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Firechick's Anime Reviews: Mirai


I give Hosoda's recent, most personal film to date...a 78/100.

Mamoru Hosoda is a director who quickly made a name for himself when he produced his first "original" film, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Later, Summer Wars and Wolf Children only cemented his popularity, and many thought he would become the next Miyazaki alongside Makoto Shinkai. But one of his movies, The Boy and the Beast, was considered rather lackluster and wasn't as popular as his other work, and many thought he was starting to lose his touch. But in 2018, with the help of his studio Chizu, he produced a brand new movie, Mirai, which quickly made waves for one thing: It had a four-year-old protagonist traveling through time. On paper, this sounds like a neat concept, and having seen and liked most of his movies, I was curious to see how Hosoda would execute this premise. After having seen it though, while I do like this movie a lot, many parts of it just rang false to me.

Four-year-old Kun's life turns upside down when he gets a new little sister, Mirai. He's always been the center of attention, and being a little kid, he doesn't like it when he parents don't give him what he wants. When his parents spend more time taking care of Mirai, since she's only a baby and needs attention, Kun begins to think his family likes Mirai more than him, to the point where he bullies his sister and physically harms her. Unable to cope with these new changes, Kun often runs to the family garden for solace. But whenever he does so, he finds himself in new places and meeting people who may or may not have a personal connection to him, with the biggest one being a high school aged version of his older sister, who is quick to call him out on his mean ways. Needless to say, Kun's life won't be the same after this.

(more to come soon)
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