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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 15 (part one)

Here's chapter 15 part one.

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 15
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family/Friendship

EPISODE 15: First Trip to the Digital World

As happy as Yun was when she and Minako removed Drimogemon's Dark Emblem and got him back to normal, she didn't even realize that the ground beneath her turned into a digital hole until it was too late. She tried to call out to Minako and Gatomon, but she had already been sucked into the hole. When Yun finally opened her eyes, she found herself in a totally different place. She's floating. Suspended in mid-air in a glowing electric blue ocean of ones and zeroes, with rainbow streaks flying by her like the neon lights one would see in 1950's themed diners and restaurants. Yun didn't realize what was going on. Her little mind couldn't comprehend the fact that she just left her home planet, Earth, and is traveling to a totally different dimension!

Terriermon and Lopmon clung to her, and she clung to them desperately. As overwhelmed and freaked out as she was, she was made even more so by the fact that she realized she couldn't speak. It was like her vocal chords shut down. The same for Terriermon and Lopmon. With no means of communication, except for the expressions on their faces, Yun could feel herself about to have a nervous wreck. Her face was already wracked with fear. Lopmon was just a little surprised. Terriermon has the expression of a little boy on a super fast and speedy roller coaster going "Wheeeeeeee!" though Yun and Lopmon could both tell that his happy exterior was just a facade. Of course he'd be rationally terrified on the inside. Who wouldn't?

In a flash, Yun saw a white light at the end of the seemingly endless tunnel of ones, zeroes, and neon-esque rainbow lights. In one final act of desperation, she squeezed her eyes tight and clutched onto her floppy eared friends even tighter. Yun braced herself for the worst, and so did Terriermon and Lopmon. But oddly enough...the worst didn't come. Although Yun expected to fall on something hard and rocky, possibly something that could've either easily killed her or broken all the bones in her body (Yun didn't break one single bone in her entire life, and she intended to keep it that way for all time), she felt something...soft and fuzzy. She finally got the mettle to open her eyes and see what just happened.

Without moving, she saw a blue sky with a couple of light blue and rainbowy-hued spots, and a desert-like landscape, also with some light blue and rainbow-hued spots, some ranging from tiny, medium sized, and immensely huge. Yun very slowly sat up and saw that the thing she landed on is fluffy and purple. Drimogemon! She landed on Drimogemon! She looked and saw his wide-open eyes and silver drill nose. Very slowly, Yun slid off of Drimogemon's back and gently landed on some solid ground. Terriermon and Lopmon woke up and saw everything around them. Terriermon was the first to speak.

"What just happened? And where are we?" Terriermon asked innocently as Yun gently set him on the ground. Yun looked around, seeing the same scenery. When she looked up, she gasped. In the sky is a huge, blue green and malachite sphere, with white circles on various parts of it with pink lines coming out from them like popsicle sticks. Right as Yun laid eyes on the gigantic sphere, she realized it right away.

"We're in...the Digital World!!" Yun cried out.

The Digital World! Yun couldn't believe her eyes! She knew of it's existence, but it was only on TV! Supposing it had been nothing but just a fictional setting in a TV show! But now Yun is IN the Digital World! IN it! Yun had trouble wrapping her little mind around this huge and awesome revelation. But it seemed Terriermon, Lopmon, and Drimogemon had no problem dealing with this new revelation at all. Especially not Drimogemon, who is now happy and full of glee.

"Yay! I'm back! Phew! What an adventure that was! It feels so good to be back in my home world!" Drimogemon exclaimed happily and was about to dance a happy dance until he saw a very confused and possibly overwhelmed Yun in front of him. This made the giant mole feel a little guilty. He sat down and faced her.

"Hey girlie. You alright?" Drimogemon asked. The sound of his voice abruptly pulled Yun out of her reverie and she gasped.

"Wha! Oh! Sorry, I...I just...still can't believe I'm in the Digital World. This is all so sudden and a little overwhelming," Yun replied.

"It's alright! It happens! Oh! This probably won't help much, but if you're lookin' for a place to crash, there's a lively little town around here called Fionn Village," Drimogemon explained kindly.

"Fionn Village? That's a funny name," Yun said with a small chuckle, which Drimogemon took as a sign that Yun is finally coming around.

"It ain't all that funny. In Ancient Digicode, the word 'Fionn' means 'Hearts moving toward dreams.'" Drimogemon explained.

"Hearts moving toward lovely!" Lopmon said with a smile.

"It sure is!" Drimogemon said.

"Oh. But more importantly, how do we get there?" Lopmon asked.

