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12 Moments In Anime 2019 #5: Reading Online

So this year, I decided to use Amazon Kindle on my PC and started buying manga digitally, as I'm running out of space on my shelves. But I made it a point to only buy digital manga that I don't plan on buying physically, saving the latter for titles I really love and want to own. I actually used to read a lot of manga online years ago, back in high school, but I stopped due to other obligations. Now I'm getting back into it and discovering a lot of new manga I've come to really like!

Such as...

How to Treat Magical Beasts

Astra: Lost In Space

Cosmo Familia

Sakura Gari (Yes, a yaoi. I'm just as surprised as you are)

Land of the Lustrous

It helps that a lot of manga I've always wanted to read, such as Snow White With The Red Hair, are coming out and with new manga set to be released next year. I'm so happy! Here's hoping to do even more reading in the future!

Moment #5: Getting back into reading manga online again.
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