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Firechick's Book Reviews: All The Impossible Things

I give this sweet novel about a girl with the power to control 83/100!

Several months ago, I attempted to read a novel by Sarah Dessen called Lock and Key, which was about a young woman whose mother abandons her and as a result, has to live with her sister and her husband. I wasn't able to finish it, because the book was painful to read. The writing was dull, the main character was an unsympathetic jerkass even with her reasons for being so, the plot was in no way engaging, some scenarios seemed too contrived for their own good, and I stopped reading when one character furiously berates the lead for going through an emotional crisis in regards to learning that her life was a lie and making the situation about him rather than giving her much needed emotional support in the lowest point of her life. He never even gets called on it. Needless to say, it didn't click with me. Today's subject, a new book called All The Impossible Things, has a similar premise, only the girl lives with a new foster family instead of living with relatives. This isn't the first book I've read starring a child and their woes about being in the foster care system for whatever reason, and I did read others that did tackle its premise better, but I really did like this book for a number of reasons. Seriously, this is what Lock and Key should have been like!

The story centers on a girl named Ruby Byrd, aka Red, who gets sent to yet another foster home after a previous one didn't work out. Her mother was arrested for doing drugs, and her grandmother, the only stable parental figure in her life, died from cancer. Embittered by her bad experiences in the system, along with thinking anything bad that happens is her fault, Red tries to keep an emotional distance, not wanting to get too attached to her newest foster family, the Grooves, and is waiting for the day she can be reunited with her mother. There's also her other problem: Apparently she has the power to conjure wind depending on her emotional state. If she's mad enough, she can create storms, though nobody knows she's actually doing it but her. Despite her attempts to shut herself away from the world, her newest foster family proves to be better than she expected, and she finds that maybe she can find happiness after all.

(more to come soon)
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