"It ain't too hard to get there from here. All you gotta do is go STRAIGHT, down there. All ya gotta do is follow those pretty pointy crystals stickin' up from the ground," Drimogemon explained with blatant and strong emphasis on the word straight.

Yun saw what Drimogemon went once she turned around and caught sight of them. The crystals looked to be six feet tall, and are very pretty. They seemed to turn a rainbow hue when the sunbeams were reflected off of it, though it mostly looked pearly purple and opalescent white. Yun couldn't help but be rendered silent by how beautiful the tall, dignified crystals were.

"So long as you don't go off the path, you can reach Fionn Village in no time flat! Plus the Digimon there are pretty nice so I don't think you'll have a problem gettin' friendly with them! Plus their houses are pretty funny-lookin' so you won't have a problem seein' it!" The big Drimogemon explained.

"What are those spots all over this place? Y'know, the ones that look all rainbowy and staticy," Terriermon explained, looking down at one of them. This one was almost as big as his little body, though he's only a foot away from it.

"I wouldn't touch that if I were you," Drimogemon said.

"Why not?"

"I don't know what those are, but I saw a Digimon hop into one once, and all his data disappeared. He never came back!"

Terriermon stepped away from the spot and shivered. Yun scooped little Terriermon in her arms and held him close.

"Scary!" Terriermon muttered. However, Yun turned to Drimogemon and smiled.

"Well, I'm glad you're feeling better. Thanks for helping us, Drimogemon. We really appreciate your kindness," Yun bowed before Drimogemon in a kind and polite fashion.

"Oh, no! I should be thankin' you for stoppin' me from goin' crazy! I oughta be more careful from now on. Well, I'd best be goin'! My buddies might be worryin' about me! Take care of yourselves! Peace out!" Drimogemon said as he prepared his drill, dredged a hole in the ground, and leaped into it.

Yun looked at the tall, opalescent crystals with a courageous look.

"Fionn Village..." Yun muttered to herself.

"Let us depart, shall we?" Lopmon said. Yun nodded and they all walked through the path of crystals.

As they walked, Yun looked around, with her green eyes wide with curiosity. She made sure to stay on the path, which she did, but something seemed to be odd. The spots. The light blueish, rainbowy, and staticy spots that Drimogemon told them about earlier. Yun noticed that they were practically everywhere. Some were tiny, some where sort of Lopmon's size, some where her own size, and some were as big as her house! She didn't know what they were all doing here in the Digital World. To Yun, they looked like holes that had been made by a very big and very angry bird that pecked at everything and made it look like Swiss cheese, and Yun was sure it wasn't one of those angry birds from that cell phone game that Melody plays every day either.

Not only that, there were lots of them on the ground too. Yun looked on the path and made sure to avoid them so she wouldn't fall in and disappear, as Drimogemon warned them not to touch them. Yun made sure to follow this rule. At one point, Yun saw one very tiny spot get smaller and finally disappear into thin air, making one part of the ground hole again. Cautiously, Yun touched it and was relieved to see that she didn't disappear. Thank goodness. Yun's overwhelmed heart began to lighten ever so little. The walk sure helped, and looking at the pretty crystals sure helped too. Now these are what Yun considered beautiful. These crystals looked as if they could glow a luminous white or rainbowy shade if the sun were ever to completely cover it. This certainly mollified Yun and erased all of her feelings of fear and anxiety.

Suddenly, Lopmon saw something that caught her eye.

"I think that's it!" Lopmon pointed to it and the three of them ran toward it.

What they saw left them frozen in their tracks with shock. They were flabbergasted.

It was a town alright, but it sure wasn't like any town they expected to see! For one thing, this town is completely bright and colorful, emphasis on colorful. All the houses and buildings looked like they had paint splattered all over them. None of the houses and buildings are one set color. Greens, yellows, purples, pinks, every color from the rainbow you can think of can be seen in this town! Not only that, the trees are white and even the sidewalks are bright and colorful. Red, blue, yellow, orange, pink, everything! A statue that looks like an angelic digimon is white but the bottom part of it has hard spots on it in all colors. Like orange, blue, yellow, purple, light green. This town looked like a little child's idea of a sweet and halcyon town straight out of a storybook...but went totally overboard with the bright and colorful idea. Sometimes it looked as though the colors had been mixed in a blender. Not that this was a bad thing. Yun was just so surprised by how it looked she couldn't comprehend a town like this existing. Drimogemon sure was right when he said this town is funny looking. Not in a bad way, of course.

