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Digimon: A Seraphic Tale, Chapter 17 (part three)

part three!

The battle seemed to go on for hours on end. Lopmon and Kudamon took turns trying to attack Roachmon (who was also successfully evading their attacks like it was nothing) and Terriermon, Bearmon, and Gatomon tried their absolute hardest to fight Golemon and destroy the Dark Emblem on his right foot. But nothing worked, no matter what they tried. Lopmon and Terriermon still weren't able to digivolve due to their low energy level, Kudamon and Bearmon haven't reached the digivolution stage yet, and Gatomon wasn't even close to being as powerful as Golemon is, even though she herself is a champion level. Minako and Yun tried hard to attack Golemon, but his rock hard body made their digiswords literally bounce off of him. Isao watched the girls fight and decided to try and use his digivice as a weapon himself. Thankfully his digivice did as asked and turned into a lit up sword. Isao hit Golemon's foot lots of times, but it didn't work. Gatomon was starting to get irritated.

"Nyan! Is there no end to these ugly Digimon?" Gatomon yelled.

"I HEARD 'DAT!! And no, there ain't! I'm 'a make sure you never interfere with our plans ever again! Golemon, take 'em down!" Roachmon yelled vehemently.

"What exactly ARE your plans!? Do tell, because we'd LOVE to thwart them!" Minako yelled sarcastically.

"As if I'd tell a rotten thing like you!"

"You're even MORE rotten than us!!"

"Yeah! And you're ugly too! You smell like dog poop!" Isao yelled, backing Minako up, which made Roachmon even madder. He finally decided to attack.

"I had just about enough of 'dis, yo! Garbage Dump!" Roachmon threw piles of garbage at the kids. Yun held her digivice up on a complete whim, hoping that something would happen.

And happen it did.

Her digivice glew, and a rainbow like dome appeared over the children and weakened Digimon, turning into a shield that made Roachmon's disgusting attack dissipate into this air! Yun opened her eyes and saw the wondrous rainbowy shield and silently rejoiced. 'Wow! My digivice can turn into a shield! Awesome!' The digivice didn't just work as a lasso or a sword, but a shield as well!

"WHAT!? Now 'DAT can't be good!" Roachmon yelled.

But someone else had other ideas.

"Eat this, you baddie!" Isao yelled as he tried to dredge his sword into Golemon's foot. But Isao didn't notice Golemon looking down at him angrily.

"Isao! Look out!" Bearmon yelled, but Golemon very quickly grabbed Isao with his big, stony hand and lifted him into the air. Isao could feel himself suffocating. He felt his bones were about to crack in two. He struggled to get himself out, but it didn't work.

"Isao!" Everyone yelled. Kudamon, with blinding speed, climbed Golemon's body and hopped in front of Golemon's face.

"Release the boy, now! Holy Ray!" Kudamon attempted to blind Golemon with his light, which unfortunately did not work as Golemon managed to knock Kudamon out with his arm, the one that's holding Isao.

"Kudamon!" Hokuto caught Kudamon in the nick of time. Then, Bearmon and Terriermon decided to take things into their own hands.

"Bear Roll!"

"Terrier Tornado!"

Both of them spun around (in different directions) and went up in the air so they could land a hit on Golemon. Sadly enough, their attacks bounced off of the rocky beast and they ended up getting hurt.

"Man! That thing's harder than my horn! Jeez!" Terriermon complained. But Bearmon ran back toward Golemon, who was looking at Isao with great but hostile curiosity.

"Bearmon! Wait! Where are you going?" Terriermon yelled.

"I'm gonna save Isao-kun! That's what!" Bearmon replied as he climbed onto Golemon's foot.

"But he's too strong for you! Come back this instant!" Lopmon warned worriedly.

"So what? I can't just leave Isao with that giant monster! He'll die if I don't save him! Isao, I'm coming!" Bearmon yelled as he slowly began to climb Golemon's foot. Golemon didn't notice as he was too busy looking at Isao like a big, hungry monster. Isao could feel himself shivering with fear and about to explode into a paroxysm of tears.

'I can't! I can't cry now! I have to be strong! For Bearmon and my new friends! Strong people don't cry! I...I have to-Ugh!' Isao thought as he struggled to hold back his tears and break free. Unfortunately, Golemon's rock hard grip was slowly crushing him.

