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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 17 (part one)

Chapter 17 part one!

Title: Digimon: A Seraphic Tale
Chapter #: 17
Rating: G
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family/Friendship

EPISODE 17: A Little Grizzly Bear

Although Hisako was very shocked by Yun's reckless and unexpected announcement, along with everyone else, Hisako decided to let Yun invite Hokuto to their house and let him hang out anyway. As she heard from Aki, Hokuto never really had any friends and was possibly never given any opportunities to go to other people's houses and hang out before. This was part of why she approved. The main reason Hisako approved of this split-second decision was because of Yun herself. In all the years Hisako raised Yun, there wasn't ONE moment in which Yun made friends with someone within two hours and proudly invited him or her to her house without a moment's hesitation. Hisako was certainly surprised! But at the same time, Hisako was proud of Yun. She couldn't help but smile at the way Hokuto silently approached Yun after she made her little announcement. 'Perhaps this will be a good opportunity for the both of them. No, I believe it'll help them a lot. I'm sure of it!' Hisako thought.

About half an hour later, at around 1:30 PM, Hisako decided to take Yun, Lucero, and Hokuto home. During that time, she talked with Aki and learned some things about Hokuto beforehand. Firstly, he absolutely hates the following foods: beets, bell peppers, shellfish, crackers, pizza ('how can a child NOT like pizza?' Hisako thought), cookies (all cookies), and basically any kind of junk food. Hisako was a bit flabbergasted by the fact that Hokuto doesn't eat ANY junk food AT ALL. Most children would binge on junk food if they had the chance, but a child who was disgusted by all junk food and walked away from the sight of it? This was hard to process, for both her and Yun. Secondly, Hokuto is allergic to wheat, peanuts, and soybeans (Yun wished she was allergic to soybeans. They're NOT her favorite food). Thirdly, Hokuto cannot lift heavy objects like weights and furniture (like the big couch). Finally, Hokuto cannot hold anything made of glass. For some reason his hands shake and anything made of glass drops out of his hand and breaks, so he's prohibited from holding all things made of glass. And that was it. After that, Hisako drove the three kids (and Digimon) home. Yun let Hokuto go inside the house first, since he's a guest.

Hokuto was rather surprised by how Western and modern Yun's house is. It's nothing like his traditionally Japanese house. Though he knew about Westernized houses beforehand, he never saw them in real life until now. He mostly stood in the middle of the living room for quite a long while, processing and absorbing everything around him. Seeing this, Yun left him alone for a bit until he decided to move, which didn't take long. Yun gently put her things down, took Kokomon and Gummymon out of the bag, took Hokuto by the hand, and showed him the rest of the house. Her room, her parents' room, Ayaka's room, the bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room, and the basement. Hokuto didn't say much. He just looked at all the rooms without one word. Once the three kids (and Digimon) gathered in the dining room, Hisako began looking through the refrigerator in the kitchen.

"Hokuto-kun? Is there anything you'd like to drink? We have milk and orange juice," Hisako said.

"Milk please," Hokuto muttered loud enough for Hisako to hear. Hisako poured some milk into a small plastic cup and gave it to Hokuto.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Do you want anything to eat?" Yun asked.

"No. I'm fine. Thank you," Hokuto replied softly. Soon, Hokuto finished his drink.

"Wanna come to my room?"


Gently, Yun took Hokuto by the hand and kindly escorted him into her room. Lucero, Kokomon, and Gummymon sat on the bed while Yun and Hokuto sat on the floor at the foot of it. Hokuto decided to start the conversation.

"I didn't had Digimon too," Hokuto muttered.

"I was going to tell you that, but I didn't know of a good way to tell you without freaking you out," Yun said.

That's when Gummymon hopped onto Yun's lap jauntily.

"Kokomon planned it!" Gummymon piped in.

"Huh? Planned what?"

"You and Lucero were talkin', and Kokomon thought we could show ourselves off by hopping out of the bush when you appeared and pretendin' we were arguing!"

"What? You did that?" Yun turned to Kokomon, who sat on Lucero's lap.

"Yes. I thought it'd be the best way," Kokomon muttered. After a second, Yun smiled and rubbed Kokomon's ear.

