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12 Moments In Anime 2019, #9: We Will Rock You!

As you all know, I became a pretty decent fan of the anime Show By Rock when it first came out. At first I thought it was going to be some cheesy moe anime that would be painfully dull and merchandise-driven. But then I actually saw it and it turned out to be quite good, a few flaws notwithstanding. The second season followed, rectified a lot of the first season's issues, and was also genuinely good! But since then, there hadn't been any new anime since then, and the original cell phone game is going to be cancelled in favor of a new one, so many thought Show By Rock's time was over.

But then!

What's this? A third season focusing on an entirely new set of characters?! Cool! I can't wait---wha?! A FOURTH season to follow right afterward, focusing back on Cyan and the gang?! Along with a new mobile game to commemorate the new seasons?!

Sanrio, are you trying to kill me with awesomeness?! Because I'm in!

Moment #9: Show By Rock's Third and Fourth Seasons Being Announced Simultaneously
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