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12 Moments In Anime 2020, #12: Seek and Ye Shall Find

Holy smokes! It's December now! Guess what that means?! It's time for my 12 Moments In Anime of this year! Now, not gonna lie, this year was...chaotic, for a lot of reasons. But on a personal level, it's actually been a pretty good year in terms of anime and manga, even with all the craziness brought on by the plague. But let's bring some positivity into the fold this time around, now that the holidays are among us!

First off, let's talk manga!

Years ago, back around, say, 2005, I was dipping my toes into anime and finding stuff that hadn't been released in the US. One anime I discovered was called Harukanaru Toki no Naka de, or if you want to use its official English title, Haruka: Beyond The Stream of Time. I watched all of the anime and liked it a lot. I later found out that a couple years later, the manga version was going to be translated and released in the US! I was ecstatic...but at the time, I was only able to buy the first four volumes, mainly because I was a child and couldn't necessarily ask my parents to buy me books every single time a new volume came out, and life in general had me tied up with school and stuff. But by the time I grew up, got a job, and managed to secure an income that would actually allow me to buy my own stuff all by myself, the books had fallen out of print (Thanks a lot, Viz!! Why not put this up on Kindle like you did with From Far Away and La Corda D'Oro?!) and many of the later volumes would be sold on Ebay and Amazon for ridiculous prices.

But I wasn't going to give up. Come hell or high water, I was going to track down and buy the entire series, no matter their physical condition. But I wasn't going to pay a hundred bucks for a tiny 200-page comic either. It took a lot of sleuthing, a lot of searching, and a lot of waiting for stuff to be sold at any price lower than 50 bucks, but after a little over a decade, I've finally succeeded! I now own every single volume of the Haruka: Beyond The Stream of Time manga!! And seeing as some manga fall out of print once they reach the end of their run, I can actually buy physical copies of manga I'm collecting right now (Snow White With the Red Hair, Natsume Yuujinchou, Yona of the Dawn, and so on), and I don't intend to wait until after they're out of print this time around either. Next year, I'm going to commit to read the entire manga now that I finally own all of it. Seek and ye shall find, indeed!

Moment #12: Finally owning the entirety of the now out of print Haruka: Beyond The Stream of Time manga after so many years of searching.
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