"You sneaky little things! But thanks anyway," Yun said. Kokomon nodded and hopped into Yun's lap.

"Oh! I should introduce you! These are my Digimon! The pink one is Kokomon and the green one is Gummymon," Yun explained.

"I'm Gummymon!"

"I'm Kokomon. It's nice to meet you."

Hokuto cracked the faintest of smiles.

"They're cute," Hokuto muttered.

"Aren't they?" Yun said.

"Quite!" Lucero piped in.

That's when an unlikely voice decided to reveal itself, though Yun expected it.

"I suppose it's time for me to appear on the stage."

It came from the white weasel wrapped around Hokuto's neck, Kudamon.

He leaped off of Hokuto's shoulder and stood on his hind legs right in front of Yun's crossed legs. Quite a small and skinny little thing he is, with striking gold eyes, a little pink button nose, pointed white ears with black tips, intricate yellow markings on his back, a gold ring around his neck, a violet purple earring, and a little yellow thing at the tip of his tail. Kudamon bowed before Yun and the two blobs like an obedient and dignified butler greeting his master after a long journey.

"Good afternoon. My name is Kudamon. I am a vaccine attribute holy beast Digimon, though I suppose you know about me already. I'm honored to make your acquaintance," Kudamon introduced himself in a mature, low, and dignified voice, kindly presenting himself before Yun and the two little blobs. Yun was taken aback by the little white weasel's a good way.

"Sorry if this sounds impolite,'re so cute!" Yun exclaimed happily as she got a good look at Kudamon.

"Hm. Perhaps I am," Kudamon said, not really minding Yun's well-intentioned comment. Yun scratched the back of her head with her hand in honest modesty.

"Also...yeah, I did kinda know about you," Yun said.

"How so?" Lucero asked.

"I saw the TV show, Digimon Savers(1), and Kudamon was in it! That's how I knew, even though it was long ago," Yun explained.

"Oh. I didn't know that," Hokuto muttered.

"How very interesting. We Digimon are fictional creatures in a cartoon in this world. Perhaps the human world is more interesting and wondrous than I thought," Kudamon said. Kokomon and Gummymon leaped in front of him.

"We thought so too!" Kokomon piped in.

"Wanna play?" Gummymon asked, which seemed to irk Kokomon.

"Gummymon! Don't say that. He's probably not the type!"


Oddly enough, Kudamon smiled.

"Alright. I will play with you," Kudamon said.

"Really? You don't look the type," Kokomon said, looking a little worried.

"I'm not exactly the ever-serious and uptight Digimon the humans think I am. Even I like a trifle social activity once in a while, just so long as it's not rough or violent," Kudamon said.

"Okay! Come on! Let's play!" Gummymon happily invited Kudamon under the bed, and all three little Digimon ran under it.

"Be sure not to hurt thyselves!" Lucero told them.

"We won't!" Gummymon replied back.

Yun decided to talk to Hokuto again.

"So! Hokuto-kun! Exactly how did you meet Kudamon?" Yun asked.

"Wouldst thou like to share thy story with us?" Lucero asked, backing Yun up.

Hokuto looked up at the ceiling and ruminated for a bit, then looked back at Hokuto.

"Yes. I do. It was about a week and a half ago..." Hokuto began.


Hokuto sat in a hospital bed, comfortably wrapped in the blanket and in his pajamas, quietly reading a book about insects and their biology while a young nurse adjusted his IV bag. Hokuto wore his dark yellow pajamas and a blue and purple bandana on his bald head. Yes, he is bald. He doesn't have hair. Not one strand of hair was on his head. His head is totally clean and shiny. That's because he has been on chemotherapy for the past few months, and his last session is in two days. Even the nurse knew this. Once she finished adjusting Hokuto's IV bag, she turned to Hokuto and smiled.

"Isn't this great, Kamitsure-kun? Your cancer's practically gone, and after the next session you won't have to go through chemo ever again! Are you excited about going home later?" The nurse said with a smile. Hokuto never lifted his face from the book, but he did hear the nurse talking to him and knows that she's there.

"Yes. I am," Hokuto muttered back.

"I'm glad. Nobody likes being stuck on chemo for a long time. My grandmother survived cancer once!" The nurse was about to go into a story about her grandmother and how she survived cancer, but looked at her pager and became alarmed.

