bit. But regardless, Minako smiled back at her.

"You're Yun-chan, right?" Minako asked.

"Yeth! Wakamiyun!" Yun exclaimed happily, raising her hand.

"I'm Minako. You can call me Mina," Minako replied.

"Mina-tan! Mina-tan!" Yun cooed, which made Minako smile until she noticed the book in Yun's hand. Much to her surprise, it's Black Beauty by Anna Sewell! And a really big version of it too!

"You say you can read?"


"Can you read that? I can't."

"Yeth! Read now?"


So Yun and Minako sat on the black top and read parts of the book. Then they happily played on the jungle gym together. It was the beginning of a brand new friendship.

(end flashback)

"...and that's how it all went down!" Minako concluded. Terriermon and Lopmon clapped their paws while Salamon hopped onto Minako's lap.

"Awww! How sweet! Wan!" Salamon cooed sweetly. But something left Yun confused.

"Was I really able to read Black Beauty back then?" Yun asked.

"I remember hearing your parents say you were more advanced in reading than everyone else. Even me!" Minako told her.

"Mom often says I was always able to read, even since I was a toddler, but I kinda don't believe it," Yun replied.

"Ah, the human mind is very interesting," Lopmon muttered.

"Isn't it?" Salamon backed her up and the two Digimon smiled at each other.

Soon, the girls decided to stop talking and start having fun. They watched a DVD of one of Yun's favorite anime, Emily of New Moon(1), they read mangas together (Minako read Sailor Moon while Yun read Miracle Girls), Minako showed Yun and the Digimon some interesting and amusing articles and videos on the computer, they played games together, ate snacks together, and played together like normal little girls. Yun and Minako were both enjoying it immensely, but for different reasons.

For Yun, it had been such a long time since she had been alone with JUST Minako. Ever since she heard about Minako's little brother's death, Yun knew that Minako would be very depressed and grief-stricken and wanted to help in some way. But Yun could see that Minako's death really was taking it's toll on her. For one thing, Minako stopped being the motherly and outgoing person she was, and even declined whenever Yun wanted to start a conversation. Yun knew Minako had her reasons and respected them and gave her space when she wasn't in the mood, but Yun couldn't help but feel a little lonely and rejected. Yun isn't a selfish person and knew better than to bother Minako when she's sad and depressed and dejected, but it was hard to deal with such a drastic change. Yun hadn't hung out with her all spring break (partly because Yun never went out on her own and couldn't go visit).

For Minako, she was just plain guilt-ridden and grief-stricken. She was too depressed and dejected to even think about hanging out with friends. All she did throughout spring break was stay at home and shut out the outside world. Minako had spent so much time thinking about herself and wallowing in her own sadness and sombriety that she didn't consider how others felt about her. She was sure they considered how she felt and left her alone so she could potentially get over her little brother's death, but she rejected them when they did offer her their condolences and friendship. Simply because she wasn't in the mood. She felt bad, but what could she do? She was still feeling the sting of it all. She knew how lonely Yun often felt, but she was just too selfish and sad to care and notice. Thankfully, it seemed Salamon is helping Minako come out of her shell. Minako really liked Salamon, even from the first day they met. With her bright eyed and eternally burning curiosity, her cute antics, her knack for exploring, and her genuine sweetness, Salamon immediately charmed herself into Minako's short but dark life and made it just a little brighter, as if her eyes had bright suns in them that lit up the area with their opalescence. Minako was happy, but she missed being with her friends. Now, she felt great.

After a while, Minako had an idea.

"Hey Yun. Wanna go for a stroll?" Minako asked.

"Sure!" Yun replied.

"We're gonna walk around? Yay! Wan!" Salamon barked happily.

"Yay! Outdoors!" Terriermon cheered happily.

They got Minako's parents' permission and decided to take a stroll. They brought both of their cell phones, flash lights (in case it got dark before they got back), and digivices in case of emergencies. As they walked, something came back to Yun's mind, and she felt the need to tell it to Minako.



