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Oh dear

You're not gonna believe what happened to me at Lowe's today. So I'm in the break room eating my lunch, and there are three other employees in there with me minding their own business. I'm surfing the web on my phone, and then one of the other employees gets a phone call. The next thing I know, she's bawling and crying and losing her mind. We all go to console her and we find out she was literally just informed, right then and there, that her son died. I wasn't sure how to help her, so I went and got whatever manager was available, and I knew three of them were on the floor. Thankfully, two of them went in the break room to help her. Not gonna lie, I have never in my whole life seen someone completely break down in front of me like that. It was pretty overwhelming, for more reasons than one. That poor woman. I feel bad that there wasn't much I could do to help, and no parent should ever have to lose their own child. It kinda rattled me, to be honest. I never expected to see something like that happen on my break at work.

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