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So, someone asks if they can make a sequel to an old fan fic I made. I told them no. Then they hound me more about it, and I firmly tell them, "I said no and that's final. Nobody's making a sequel to my fan fic." Nothing else. So what do they say in response to that?

"Actually you didn't. and
P.S. You didn't have to say it so fucking rudely and block i don't give a shit and want nothing to do with you anymore.
P.S.S Slut!
and also please don't reply to me
Also your just like most of those cocking flesh bags i've meet online."

So apparently telling someone not to make a sequel to your own fan fic suddenly makes you rude and a shitbag. Whatever, kid. I said I declined, which basically means no. Also, I'm not the rude one by telling you twice to not do something that isn't your place to do. Hounding someone about making a sequel to something that isn't yours even when they tell you no is rude. I'm the one who decides whether I want to write a sequel to a fan fic, not anyone else. Besides, you're the one being rude by throwing a tantrum and calling me names over something that's mine and mine alone, not yours, so suck it up and quit acting like a kid. So I'm a shitbag for not catering to your demands? Whatever floats your boat, SpinoKing1180.

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