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Firechick's Manga Reviews: Granblue Fantasy

I give this manga adaptation of the popular cell phone game...a 79/100!

Last year, I watched and reviewed a little anime called Granblue Fantasy. While I didn't think it was anything special, I did genuinely enjoy it for the fact that it was a fun, old-school fantasy adventure, even if it was held back by the trappings of being a mobile game adaptation. I have not played the mobile game, mainly because it's not legally available anywhere even though it does have an English translation out there, and I'm still waiting for Aniplex to dub the second season of the anime into English. So as much as I'd like to experience the original source, there's really no legal way for me to do so. On the other hand, a manga adaptation came out in the mean time, and seeing as manga aren't as restricted by certain rules as anime are, I jumped at the chance to buy it and read it in its entirety...that is, all that it was able to cover, that is. I won't bore you with the plot summary, as it's basically the same as the anime: Country boy meets mysterious girl and her body guard, certain events bind Gran and Lyria together, and Gran decides this is the best time to go on a world-spanning journey to find his dad, RPG adventures abound, yada yada yada. It's about as old-school as you can get. But adaptations have different ways of interpreting the story, some for the better, some not so much.

So how does the manga fare?

(more to come soon)
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