Yun, Lopmon, and Terriermon decided to look around. They became even more surprised by what the residents did with their houses. One house had paintings of animals and birds all over the roof. One house had a lion Digimon on it's walls. Another house had flowers painted all on the front like a little flower garden...but they're all ON the house, not in front of the house. Another house had ocean waves painted on it similar to how the great painter Hokusai painted his famous Ukiyo-e woodblock print, The Great Wave off Kanagawa. Another house had a galaxy, the stars, and the moon painted on it. Yun, Terriermon, and Lopmon were all entranced by how this town looked. How colorful, bright, and most of all, artsy, it looked. Artsy and artistic. No wonder this town is named Fionn, or 'hearts moving toward dreams' as Drimogemon pointed out. They looked at the houses, sidewalk, and paintings with wonder and awe, somewhat entranced by how strange yet halcyon and wonderful this town looked.

Yun knew one thing for sure: she absolutely LOVED this place!

But one thing they also noticed that it looked somewhat like a ghost town now. Nobody was walking around. No Digimon in sight. Drimogemon said this town is supposed to be lively, but there's nobody here. Lopmon noticed it.

"I wonder where everyone is?" Lopmon asked.

"Maybe they moved away or something," Terriermon replied.

"I don't think so. I still see pieces of artwork on that big purple column, and I see merchandise in that little stand," Lopmon pointed out. The little stand has lots of trinkets and mini stuffed animals...and a sign that said 'Closed Until Circumstances are Ameliorated!' Little Terriermon cocked his head to one side in confusion.

"What do they mean 'until circumstances are ameliorated?'" Terriermon asked.

"Perhaps maybe a Digimon is running rampant?" Lopmon said.

"Hey! You're right! Look! One of those crystals looks like it got broke real good!" Terriermon exclaimed, pointing to another pretty and tall crystal...which isn't so tall anymore. The top part looks like it got knocked over by a wrecking ball, and the shattered remains are all over the place.

"Wow! If there really is-" Lopmon wanted to make a statement, but she was cut off by a high-pitched shriek.


One that came straight from Yun's mouth.


Yun screamed like an overly happy fangirl and hopped all over the place.

"This place is awesome! Full of works of art and colors and all that stuff! I'd like to live here!!" Yun cried out as she hopped all over the place in a paroxysm of joy and glee. Lopmon, although feeling a little irked that Yun didn't quite take the situation seriously (Lopmon hoped she secretly was), smiled and watched her run around.

"I agree! It looks like the perfect place for us, Yun!" Terriermon exclaimed. Lopmon couldn't help but loosen up a bit and smiled.

"Well, I also agree that it looks very wonderful and artsy and harmonious," Lopmon said.

So all three of them succumbed to the beautified town's artsy mien and somewhat grandiose exterior. So what if it was a little grandiose? Yun didn't care. The placed looked EXACTLY like her own self-created fantasy world. No, not the one in her dream with the boy with white wings singing "A thousand lights" (That's the name Yun gave the song. She didn't know the actual name of it). She could live in this peaceful place in total concord and never have a care in the world. And she'd NEVER let her enemies, Nenji and Seiko, or someone who would immediately hate this place and dismiss it (Ayaka). Yun hopped around, looking at everything with her big emerald eyes wide with joy and wonder.

"I wish I had a camera!...or knew how to use one! I'd take lots of pictures of this place!" Yun exclaimed happily.

Out of nowhere, Lopmon's ears suddenly perked up in alarm. "There is a Digimon nearby," she gasped.

"Where?" Yun asked, quickly removing her digivice from her pocket.

The very moment she had asked that, a small object rolled into view. At first glance, one might think it was some sort of green egg-shaped object or a green apple. However, upon much closer inspection, the trio discovered that it was a very small Digimon, no bigger than an apple. Its light green skin matched the grass almost perfectly. Its eyes were large and black with white pupils, just as the eyes of Terriermon and Lopmon were when they were Zerimon and Conomon. Underneath each eye was a layer of skin that was small, pink, and in a perfect circle, looking ery much like blush. Two stubby legs were barely sticking out from underneath its body. The top of its head looked like a cap made of tiny leaves with a stem at the very top.

The little green Digimon caught sight of Yun, and it's face lit up like a little kid getting his cookie.


A faint but cute whistle came out from it's mouth and it ran toward Yun with a sweet and innocent smile, just like the smiles Terriermon and Lopmon had when they were Zerimon and Conomon. Yun got her digivice out.

"Datirimon, a baby level Digimon. It's special attack is bubble blow," Yun read the information and put her digivice back in her pocket. The little Digimon, Datirimon, rubbed itself against Yun happily.

