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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 15 (part four)

Part four.

EPISODE 15: First Trip to the Digital World!

So, everyone prepared a special banquet for Yun, Terriermon, and Lopmon as gratitude for defeating Kuwagamon and saving Fionn Village from being destroyed a second time. It took about two hours for everyone to get their choices of food ready, but when they presented it, they made sure to make it look as good and presentable as possible. Yun wasn't used to having banquets in her honor since she didn't consider herself the honorable and noble type, but she couldn't help but love the food they cooked. It was delicious. Lopmon and Terriermon too. Yun knew she liked Fionn Village from the beginning, but she never knew it would suddenly turn up like this. She felt appreciated and loved, and this was what she wanted for a long time.

But at one point, Yun was letting Prairiemon look at her digivice.

"Hmmm...this is quite the interesting little trinket here," Prairiemon murmured as she inspected all aspects of the egg-shaped digivice.

"Yeah. It is," Yun said.

"Prairiemon! Can you help me with this! The Digi-Putty's being difficult!" Kabukimon yelled from the other side of the house.

"Be right there, dearie!" Prairiemon cooed as she was about to attend to Kabukimon's sudden Digi-Putty trouble...when the digivice suddenly slipped out of her claws.

It fell...and it flipped open. Yun tried to catch it, but she was too late. All of a sudden, the front of the digivice flipped open like a cell phone. Shocked, Yun kneeled to it and picked it up. She was surprised with what she saw. Now it resembled a really big and bulky cell phone. The top part of the digivice, the one with the small screen and buttons on the front, now has a big egg-shaped screen. The bottom part, with nothing on the back at all except a small black rectangle with a silver lens on it, is now a screen full of little buttons, a little keyboards with all the letters, numbers, the space button, and the grammar buttons and all, and two small circles on both sides of it and another circle on the very bottom. On the buttons are pictures of an egg, a camera, a comic strip bubble, a phone, a letter, two circles with an arrow in between them, a door, the letters DD, a video camera, a crossroad sign, a big S button, a black hexagon almost resembling a Dark Emblem, and a magnifying glass. There are also two quarter circle shaped buttons on both sides of the egg. The one on the left has the letter L on it while the one on the right has the # sign on it. Yun stared at everything with awe and wonder, and so did Terriermon, Lopmon, Prairiemon, and Bucchiemon.

"Whoa! Where did all this come from?" Yun asked herself.

"Beats me! Let's see it!" Terriermon exclaimed.

"Wow! I guess my little accident turned out to be a good thing after all!" Prairiemon said in her pretty voice.

On compulsion, Yun pressed the button with DD on it, and she was surprised to find it was a list of all the Digimon she encountered! Lopmon, Terriermon, Goblimon, BlackAgumon, Drimogemon, Dokugumon, etc. Even her friends' Digimon and all their other forms (well, not ALL of them) are listed! She scrolled down and pressed the entry featuring MarineAngemon, and it displayed ALL of her info, attacks, forms, etc. Yun went back to the original stats and pressed the crossroad button and out popped a map of the entire Digital World. Yun could tell it was the Digital World because the landscapes and continents and structures all looked different. She played around with it and found Fionn Village on the map. After that, she pressed the button with the hexagon on it and it displayed a list of all the Digimon who had Dark Emblems on them. Kuwagamon, Moosemon, Drimogemon, Goblimon, Dokugumon, Mothmon, etc. Yun was so surprised.

"Woooow! This is awesome! My digivice can do everything! I can't believe I never noticed this until now!" Yun exclaimed happily.

"Perhaps the digivice is more than it appears!" Lopmon exclaimed.

"Do you think maybe humans made it?" Prairiemon asked.

"Who knows. But it sure is interesting!" Bucchiemon replied.

Terriermon noticed one button that caught his interest.

"What's this thing do?" Terriermon asked as he slapped his paw on the button with the door picture on it.

Suddenly, the ground beneath Yun, Terriermon, and Lopmon disappeared. Bucchiemon saw it right away.

"Whoa! Is that a digital hole!?"

The two rabbits and Yun looked down, and saw the white digital hole below them. Then...WHOOSH!

"Gyaaaah!!" All three of them shouted as they fell in.

"Yun!" Bucchiemon tried to go after them, but Prairiemon held him back.

Back in the real world...

"Yun!" Minako yelled as she watched Yun fall into the Digital Hole.

"She's gone! Nyan!" Gatomon meowed.

But a few seconds after the digital hole disappeared, it re-appeared, and it spat Yun, Lopmon, and Terriermon out like they were vomit and disappeared in that same amount of time! Yun, Lopmon, and Terriermon fell right in front of Minako and Gatomon, who were shocked by their second long disappearance and re-appearance.

"Yun! Oh my God!" Minako yelped.

"Nyan! You came back!" Gatomon meowed happily. Yun, Lopmon, and Terriermon got themselves off of the ground and helped themselves up.

"Whoa! Are we...back in the human world?" Lopmon asked.

"It seems we are!" Yun exclaimed, then scooped Terriermon into her arms and squeezed him. "You're a genius, Terriermon! You did it! You got us back!"

"B-B-But all I did...was press the door button!" Terriermon replied as he was being suffocated by Yun's loving embrace.

"What door button?" Minako asked.

"Oh! Mina-chan! I've GOT to show you!" Yun showed Minako her digivice and all the buttons and capabilities it has.

"Whoa! Our digivices can do that?" Minako yelped.

"Yeah! A Digimon I met dropped it and it just suddenly opened! I don't know how it works, but it's sooo awesome!" Yun explained. Yun was so excited that she failed to notice Lopmon and Terriermon glowing behind her back.

"You're right! I'll have to do some research on this tomorrow morning!" Minako replied.

"Oh! Oh! I just decided! Emergency Digimon Brigade meeting tomorrow evening at around three-ish!" Yun edicted.

Minako was a little swayed by Yun's excitement, but knowing the discovery she made, she had to go along with it. "Sure! I'll let everyone know about it once we get home!"

Gatomon saw something else.



Gatomon pointed behind her. Yun turned around and saw that, much to her surprise, Lopmon and Terriermon had de-digivolved back into Kokomon and Gummymon! Even they noticed this.

"We de-digivolved!" Kokomon exclaimed.

"Guess this is what happens when we leave the Digital World after a battle. Awesome!" Gummymon exclaimed.

Despite this sudden change, Yun smiled and scooped the cute little blobs into her arms and hugged them.

Soon, Minako, Yun, Salamon (who de-digivolved), Kokomon, and Gummymon finally went back to Minako's house. Yun got her stuff together and called for her mother so she can be picked up. A few minutes later, Hisako came and took the three of them back home. Yun was just so excited about her digivice and it's new capabilities that she played with it throughout the night and was going to do it the next morning.

But she was unaware of what was going to happen tomorrow morning. A very special encounter was waiting for her.


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