"Whoops! Mogami-sensei needs me! I have to go now, Kamitsure-kun! If anything goes wrong, press the button on your pager and someone will come running. Bye!" The nurse said and left the room.

All of a sudden, Hokuto's room became ominously quiet. Hokuto suddenly got tired of his book of insects and decided to close it and take a break from it for a while. But he didn't quite know what else to do...except take a nap. That's what Hokuto decided to do. He decided to lay back on the bed, close his cobalt blue eyes, and drift off into dreamland for a while. He had only been asleep for 20 minutes. He would've slept for much longer...if he didn't suddenly feel something hard rubbing against his foot.

Hokuto immediately woke up because of it. He was quite alarmed. He didn't use the pager to call for someone. He saw that the IV needle had been removed so he was free to move around in his bed. Silently and cautiously, Hokuto very slowly pushed the blanket off of him and further toward the foot of the bed. He got closer to his legs. Closer...and closer...and finally, the blanket was off! And what Hokuto saw beside his feet surprised him, but not enough to make him scream.

It was an egg! A white and yellow egg the size of Hokuto's IV bag. Hard and white, with many intricate yellow patterns on it. Hokuto had never seen the egg or the patterns before, so he didn't know what to make of either of them. A myriad of thoughts were running through his little mind. What is this egg? What's inside it? Where did it come from? How did it get under his blankets? How did he not know about this? Did someone slip it under his blanket as he slept? Is it a get well gift from someone? Or is it something more sinister and malicious? He simply couldn't figure out how, when, and why this egg had appeared before him. He wanted to leave it alone, but at the same time, he was curious and didn't want to just simply leave it be, so he decided to take the egg into his arms and hold it. Much to his surprise, it was warm. Warm like fresh baked bread that just came out from the oven. Hoktuo smiled at it. He liked the feeling of it. Well, he crossed the sinister and malicious thought off of his list.

Suddenly, it wiggled!

"Huh? What?"

After that, it glowed and was enveloped in a bright white light! It was so bright Hokuto had to cover his eyes and look away. Thankfully, the light didn't last long. Only about a minute or so. Fortunately, nobody else really took notice of it since nobody was in his room nor did anyone suddenly pass by and see it, which was a relief for Hokuto. Finally having the mettle to open his eyes, he did. And what he saw surprised him even more.

On his knees is a very tiny, very soft, and very light little creature. It was no bigger than Hokuto's four fingers (excluding his thumb). It is very small and fluffy, with cloud blue down fur with a big curl at the end of it's tail, two ears with chocolate brown tips, and big, black, beady eyes. Hokuto was surprised with it's very presence. But something about it seemed to shake Hokuto a bit. Suddenly, the small creature looked up at Hokuto with it's big beady eyes and smiled brightly. It's smile was as pure and full of life as the flowers that his mom gave him which are sitting at the window sill right now. The little creature's smile made Hokuto smile a bit too. Well, whatever this creature was, it didn't look like he'd do any harm. Hokuto held the little one close and smiled at it.

"Hello," Hokuto muttered. The little fluffy animal looked up at him curiously, his round, black eyes big with wonder.

"I'm Hokuto. Do you have a name?" Hokuto asked. The little fluffy animal opened it's mouth a few times, but it didn't look like it could talk just yet.

"It's alright. You can tell me when you're ready," Hokuto told him, which made the little creature smile.

The little fluffy animal stayed by Hokuto's side, no matter what, even as Hokuto underwent his final chemotherapy session. The little white animal didn't exactly know what was going on, but he grew attached to Hokuto already so he didn't mind at all. About two days later, the doctors and nurses deemed Hokuto healthy enough to go home, so Aki took him home. But Hokuto still seemed rather tired, so he went into his new room. Despite this, Hokuto and the little white animal stayed together for the entire day, and they did everything together. Hokuto fed him, played with him, groomed him, read books to him, slept with him, everything. Hokuto had never felt so ardent about something like this before. Part of it was because Hokuto was never really given an opportunity like this considering his deprived lifestyle before Aki got custody of him, and another part was because Hokuto had been confined to the hospital a lot.

