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Tired and Irritated

Do you hate it when people remind you to use your manners? Even when you always remember your manners all the time? Do you especially hate it when it seems like people remind you to be polite and mind your manners EVERY SINGLE GOD DAMN DAY even though you're old enough to use them when needed? Yeah, that's been happening with me. Ever since I got my new job, my parents have gotten strangely vigilant about reminding me to thank people when they do something nice for me. Even today, they've done it, and I'm starting to get really irritated! Now, don't get me wrong, I always try to be nice and polite during every situation. I hold the door for people when they come in, I say thanks when someone does something nice, and I back off when someone wants space. If I forget, it's just that I forgot, not because I'm rude or deliberately being mean, though some have thought of me as such, though I can't fathom why. I know it's a parent's job to remind their kids to be polite, but here's the thing: I'm 25 now! I know my manners! I've had them drilled into me since I was a baby! I'm just so sick of Mom and Dad constantly reminding me every second of every day to thank someone for something, even when it's not needed! I swear, sometimes I think they still think I'm five years old when it comes to this. It's gotten really annoying and I wish they'd stop with it already. My sister already gave me grief about this years ago and still does to this day.

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