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Fall 2011 Anime I Dropped.

My anime club screened these anime...which I will NOT watch. Wanna know what they are?

1. Ben-To
Okay...WHAT? An anime about teenagers fighting each other like rabid dogs for FOOD of all things!? Come on!! Stupidest thing ever!! Also, bland male lead character is bland male lead character...that and Oshiroi Hana is ANNOYING!!! Especially when she talks really fast!
UPDATE: Seriously, I am GLAD I dropped this show, because this week's recent episode was a tasteless fan-service one. Ugh.

2. Mirai Nikki
I'm not a horror fan, and I kinda found the plot holes in the show to be REALLY unnerving. The male lead's voice is AWESOME, though the pink-haired girl scares me. This reminded me of Higurashi...and NOT in a good way.

3. Star Driver
Yeah yeah, I know this came out in 2010 not 2011, but my anime club screened it so I'm gonna talk about it. Bones' animation is nice and the music is pwnsome, but I'm not a mecha person. It's nice, but that's about it. Also...Galactic Pretty Boy? Oh God, don't these people have creativity when it comes to NAMES?!?

4. Guilty Crown
Generic anime is generic. Bland lead voiced by Yuki Kaji is bland lead voiced by Yuki Kaji. Damsel in distress is damsel in distress...and she looks like the pink-haired girl from Mirai Nikki!! I don't care if the animation is beautiful or if the music is great. If the story's not original (or even the least bit interesting), then it's not gonna rope me in.

5. Un-Go
Sorry, but I seriously didn't like this. One: INGA IS ANNOYING!!! I especially hate her voice!! Two: Too much weirdness going on. Three: This feels like Phoenix Wright but with the court and all the awesomeness ripped out.

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