"Do you remember when we fought Devimon?"


"Something's been bothering me. Witchmon is a data attribute Digimon, and normally she's supposed to be less powerful than Devimon, who's an insanely evil and powerful evildoer! Why is it that we were able to defeat Devimon so easily and not Witchmon?"

Lopmon, Salamon, and Terriermon decided to join in on the conversation.

"You're still perturbed by that, Yun? Well, I guess it would be natural to be worried. To be honest, that's bothering me too," Lopmon piped in.

"I always thought it was because the rest of the Digimon couldn't digivolve yet. Wan!" Salamon said.

"Me too. I guess that's not the case, huh?" Terriermon backed her up.

"You're right. And Witchmon's no more than a champion level. Even I'm surprised by how powerful she is. Besides, she doesn't even look all that corrupt," Minako said.

"I know, right? And another thing! Devimon mentioned that he and Witchmon have some master or something. Remember how in season one, Apocalymon was the evil mastermind?"

"Yes," Minako nodded.

"What if maybe there's some evil mastermind telling Witchmon to put Dark Emblems on various Digimon? Do you think maybe he's planning something awful?"

"Could be. I think the best guess would be that he wants world domination."

Yun sighed. "Yeah. Seriously, that's so cliche nowadays! Can't most kids anime come up with better plots than that? It's starting to get a little overkill!"

Salamon couldn't help but laugh. "Taking over the world is cliche! Wan!"

"What does cliche mean?" Terriermon asked.

"Cliche means overdone, overused, too common," Lopmon explained politely.

All of a sudden, all three of the little Digimon stopped in the middle of the sidewalk. Lopmon and Terriermon's long ears rose into the air while the hair on Salamon's back stood up like static electricity went through her veins. Yun and Minako turned around and saw this.

"What's wrong?" Yun asked.

"A Digimon! Underground!" Terriermon yelled.

"Are you serious?!" Minako exclaimed.

Then, out of nowhere, the ground started shaking. It felt as if an earthquake were about to hit. Thankfully, this wasn't the case. A big, silver drill popped out from the ground, causing dirt and residue to fly all over the place. A big hole was formed in the street, and a big Digimon appeared from said hole. The Digimon looks like a big mole, only it has a drill for a nose (and smaller ones for fingers), purple and white fur, and long whiskers. Minako and Yun gasped when they saw it's eyes. Glowing bloody red. A blatant harbinger that somewhere on it's body lies a Dark Emblem. The Digimon only showed it's upper body as it came out from the hole. Minako looked up the Digimon's info on her digivice.

"Drimogemon, a champion level, data attribute, beast type Digimon. His attacks are Drill Spin and Mole Claw!" Minako said.

"Looks like this one's gonna be a tough nut to crack!" Yun said.

The giant mole Digimon, Drimogemon, came out from the hole once it spotted Yun and Minako and drilled another hole into the ground.

"Let's follow it!" Yun exclaimed.

Lucky for them, the holes are big enough so that even they can walk through without having to kneel or keep their heads low. This allowed them to find Drimogemon easier. Although it took a while, they came out of the hole and found themselves in the construction site. The same place where Melody and Birdramon fought Kokatorimon before. Once Drimogemon caught sight of them, it readied itself for battle, and so did Yun, Minako, Salamon, Terriermon, and Lopmon.

"Alright! Let's whack a mole!" Yun cried out courageously, digivice in hand.

"If only we had a mallet!" Terriermon backed her up.

"Wan! We don't need one!" Salamon retorted.

"If only we had that Digimon named Caturamon. He can turn into a mallet!" Minako joked, even though these are no joking circumstances. She felt she had to do it anyhow.

Lopmon digivolved to Turuiemon, Terriermon to Gargomon, and Salamon to Gatomon. All three of them attacked Drimogemon, who roared and was willing to fight the three of them.

"Ninja Fist!"

"Gargo Laser!"

"Lightning Paw!"