One thing he knew for sure was that he loved this little white creature. The way he hopped around, the way his big black eyes absorbed everything around him, the way he smiled, his somewhat voracious appetite, the mild and gentle way he approached Hokuto, everything made Hokuto's heart skip a beat or two. The little white fluffy animal loved Hokuto, and Hokuto loved the little fluffy white animal. This little white creature was his and his alone. Nobody could tell him how to raise it or how to perceive it or what to call it or anything. Hokuto was determined to raise this little creature all by himself, without anyone's opinion or help. Hokuto loved this little animal, and he continued to do so, even after he suddenly changed appearance one day.

The day after Hokuto arrived home from the hospital, Hokuto sat with his family and had breakfast. All he ate were bananas and omelet rice. But he hated being at that table, partly because Kimi and Nene were fighting and screaming and behaving inappropriately as usual, and partly because practically everyone expected Hokuto to say something. Hokuto hates talking to people, especially those who expect him to speak to anyone and everyone as if it were a big and important school project that, if he failed, would hurt his entire grade. Once he finished breakfast, Hokuto returned to his room to play with the white creature...only to find that the little white creature wasn't himself anymore!

The little white animal turned from a fluffy white creature to a baby raccoon-esque creature with fluffy beige fur, fluffy white tipped ears, a fluffy pale blue and violet raccoon's tail, blue eyes, orange triangles above it's eyes, and little stubby and clawed feet. Hokuto was taken aback somewhat. 'Is this the same fluffy animal that hatched from the egg?' Hokuto thought as he looked at the little baby raccoon. But suddenly, the little baby raccoon saw him and practically leaped onto him like a grasshopper who had too much sugar. Hokuto caught the little thing and made sure it didn't fall, though his claws dug into Hokuto's shirt. Then, out of nowhere, the little baby raccoon looked right up at Hokuto, straight into his eyes, and cried out, "Hokuto!" as loud and clear as it could be. Hokuto was flabbergasted even further. Not only did the strange little animal change his appearance, but he learned to talk too. Then, an idea hit Hokuto like a strong blast of lightning.

"You...can talk?" Hokuto asked.

"Yep!" The little baby raccoon replied in a high voice like that of a four year old boy. Hokuto didn't like high pitched voices. Especially those that were screeching and obnoxious, like those of Kimi and Nene. However, this little baby raccoon's voice was more innocent and mild than loud and bombastic. Hokuto smiled and cradled the little baby raccoon in his arms.

"What's your name?" Hokuto asked. The little baby raccoon's tail and ears perked up.

"Kyaromon!" The little baby raccoon, Kyaromon, replied cutely.

"What are you?"

"A Digimon!"

"Where are you from?"

"The Digital World!"

"Do you eat?"


"Do you have powers?"


"Why did you change appearance?"

"I digivolved! And I can do more of it too!"

Their conversations consisted solely of these kinds of rhetoric. Questions and answers and nothing else. But both Hokuto and Kyaromon didn't mind. Soon, when the day ended, Kyaromon and Hokuto slept together in the futon peacefully and without a care in the world.

Then, a few days before Hokuto met Yun, Kyaromon changed! Or, as Kyaromon himself put it, digivolved! Hokuto and Kyaromon were having breakfast by themselves when suddenly Kyaromon became enveloped by a white light. He grew thinner and bigger, but he reached the size of Hokuto's forearm. Now Kyaromon turned into the white weasel with gold eyes, white fur, intricate yellow markings on it's back, arms and legs, a tail with a yellow thing at the end of it, a pink button nose, white ears with black tips, and a purple earring. Hokuto was surprised, but he decided to make conversation with him anyway.

"Hello," Hokuto muttered.

"Salutations," The white weasel replied.

"Did you digivolve just now?"

"Yes, and I have become stronger."

"What are you now? You're not Kyaromon, are you?"

"Kyaromon's my in-training form. Now, I'm Kudamon."


"Yes. Do you not like my metamorphosis?"

"I don't mind. You're quite cute."

"Thank you."

Unlike with Kyaromon, Hokuto and Kudamon's conversations turned from simple to detailed and vast. Instead of talking about food and games, they talked about everything from science to Digimon and insects and biology and cancer and pretty much Earth itself. And the two of them had a great time of it. Not only that, Hokuto got his digivice. It was silver. Hokuto didn't know what the digivice was for, but he kept it and Kudamon anyway. A new friendship blossomed between these two.

