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AnoHana's English Dub

Does anyone remember that old, crappy review I wrote for AnoHana eight years ago? I rewatched the show again in English, and I still like the show just as much now as I did back when it first came out. I think now would be a good time to report on the recently made English dub, especially now that the show is available to watch on Netflix. Originally, this anime got licensed by NIS America in 2012, and at that time, it didn't receive an English dub. Later, NIS lost the license, and Aniplex of America picked it up and re-released it with an English dub in 2017. Unfortunately, if you want to own the series legally, you're gonna need to sell a kidney in order to do so, because Aniplex of America is notorious for giving their DVDs really, REALLY high price tags. Like, $110 for a 11-episode show and $200 for a 26-episode show expensive. Yeah, it's a rip-off, I know.

Thankfully, the dub is available to watch on Netflix for those who have it, so it's much easier to watch it now. Having seen it, I have this to say about it: While it's not without a few hiccups, I think it's a very solid dub overall. The voice actors all give great performances, the standouts being Griffin Burns (Who I never heard of before this) as Jinta, Kaiji Tang as Poppo, and Erica Lindbeck as Anaru IMHO. Some might find Xanthe Huynh's take on Menma to be rather shrill, but I personally didn't mind it too much, and she nails Menma's bratty, childish personality to a T (Though I still think her performance as Maquia is better). Everybody else in the cast give great performances as well, so I think this dub turned out really well. But I am going to dock some points for one thing: In one episode, Jinta and Menma talk about a show they liked as kids, referencing Dog of Flanders, and for some odd reason, the English version has them pronounce the dog's name, Patrasche, as "Pah-Trah-Shah" instead of how I heard the actual Dog of Flanders movie pronounce it, "Puh-Trash." I don't know if the scriptwriters thought Patrasche needed to sound Belgian, since the story was originally written in Belgium, but I just find the pronunciation they went with to be really weird.
I need to sit down and watch the movie some time. Or maybe I should redo my old review and make it more polished and mature, rather than fangirly. Then again, I was in high school when I wrote that.
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