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Firechick's Anime Reviews: Devilman Crybaby

I give this wild, violent, sexual, and outright bizarre re-imagining of an old classic...a 70/100.

So, not gonna lie: I never even HEARD of Devilman or anything by Go Nagai until college. I befriended a guy named Trevor who absolutely loved Devilman and talked about it all the time years ago. I had no interest, as I was never into that sort of thing, but we got along great. I only have a passing knowledge of it, and while I'd seen Devilman pop up from time to time, I still had no interest in seeing it. I've seen ads for some of Nagai's other manga and anime, like Cutie Honey and Mazinger Z, but that was about as far as I knew. Then recently, a bunch of my friends were suddenly going on and on about this new anime called Devilman Crybaby. It was blowing up everywhere, and I kept wondering, "what's the deal?" I did some research, and...I was intent on avoiding it, as I learned that not only was it ultra violent, but it was filled to the brim with uncensored, sexual fanservice up the wazoo--boob grabbing included--and anyone who's talked to me at all knows I can't stand that type of stuff. Strangely, when I was bored one day, against all of the rules I set for myself, I wound up watching the whole thing. It experience. Some parts are good, others not so much. It's kind of a hot mess.

The story is about a young man named Akira Fudo, who has a pretty nice life so far: He's living with his friend Miki Makimura and her family, is part of the school's track team, and life couldn't be better. His only flaw is that he's extremely sensitive, to the point of crying over other people's pain even when it's not needed. One day, a childhood friend of his names Ryo Asuka suddenly reappears in his life, asking him for help in hunting demons. Akira, naive as he is, accepts the offer and he winds up getting dragged to a sleazy midnight sex party. Demons suddenly destroy the place and everyone in it. Amidst the carnage, Akira finds himself merging with one demon, Amon, turning him into a half-human, half-monster hybrid. Rather than find himself turned into a complete demon, Akira somehow makes Amon's powers his own, and thus, Devilman is born. He takes it upon himself to save humanity from the demons, hoping to save those he loves. But he can only do so much, and humanity might just wind up destroying itself in the process.

(more to come soon)
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