(end flashback)

"Awww! How sweet!" Yun exclaimed.

"Thou and thy Digimon really became close, didn't thou?" Lucero asked.

"Yes. We did," Hokuto said. Right then, Kokomon, Gummymon, and Kudamon peeked their little heads out from under the bed.

"So you already knew you were a Digimon beforehand?" Kokomon asked.

"Yes, I did. If one were to not have any memory of where they came from or how they got to this world, it doesn't mean the knowledge of being a Digimon leaves your mind," Kudamon replied matter-of-factly.

"You got that right!" Gummymon piped in.

"Do you remember how you ended up in the human world, Kudamon?" Kokomon asked. Kudamon drooped his head a little bit.

"No. It would seem not," Kudamon replied.

"Oh! You're just like us then! We don't remember why or how we got to the human world either!" Gummymon exclaimed.

"That's quite a coincidence!" Kudamon said.

"It is, indeed!" Yun backed him up.

"Hath thou encountered other Digimon before? Besides Kudamon, I mean," Lucero asked. Hokuto looked up at the ceiling and ruminated again, then looked back at Yun.

"Nope. I've never seen any other Digimon except for Kudamon before. Yours are the only other ones I've met," Hokuto replied, which left Yun with her jaw hanging to the floor.

"Are you serious?" She yelped.

Hokuto nodded.

Yun felt quite surprised. When she received Kokomon and Gummymon for the first time, she encountered lots of Digimon. But Hokuto only knew of Kudamon's existence and no other Digimon? From the looks of it, he probably hasn't fought any other Digimon either. Yun couldn't quite understand why Hokuto would keep Kudamon if he had no idea what he was in for. But then a bright idea flashed into her head like a strong bolt of lightning setting a tree on fire and knocking it down.

"Since you say you've never met other Digimon before, I think it's time you met some!" Yun exclaimed as she stood up. She grabbed her digivice, opened it, adjusted the settings, punched in some letters, pressed the send button, and closed it. Hokuto, Kudamon, and Lucero were surprised.

"What did you just do?" Hokuto asked.

"I used my digivice to send a text message to my friend Minako-chan. Oh! I forgot to mention! This is a digivice, and you can do lots of things on it like talk to people like on a phone, text someone and send messages to them, look up Digimon's info on it, and, best of all, you can even go to the Digital World!" Yun explained.

"The digivice can do that? I never knew!" Kudamon exclaimed.

"I didn't know either until just last night. It's so cool!" Yun told him.

"It is cool, though going to the Digital World is gonna take some getting used to," Gummymon said.

"Yeah. That's why we're in our in-training forms. I think the Digital World traveling kind of drained the energy out of us," Kokomon said.

"What does she mean?" Hokuto asked Kudamon.

"Most of the time, if Digimon lose certain amounts of strength and energy, mostly from fighting, they de-digivolve into their in-training or baby forms. It's so they can save up on energy and digivolve again," Kudamon explained in a prosaic manner like he was some college professor.

"Can you do that?"

Kudamon nodded.

Yun checked her digivice again and smiled. Then she put it in her pocket.

"Alrighty! Hokuto-kun! You're coming with us!" Yun edicted.


"To the park!"

Yun and Lucero took Hokuto out of the house and walked toward the park. Kokomon, Gummymon, and Kudamon stayed on their partners' backs so they wouldn't get lost. Hokuto was quite confused as to why Yun is dragging him out of the house like that.

"Umm...why are we going to the park?" Hokuto asked, sounding confused.

"I'm gonna have you meet my friend Minako-chan. She has a Digimon too, and she's very smart. She knows everything! She knows all about Digimon too! I think she might be able to help you understand them better. Plus she said she's been researching the digivice a bit and has some stuff she'd like to tell us, so I thought we'd go and see her before the day ended! How's that?" Yun explained.

