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Firechick's Anime Reviews: Uta no Prince-sama

I give this 75/100!

In the beginning of the summer season, I already had some anime I planned to watch (just GUESS what those anime are). But among them, one anime sneaked it's way into the list and caught my attention. Uta no Prince-sama is that very anime. I kinda wanted some stuff to watch in case I ran out or got bored, so I guess you could say Uta no Prince-sama is that very anime. Buuuuut even though I like it I have to say it's the least good out of all the anime I've watched, and as you can tell by the scores I've given other anime (like, say, Bunny Drop, No. 6, and Ikoku Meiro no Croisee), I really do mean it.

The story's about a girl named Haruka Nanami who's dream is to become a composer, or, more specifically, to work with her favorite singer, Hayato Ichinose, after one of his songs inspired her deeply. She applies for the Saotome Music Academy and gets in. She makes a few friends, goes through a few trials, and finds what she wants. But during her time at the academy, she discovers that things aren't exactly what they seem and that being a composer may be more work than it's supposed to be.

For starter's I'll get the best part out of the way: the animation. Shortest explanation ever. A-1 Pictures did it. They made the show look awesome, even in it's most overdone moments. Lots of bright colors and movement. That's a plus. Not one animation error existed. Great! But I do think Haruka's eyes should've been done better. That's the only thing I hate about the animation.

Music. Awesome. Though I have to admit I hate the ED song. Too preppy and fangirlish for my tastes. I love all of Mamoru Miyano's songs (and another character's who I'll mention in a bit). The OP theme is awesome, well done, and well animated. The music for this anime is DEFINITELY better than the music that K-On came up with, and considering the rating I gave K-On and it's music, that's saying a lot!

I really am being lenient on this anime, but now this is where I get critical. Characters are a mixed bag. Most of them don't have much presence, like ONE character! The guy named Cecil Aijima (whose song is AWESOME) only appears for two episodes yet there's no point in adding him! He serves no purpose! But his song is pretty, and I would've liked to see more of him. Oh my God, I absolutely HATED the cross dresser (NOT for the reasons you think!) and Shining Saotome, ESPECIALLY the latter (which I will explain in a bit). Haruka doesn't do much as a main character, Natsuki was ABOUT to be my favorite...until he started acting REALLY retarded in one of the episodes. Really, I actually love his split personality, the mean and angry Satsuki person, over Natsuki himself! Otoya's voice doesn't suit him, Ren reminds me too much of Frau from 07-Ghost (and they're both voiced by Suwabe Junichi), and Masato doesn't do much. But I found one character very interesting: Tokiya/Hayato. His backstory was well done and actually realistic. Sure he has his angsty moments, but what idol/singer DOESN'T have angst like that in this day and age?

Now for the flaws. Firstly, title is lame (but not as lame as a cartoon I know called Jimmy Two Shoes! What kind of lame-butt title is that?! Even I can come up with something better!). Second, premise is generic and has been done lots of times before (i.e. La Corda D'Oro). Thirdly, some episodes are really dumb and cheesy for various reasons. Four, the ending. Forgive me, but I NEED to spoil the ending! At the end of episode 12, Shining Saotome (I'm gonna call him SS) makes the six boys idols and has their debut set...but cuts Haruka out because he expects her to write something that surpasses his favorite composer. She cries and angsts a bit, then the boys cheer her up, then he arrives and tells her that she'll be working with Starish! WHAT?! I'm normally VERY lenient on happy endings, especially those of my favorite anime, but...this. This is the ONLY exception! This ending was just so stupid and dumb I wanted to beat my brains out! You CANNOT have an anime episode go like this:

Villain: Sorry, but you can't compose music for Starish!
Haruka: *gasp* *cry* *leaves to go to Grandma's*
Starish: *sings Map of the Future* *cheer her up*
Haruka: *is cheered up*
Villain: Just kidding! Work with Starish!

And actually have it work out! That's the stupidest kind of ending I know, and this anime actually pulled it off! This was the stupidest ending I've ever seen! If SS seriously wanted Haruka to be their composer from the beginning, why didn't he just say so right then and there? This is the thing I hate about anime in general. Characters DO NOT WANT TO CLARIFY THEMSELVES OR SAY THEIR REASONS FOR STUFF!!! Seriously, this needs to stop! Five: Starish is the stupidest idol group name ever.

*sigh* Okay. I'm done. While Uta no Prince-sama isn't the best anime ever, I enjoyed it nonetheless.
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