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Voice Acting PSA

So to all anime fans out there: voice acting is a profession, and the person voicing the character is not automatically the character itself. If, say, a person is playing the voice of a bitchy, manipulative sociopath, that does NOT mean they themselves are a bitchy, awful person. If you feel the need to treat them as such and verbally attack them for it, don't do that. Doing that makes you a dickhole, and there's absolutely no excuse to hate on the voice actor. Just because they play a villanous character does not mean they're exactly like the character. Voice actors are not their characters and should not be treated as such. Learn to tell the difference between fiction and reality. PLEASE.

Moral of the story: Stop harassing Laura Stahl for being cast as Mami in Rent-A-Girlfriend. No, seriously, please stop. Don't do it. It's shitty, petty, cruel, and needlessly mean. Knowing she received a crap ton of hate messages and hate mail right after the dub was announced, and on her friggin birthday no less, is awful, and if you feel the need to harass her for playing a villainous character, you're pathetic and need to step back and look at yourself. Don't be that person.

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