Hokuto, while a little overwhelmed by this turn of events, decided to go with it anyway. Hokuto doesn't exactly know much about Digimon in general, like Yun figured out. Perhaps this little meeting might help him learn more about Digimon and how they work. After about a few minutes, Hokuto saw a girl sitting on a bench in the park. She has blonde hair tied in a ponytail with a purple ribbon and is wearing a short sleeved red shirt with a white letter 5 on it, along with black jean shorts, purple socks, white and brown shoes, and a purple choker with a pretty violet amethyst jewel on it that was streaked by the afternoon sunbeams. By her side is a very tiny and very cute cream colored puppy with big violet eyes, pink and rosy cheeks, and a gold collar around it's neck. Yun waved to her right on sight.

"Mina-chan!" Yun called out. Minako stood up and waved back.

"Yun!" She yelled back. Salamon hopped up right upon hearing Yun's voice.

"Yun-chan! Good afternoon! Wan!" Salamon piped in as Yun, Lucero, and Hokuto approached them. Minako and Salamon cocked their heads to one side in confusion once they saw Hokuto.

"Yun? Who's this?" Minako asked. Yun grabbed Hokuto's arm.

"I'm glad you asked! This is Kamitsure Hokuto-kun! He's my mom's friend's son who just moved into the area a few days ago. Get this! He has a Digimon but doesn't really know what Digimon are!" Yun explained rather excitedly and jauntily, frightening Hokuto just a bit, but he did know that she doesn't mean any harm by her excitement. Yun then turned to Hokuto. "Hokuto-kun, this is one of my best friends, Omori Minako, and the cute little puppy with the big eyes and rosy cheeks here is Salamon, her Digimon!"

Minako approached Hokuto with a smile. "Hello."

Hokuto timidly shook her hand. "Hello."

Minako then noticed Kudamon, who stood upright on Hokuto's shoulder. "I suppose you're his Digimon?"

"Yes, I am. I am Kudamon. A pleasure to meet you, Omori-san," Kudamon replied in a dignified and sophisticated manner. Salamon happily and jauntily hopped around Hokuto like a very excited child wanting a cookie.

"Hello, Hokuto-kun! I'm Salamon! Nice to meet you! Wan!" Salamon piped in sweetly. Hokuto couldn't help but feel his heart skip a beat once he saw this lively and curious little puppy Digimon. He smiled.

"Nice to meet you too," Hokuto muttered.

It's here that Kudamon hopped in front of Salamon and bowed before her.

"Hello, fellow Digimon. I'm Kudamon. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance," Kudamon said as he introduced himself. Salamon smiled sweetly.

"Hi! I'm Salamon! Nice to meet you too! Wan! I hope we can be friends!" Salamon chimed.

"Perhaps we shall," Kudamon replied softly.

Kokomon and Gummymon hopped in front of Kudamon and Salamon. The four of them played together while the three kids decided to sit on the grass. Yun told Minako everything.

"Oh! I see. So that's how it went down. I'm surprised you were gutsy enough to do that," Minako said.

"Yun is quite the brave little meister, I can tell thee that with utmost certainty!" Lucero edicted with a smile, making Yun blush a bit.

"No, it wasn't gutsy at all!" Yun exclaimed.

"Yes it was!" Gummymon piped in as he played with the three Digimon.

"Regardless, I'm glad you two became friends!" Minako said with a smile. But then she remembered something. "Oh! That reminds me! Yun, earlier I told everyone about postponing the meeting for tomorrow. Everyone's cool with it. Wanna guess how I did it?"

Yun pointed a finger at her like she was Phoenix Wright. "You texted them with the digivice, didn't you!?"

Minako snapped her fingers. "You got it! I wanted to surprise them so I kinda jumped the shark a bit."

"It's alright! I think it was awesome. In fact, I kinda texted Melody earlier today. No wonder she wasn't all surprised when I texted her. I guess maybe you told everyone around then?" Yun said.

"Good guess!" Minako said.

"Thou art very prudent and sneaky!" Lucero said.

Yun wanted to talk to Hokuto, but when she looked at him, she saw that he's doing nothing but stare at the town. He didn't even look to see the four little Digimon happily playing together like little children. His eyes looked very listless and impassive, just like he was when Yun first caught sight of him in the front garden, holding his favorite white star flowers. All of a sudden, Yun got another idea. She smiled at Hokuto and tapped his shoulder.

"Hokuto-kun? Wanna go for a stroll around town?" Yun asked.

