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Good Lord...

I normally don't discuss real world events, but I need to get this out since it's seriously close to home for me. Apparently, my dad just told me that some man broke into a synagogue in Pittsburgh in a city near where I live and started shooting up the place. A bunch of people died, and the guy was arrested. I live in a town right near where the synagogue is. Heck, when I went to the University of Pittsburgh a few years ago, my dad and I always drove past it whenever we went to and from school. Want to know the worst part? My mom was on her way to work today, and she happened to be driving nearby when it happened. I could have lost her. Thankfully, she's okay from what my dad told me, but good lord...those poor people. I really hope the guy who caused all this gets some just punishment. Nobody deserves to have this happen to them, and I can't imagine why some people feel the need to hurt others this way. Seriously, it's all over the news.

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