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Firechick's Game Reviews: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

I give America's attempt at making an RPG for newbies...a 60/100.

In the early nineties, RPGs were very slowly making their way to the West, and didn't quite catch on right away. Square, the company that made Final Fantasy, thought that RPGs weren't catching on because they seemed too difficult for newer players, so they decided to try and make a completely new game that would be really easy and accessible for kids and newbies to play. The Japanese developers worked closely with their American offices to make what would be called Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest, bundling it with a strategy guide to help new players learn how the game worked. Nowadays, RPGs are a dime a dozen, and everybody knows how to play them, so a game like this wouldn't necessarily be needed now. But does the game itself stand the test of time? I think it's high time we check!

(more to come soon)
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