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Firechick's Game Reviews: New Pokemon Snap

I give this cute game about taking pictures of 80/100!

Throughout my childhood, the only video game consoles I ever owned were the handheld ones, like the GameBoy Color and Nintendo DS. My family could never afford home consoles like a Playstation or a Nintendo 64. Plus, my kid brain knew the mainline Pokemon games were on the handheld consoles, so I always zoomed in on those and those only. It wasn't until I became an adult and started working that I began to branch out and finally buy all the home consoles I could never afford as a kid. Because of this, I never played any of the spin-off Pokemon games that were made for stuff like the Nintendo 64 or the GameCube. But I do remember hearing that one of the most popular spin-off games during the late 90s and early 2000s was one called Pokemon Snap, where you play as a photographer and the gameplay revolved around taking pictures of Pokemon in 3D environments, kind of like on those wildlife shows you see on TV. In that time period, games like Pokemon Snap, especially for a franchise like Pokemon, were unheard of, and Snap was especially popular during that time. Oddly enough, it never got a sequel, and fans were sad that Nintendo didn't seem to want to make more Snap games...until 2020, when it was revealed that a brand new sequel, New Pokemon Snap, was set to release on the Switch in 2021.

(more to come soon)
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