All three of them landed hits on Drimogemon. Unfortunately, they weren't enough to defeat him.

"Mole Claw!"

Drimogemon attempted to scratch Gargomon, who courageously blocked the attack by holding up his arm guns and using them as a type of shield. Gatomon decided to take this opportunity.

"I'll see if I can find the Dark Emblem!" Gatomon muttered to herself as she pounced behind Drimogemon to find a Dark Emblem. Yun and Minako watched the battle.

"I think we should go help them. Our digilassos can be pretty handy here," Yun suggested.

"I was thinking the same thing. Shall we do it?" Minako replied.

Yun nodded with a smile. Both their digilassos came out and they charged at Drimogemon. However, Drimogemon managed to push Gargomon out of his way and attempt to dig another hole. Turuiemon leaped off from a construction beam to land an attack.

"Gauntlet Claw!"

She landed one of her gauntlets onto Drimogemon's head, which didn't seem to phase him. In fact, it only made him madder. Coincidentally, he locked eyes with Gatomon, and this gave Gatomon a great opportunity.

"Cat's Eye Hypnosis!"

Once Gatomon's eyes glew purple, Drimogemon suddenly found himself paralyzed. Gatomon crawled around looking for a Dark Emblem. She found it above Drimogemon's scrawny little purple tail.

"I found it, girls! It's on his tail! Nyan!" Gatomon called out.

"Good! Thanks, Gatomon!" Minako yelled, which made Gatomon wink cutely at her.

Sadly enough, Gatomon's Cat's Eye Hypnosis couldn't last. Drimogemon finally made himself mobile again, though this gave Yun and Minako a chance to lay their own little attack on him.

"Now!" Both girls yelled in unison and threw their digilassos at Drimogemon. They wrapped around his neck tight, but it made Drimogemon mad.

"Drill Spin!"

The drill on Drimogemon's nose spun around like a tornado, and he dredged another new hole into the ground. He was so strong that he actually dragged the two girls down with him. The girls were too small and too lightweight to be able to hold down such a big, bulky, and strong Digimon, though they didn't seem to mind. They held on tight until Drimogemon finally came back up onto the surface, which, in this case, is back to the construction site. Drimogemon attempted to attack Gargomon from the ground. Thankfully, he saw it coming.

"Think you can sneak up on me, eh? Take this! Bunny Pummel!" Gargomon leaped into the air and whacked Drimogemon hard on the head. So hard, in fact, that he was rendered unconscious! Minako decided to take the opportunity. She turned her digilasso into a digisword, found the Dark Emblem on Drimogemon's tail, and dredged her sword into it, making it shatter into a million pieces. It faded away and she took it out.

"Wow, Mina-chan! That was awesome! Nyan!" Gatomon exclaimed happily. Gargomon and Turuiemon both de-digivoled back into Terriermon and Lopmon and leaped into Yun's arms.

"This guy sure was a tough nut to crack!" Terriermon said with a smile.

"Well, let's be happy we managed to stop him in time," Lopmon told him.

Suddenly, Drimogemon awoke with a start, his eyes no longer glowing bloody red. He looked around the construction site, apparently not seeing or noticing the two girls and their Digimon next to him.

"Wha? Huh? Eh? Hey wait! This ain't the Underground Earth Maze! Holy moley! I better make like a shoe and beat it!" Drimogemon exclaimed, suddenly regaining his composure. He snapped his drill fingers and a digital hole appeared underneath him.

But it didn't just appear underneath him.

It was underneath Yun.

Yun and Minako all saw it too late, but not only did Drimogemon get sucked into the digital hole, it took Yun, Terriermon, and Lopmon with him!


"Yun-chan! Nyan!"

Minako and Gatomon tried to get them back, but it was too late. The digital hole sucked in Drimogemon, Yun, Lopmon, and Terriermon. It had already closed.

Yun had unknowingly been sucked into the Digital World.


1. Emily of New Moon is a book written by Lucy Maud Montgomery. It was written in 1923, and an anime was made in 2007.

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