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Thoughts on Liz and the Blue Bird's English dub

So my copy of Liz and the Blue Bird's Blu-Ray came in the mail today and I just finished watching it in English. Yeah, still love this movie. But I'm really impressed with the English dub, which isn't a surprise, since NYAV Post dubbed it, with Stephanie Sheh working on the directing and all. A good majority of their dubs have been great over the past few years. The cast nails all of their roles perfectly, though I did think Xanthe Huynh tried a bit too hard to make Ririka seem airheaded, though she does great in everything else. My only other gripe with the dub is that it sprinkles Japanese honoriffics in, such as "senpai" and "chan," which were kind of jarring. That's really it.

But I have to say, when I first read that Laurie Hymes of all people was going to voice Mizore, I was REALLY skeptical, because Pokemon fans will know her as the English voice of Lillie in the Sun and Moon anime. Not gonna lie, Hymes is just NOT good as Lillie. She sounds like a muppet trying to imitate Minnie Mouse, and that kind of voice absolutely does NOT suit Lillie at all. I was really scared that her unfitting voice for Lillie would be used for Mizore's voice, which I know wouldn't work at all. Thankfully, my worries were alleviated, as not only does she manage to sound convincingly shy and similar to Mizore's Japanese voice, her overall acting and performance are a MASSIVE improvement over her work in the Pokemon Sun and Moon anime, as she is absolutely fantastic as Mizore. Of course, you know NYAV Post wouldn't give any of their movies bad dubs. A good or bad voice and acting director can really make a difference in how a dub's quality turns out, so as far as Laurie Hymes' Lillie voice goes, I can attribute that to bad voice direction. It goes without saying that voice actors don't choose the quality of their work, as whatever they work on is just a paycheck to them. But if the dub has a passionate staff that really care about what they're working on and go out of their way to make a great dub, it can show. Big time, and I think Hymes' performance as Mizore is a shining testament of that.

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