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Gkids Has Evangelion?!

Whoa whoa whoa whoa!


So, in recent years, the famous anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, specifically the original series from 1995, has gotten really expensive to license over the years. The original release by ADV fell out of print, and that, along with the rights to Bart Howard's song Fly Me To The Moon, which is often used in the series and as an important piece of the plot, are both now extremely hard to license without a crap ton of legal stuff to get through. Netflix re-released the anime with a...very controversial new English dub that was extremely choke-holded by Studio Khara's need to have it be as accurate to the source as possible, and no company came forward to try and give it a re-release for Blu-Ray.

Until yesterday. But who licensed it, you might ask? This is a herculean task! Was it Sentai Filmworks, who broke off from ADV? Nope! It wasn't FUNimation either, even though they dubbed the Rebuild movies.

Nope, the company that got the original show and the movies is one you'd NEVER expect to have gotten something like this: GKids.

I am not kidding you. GKids! Freaking GKids! Keep in mind, this is a fairly small company that mostly only licenses and dubs movies! They did license two TV series, but both of them are so obscure that they're not even worth mentioning on here. Seriously, this has blown my mind, along with many other peoples'! How in the world did a small company like GKids not only manage to license the entire series, but actually manage to pony up the insane amount of money to even get said license?! As of yet, there's no word on whether their release will only include the Netflix dub, or find some way to include both the ADV dub and Fly Me To The Moon. But dear lord, considering the crappy year 2020 has been, this is a HUGE blessing for Eva fans who wanted a proper Blu-Ray release! I don't even like Eva, yet I'm really ecstatic about this news, if only based on the stories I've heard about the licensing kerfuffles and the controversy regarding the Netflix dub.

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