"Pipi! Pipi!"

Yun's heart became lighter than ever, and she herself lit up with joy.

"Awww! You're so CUTE!!" Yun exclaimed loudly, which Datirimon did not seem to mind. Terriermon and Lopmon approached the tiny Digimon.

"He really is cute!" Lopmon said as she put her paw on it's head, which Datirimon relished immensely.

"Hey! Wanna play, little guy?" Terriermon asked.

"Pipi! He...hewwo!" Datirimon blurted out sweetly, in a very cute voice similar to Lopmon's when she was Kokomon. Yun, out of pure joy and compulsion, scooped the little digimon in her arms and rubbed herself against it.

"Hello! You're so cuuuute!" Yun cooed sweetly. Once she was done, Datirimon looked into her green eyes with it's big black ones.

"You-man! You-man!" Datirimon squeaked cutely.

"Wha?" Yun said, confused.

"Hewwo you-man!" Datirimon squeaked again.

"I think it's trying to say the word human," Lopmon said with her finger to her chin.

"How do you know?" Terriermon asked.

"It's language skills appear to be underdeveloped, but from the way it looked at Yun and said you-man, I think human is the closest thing I can decipher. There aren't any other words that sound like it," Lopmon explained.

"Wow. You sure are smart, Lopmon! I'm glad you're my sister!"

"Thank you," Lopmon blushed a bit.

Yun continued to play with Datirimon when suddenly a voice appeared out of nowhere.


Yun stopped and looked around, looking for the source of the voice. Suddenly, Datirimon leaped out of her hands.


"Datirimon! There you are!"

Then, someone appeared. And it wasn't human! A Digimon, it was! An almost human-esque cartoon character-like Digimon with pure white skin, rosy red gloves, rosy red boots, a rosy red scarf wrapped in a ribbon that almost made it look as though it had heart-shaped wings, a blue gem stone on the front, and a rosy red hat with two long and sproingy antennae with hearts at the end. This Digimon has an innocent-looking face and childish exterior. As Datirimon and the other Digimon reunited, Yun took this chance to look up it's information.

"Bucchiemon, an armor level, vaccine attribute, fairy Digimon. It's special attacks are Talon Arrow and Love Laser," Yun then put the digivice back in her pocket. Datirimon leaped into Bucchiemon's arms, but Bucchiemon looked worried.

"Datirimon! How many times do I have to tell you? You shouldn't wander off by yourself! Especially if there's a wild Digimon running loose and about to destroy everything!" Bucchiemon reproved the little Datirimon who seemed unphased.

"Hewwo! We haff guests!" Datirimon piped in.

"Guests? What guests?" Bucchiemon asked...until he caught sight of Yun, Lopmon, and Terriermon. He looked surprised at first, then he leapt toward them with a sunflowery face full of joy.

"Wow! A human? A real, living, breathing, human? Wow-wee! I can't believe I'd live to see the day! A human standing before me! In my presence! Awesome!" Bucchiemon exclaimed at first.

"Cute!" Yun exclaimed, refering to just Bucchiemon this time, not Datirimon, and not caring that Bucchiemon seems to think of her as some heavenly entity from some kind of myth. Once Bucchiemon got a hold of his excitement, he backed away for a bit and bowed before Yun.

"Hello, human. Thanks for taking care of Datirimon," Bucchiemon said in a nice, somewhat feminine voice. It wasn't as harsh as Lucero's, that's for sure.

"Oh, no. It's alright. She's cute! Uh...he or she?" Yun replied, but she didn't know Datirimon's gender.

"She's a she. She's one of the Digimon I'm taking care of," Bucchiemon explained.


" you live in this village?" Yun asked.

"Yes! I sure do! This is Fionn Village!" Bucchiemon replied.

"Why's it so colorful and full of art?" Terriermon asked.

"That's because all residents here are very interested in all forms of art and distinguish themselves from the other towns. Fionn Village is also known as both the city of art and the city of admiration, which is why it's all bright and colorful," Bucchiemon explained with a smile, but then cocked his head to one side. "Does it bother you?"

Yun lit up. "Not at all! I think it's awesome! I'd like to live here if I wanted to!"

"Wonderful! Oh! More importantly...what's a human like you doing here?" Bucchiemon asked.

"Well, a Drimogemon controlled by something called a Dark Emblem came to my world and started wreaking havoc. Terriermon, Lopmon, my friend Minako, and I fought it and got it off, but somehow...I guess I got caught in the digital hole and wound up here. He showed us here, by the way," Yun explained.

