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Firechick's Game Reviews: Final Fantasy 5

I give the most lighthearted entry in the massive Final Fantasy franchise...a 77/100.

(This review is solely based on the GameBoy Advance version, which many say is the best version of the game)

When people ask what they consider to be the worst Final Fantasy game, or the one that they like the least, chances are you'll get two answers: Final Fantasy 5 and Final Fantasy 8. Those two happened to be the most controversial games to come out during the 90s-2000s, especially in America. Final Fantasy 5, coming after the more well-liked FF4 and just before the revered Final Fantasy 6, was considered to be too comedic and light-hearted for a franchise that many praised for daring to be dark, gritty, and going against the boundaries of what could be shown in video games during that time. Now, I'm not entirely involved with the fandom, so I don't know if this opinion has changed much, but I have played some of the games, only completing three, this being one of them. In all honesty, I really don't think Final Fantasy 5 is as bad as people are making it out to be.

The story begins when a young man, Bartz, sees a meteor plunge into the forest near the kingdom of Tycoon. There, he meets two new friends, Lenna, the second princess of Tycoon searching for her missing father, and Galuf, an elderly man with amnesia. The three of them, along with a pirate named Faris who joins them later, find that the four crystals that sustain the world are under attack as part of a dark knight's plan to escape imprisonment. Said dark knight was previously sealed away by another band of warriors, but with his return imminent, the new quartet needs to stop him and save not just one world, but as it turns out, two.

One thing people who played the game back in the day remember about it is its gameplay, mainly the job system. When you have the main quartet purify the crystals, the characters gain the ability to acquire job classes and switch them around whenever you feel like it, and there are lots of job classes to go around. You can either have a full team of white mages or fighters, or you can have your characters be a variety of different job classes. Furthermore, leveling up and mastering each job class can give the characters they're assigned to a lot of stat boots and passive skills that can really help you out. Each job has their own strengths and weaknesses, and some jobs are better than others.

(more to come soon)
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