"Huh? Why?" Hokuto asked.

"Well, you just moved in, didn't you? I thought maybe if we walked around a bit, you'd know where everything is and get a better feel of it. Is that okay?" Yun asked politely. Here, Kokomon, Gummymon, Salamon, and Kudamon stopped playing and listened.

"Oh! Oh! I wanna walk around town and see everything! Wan! It sounds fun!" Salamon exclaimed cutely.

"I wouldn't mind a little stroll. Perhaps this will be good for us," Kudamon muttered softly.

"This'll be fun!" Kokomon said.

"Yeah! I wanna go! I wanna see the whole entire town!" Gummymon said.

Although he was quite reluctant to do so, upon seeing the happy faces of his newfound human and Digimon friends, including Kudamon, Hokuto smiled sweetly, albeit timidly.

"Okay. I'll walk all over town with you," Hokuto said.

"Come on! Let's go!" Yun prodded as she took Hokuto's hand.

So, the four kids and Digimon walked all over town. Yun and Minako showed Hokuto and Lucero everything. They saw the local food store, the 49 cent store, the video rental place, the little pizza place, the train station, the library, the elementary school where Aria goes, Fushimi Middle School (where Yun, Minako, and Lucero attend, though Hokuto is said to start his first day later on), the old Catholic school which had closed down three years ago (whose black top is mostly used by kids playing basketball), the tattoo parlor, every house and building under the sun. Hokuto found himself surprised by the fact that Yun, Minako, Lucero, and the Digimon were kind enough to take him all over town and show him everything despite only knowing him for a couple of hours. Nobody had ever done this for Hokuto before. But then again, Hokuto never did know what it was like to live in a town and know everything in it. All Hokuto knew was his father, his sickness, and Kudamon, along with the things he learned from his books. That was it. It made him feel very detached from humanity. All of a sudden, as the kids in front of him talked amongst each other, he smiled and finally began feeling a connection. Not just with them, but with possibly all of humanity in general.

As they reached a bench around a street corner, they sat on it and Minako told him everything he needed to know about Digimon and the Digital World. Hokuto listened and was attentive throughout the entire explanation. When Minako needed to, she could go on and on forever and belabor about anything she could think of, whether it was to teach someone about something or to just annoy someone. But Hokuto didn't mind. He hearkened and absorbed all the knowledge that was pouring out from her mouth like a vaccuum cleaner, and all of it went into the vaccuum cleaner bag that is his head. Once Minako finally finished, they went to the ice cream place to grab some ice cream. Minako had money on her so she paid for everyone. Oddly enough, Hokuto ordered vanilla ice cream and enjoyed it immensely. Yun was told Hokuto didn't like anything with sugar in it. She was confused. Maybe ice cream doesn't have sugar? She wanted to ask Minako, but she and Salamon were too busy enjoying their ice cream. She couldn't help but wonder. But out of respect for Hokuto, she decided not to bring it up with him. All the kids shared the ice cream with the Digimon, and they all enjoyed it too, including Kudamon, even though this is his first time eating such cold yet soft and sweet food. Quite a pleasure it was to everyone.

Finally, the kids decided to walk back to the park.

"Man! I really can't wait for tomorrow's Digimon Brigade meeting. There's so much I want to tell everyone!" Yun exclaimed.

"Don't worry. Tomorrow's on it's way and you'll be able to palaver all you want!" Minako said.

"What does palaver mean?" Gummymon asked.

"It means to talk incessantly about something," Kudamon said.

"Yeah! Mina-chan can be pretty garrulous and verbose when she wants to be! Wan!" Salamon exclaimed.

"How'd you know those big words?" Yun asked.

"Mina-chan taught me!" Salamon replied.

"Oh! I see. She's taught me some big words too," Yun said.

When they finally got to the park, something caught Lucero's eyes.


Hokuto was the first to notice.

"What's wrong?" Hokuto asked.

"Something's in that tree," Lucero replied, pointing to one of the big trees in the park. Kudamon's ears perked up.

"Yes! He's right. Something's in the tree, but it's not a Digimon. Strange, I can feel another Digimon's presence," Kudamon said.

"What? You can?" Yun asked.

"Let's go check it out!" Gummymon edicted.


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