"Ah, I know who you mean! That Drimogemon's become quite the regular here! But..." Bucchiemon said, at first happily but then looked rather solemn. "A Dark Emblem, you say?"

"Yeah. Those black hexagon symbols that have skulls on them that make Digimon go crazy. You heard of them?"

"Yes, unfortunately. Lots of Digimon have been branded with them lately and very few know why. I'm not one of them, sadly, though I really want to know," Bucchiemon said.

"I agree. They've been running rampant. Oh! I should introduce myself! I'm Wakamiya Julia, but call me Yun. These are Terriermon and Lopmon," Yun explained.

"It's nice to meet you," Lopmon said.

"Hiya! I'm Terriermon!" Terriermon exclaimed.

"My name is Bucchiemon. I'm very honored to be in your presence. Oh! Would you like to come to my studio?" Bucchiemon said.

"Sure! We'd love to!" Yun exclaimed.

"Pipi!" Datirimon squeaked.

Back in the real world...

A worn out and impatient Witchmon is sitting on top of the roof of an electronics store, not happy with having to wait for her sidekick, Roachmon, who is inside and scaring people into screaming like maniacs. After about a few more minutes, Roachmon finally appeared with a small, silver, palm-sized video camera in his hands.

"You got something?" Witchmon asked.

"I suuuure did! Dis is what them folks call a video camera. It takes videos of stuff. It's awesome! This will be perfect to show our master! I already got awesome footage of dem humans already!" Roachmon boasted happily, reveling in his new stolen video camera.

"I sure wish Devimon was here to see this."

"Eh? What happened to Devimon?"

"You don't know? Those brats and their Digimon took him down and killed him! An Angemon! A no-good Angemon defeated him! Can you believe it?"

Roachmon gasped with horror. "Whoa! I din' know 'dat! Man! Those brats really must be tougher than 'dey look if they managed to take down someone like Devimon!"

"I know, right? It's really getting annoying!"

"Well, least we can show 'dis to master and have him deal with 'dem! 'Dat'll show 'em! Chaw-haw-haw, 'dis is gonna be good!"

"But he'll be mad if we don't put Dark Emblems on more Digimon and take them to his inner sanctum!" Witchmon sighed distastefully. "I hate not being able to do what I want!"

"Well, yer just gunna have to deal wit' it, Witchmon! Yeah! Now I just hafta--WHOA!" Roachmon was about to fly away and take Witchmon with him to the Digital World...but suddenly his foot got caught in a satellite wire and it made him trip, even though he can fly, causing the video camera to slip out of his hands and fall to the ground.


It fell onto a solid trash can lid, which made the trash can fall over, making the already destroyed camera fall. Then, an old titanium box fell out from the trash can and fell onto the camera, shattering it even more. Witchmon and Roachmon both witnessed this horrible turn of events, shocked and appalled. Witchmon, however, became choleric and got her broom out.

"YOU'RE SUCH AN IDIOT!!" Witchmon yelled as she grabbed Roachmon, threw him onto the street, and started beating him with her broom, acting like a little girl having an epic temper tantrum.

"Git off 'a me, you spoiled brat!" Roachmon yelled as he tried to defend himself against Witchmon's blows, but she wasn't having it.

"Master's gonna kick me out of the inner sanctum because of you, you stupid no-good disgusting ugly smelly breathed roach! Take this and that and this and that!!" Witchmon yelled as she continued to beat Roachmon with her broom.

"Your breath's way smellier than mine!"


"Look who's talking!"

"You'll pay for that!"

"Act like a brat, why don'cha?!"

What they didn't know was that they were so immersed in their little spat that they didn't realize that people stopped to watch...with scared and frightened faces. Witchmon and Roachmon finally stopped to see, and they weren't happy.

"Pheh! We'll settle this in the Digital World! I've got better things to do than hang around a smelly and putrid thing like you!"

"Brand some Digimon with Dark Emblems, why don'cha!?"


"But wanna scare these beasts first?"

"Sure! Fine by me! A girl needs an outlet for her anger anyhow!"

"Yard Sale Bomb!!"

"Baluluna Gale!!"

Trash and gusts of wind blew the samaritans away, and the two quarreling Digimon finally opened a digital portal and made a run for the Digital World. In the process, Witchmon remembered branding a big red stag beetle Digimon with a brand and decided to find it as she arrived into the Digital World. Then she caught sight of Yun.

'What? What's she doing in the Digital World? This can't be true! But then again...I think I've found a new outlet for my anger! Teeheehee!' Witchmon snickered in her thoughts and found something fun (in her book) to do later on.


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