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I'm Done With Her

You know what? I'm done. I'm freaking done with Mom. I can't talk to her about anything anymore! I can't even confide in her when I'm sad and feel upset and want her advice because every time I do, she gets all agitated and tells me to stop and outright dismisses me and acts like I'm being some whiny drama queen trying to get attention! She keeps telling me to do this and that and think about my future, when I'VE BEEN DOING NOTHING BUT THAT FOR THE PAST FEW YEARS, and when I try to tell her my feelings about all this, she tells me "don't get an attitude with me!" and completely dismisses me and won't even TRY to see things from my point of view! And she wonders why I'd rather talk to my dad and my therapist rather than her! I get that she works a lot and is always tired and wants time for herself, but why can't she actually sympathize with me and understand me when I want to talk to her about my problems?! Not only that, she's a major hypocrite. She tells me to tell her when something's wrong, but when I do, she either refuses to listen or just tells me to get over it. There IS no "get over it" for me. There never has, and there never will. Don't get me wrong, I love her, and I know she wants me to get a good permanent job with benefits and a happy future, but I'm so sick of her not understanding why I do what I do and dismissing it all even when I try to tell her everything! I just wish she'd respect my decisions and why I do what I do instead of saying I'm "getting an attitude with her."

I wish I could see my therapist now. She'd actually listen to me, and she never makes me feel stupid.

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