Then, out of nowhere, his bronze digivice glew. And so did Bearmon! The glow was so bright and blinding that even Golemon had to cover his eyes. Sure, he used the arm holding Isao as his cover, but Isao didn't care. Even though he couldn't see, he knew what this light meant.

"Bearmon! You're digivolving!"

"Bearmon, digivolve to..."

The bronze light enveloping Bearmon grew bigger and bigger until he was the exact same size as Golemon, albeit only shorter than him by about two feet. Once the majestic bronze light faded, out came a giant grizzly bear standing on all fours. Now he has a royal blueish purple coat with red armor on his large front paws with sickeningly sharp silver claws, and a pure white crescent moon shape on his head. He sure looked pretty ferocious, as Hokuto was scared spitless by the giant bear and ran back behind the tree with Kudamon safely snuggled in his arms. But to Isao, he was the awesomest thing in the whole wide world.


Right after he digivolved, Grizzlymon rammed into Golemon like he was a ferocious, wild bull in a rodeo. He came with such force that Golemon finally let go of Isao. In a split second after that, Grizzlymon let Isao fall on his big fluffy coat of fur. Even Roachmon was surprised.

"Hah? A Digimon digivolvin' with a human's help? Pathetic!" Roachmon sneered angrily.

"You're even more pathetic! Cat's Eye Hypnosis!" Gatomon piped in, but not before paralyzing Roachmon with the eerie glow in her violet eyes.

Isao and Grizzlymon readied themselves to take down Golemon.

"You ready to break this thing into a million pieces, Isao?" Grizzlymon asked in his deep and...well, grizzly voice. But Isao didn't mind one bit.

"Yeah! Let's do it!" Isao roared happily.

"Alrighty! Maul Attack!" With an excited Isao on his back, Grizzlymon charged toward Golemon yet again, knocking him to the ground. Yun and the Digimon saw the Dark Emblem on Golemon's foot. Isao saw their faces as he looked, and knew what he had to do.

"Grizzlymon! Hop on top of him so he won't get up!" Isao commanded.

"You got it!" Grizzlymon walked on top of Golemon and prevented him from getting up. This gave all the Digimon an opportunity to attack.

"Freezing Snow!"

"Blazing Fire!"

"Lightning Paw!"

"Crystal Air!"

All four small Digimon attacked the Dark Emblem with all the power they had. Unfortunately, it didn't destroy it. Thankfully, Grizzlymon and Golemon fought enough that Golemon was finally rendered unconscious by Grizzlymon's weight. He decided to land the final blow.

"Crescent Dawn!"

A white light shot out from Bearmon's crescent and finally destroyed the Dark Emblem. After that, a digital hole was opened and Golemon fell into it. Gatomon and Grizzlymon both de-digivolved back to Salamon and Bearmon. Everyone rejoiced...all except for Roachmon.

"WHAT?!? This ain't right!! Grrr! It's no wonder you humans keep ruinin' our plans! I'm definitely gonna report ya to my master and have him do somethin' about it!" Roachmon yelled like a drunkard as he broke out of Gatomon's Cat's Eye Hypnosis.

"Or what? You're gonna throw us in the dumpster or something?" Yun mocked Roachmon similar to how Melody does with Seiko often.

However...Lucero made the mistake of getting out from behind the tree and approaching Yun.

"Yun! Let us go home!" Lucero said.

That's when Roachmon's big, ugly, googly eyes locked onto the blonde boy, and right when he did...he screamed like a lunatic.


Roachmon's screaming was so loud, Yun had to cover her ears. Lopmon and Terriermon hopped on her head and covered Yun's ears with their big floppy ones so the noise would be muffled. But it sure didn't stop Yun from shaking like a leaf, though she did look up at Roachmon, who looked at Lucero and thought that the sight of Lucero was the biggest calamity that had ever hit him in the face of the earth.

"You-You-You-You-You're...STILL ALIVE!!!?" Roachmon yelled. Then he suddenly flew toward Lucero and grabbed him.

"No way!! You can't be alive!! You should be dead!! DEAD!! My master destroyed you!! This can't beeeee!!" Roachmon screamed like a maniac, and Yun sure wasn't having it.

"Let go of him, insectoid!" Yun managed to pry Roachmon off of Lucero, though Roachmon's skin didn't feel very nice to Yun. Roachmon, knowing that these kids won't let him near Lucero, especially if they have Digimon who can digivolve and easily defeat him, decided to let him go and fly away, but not before leaving behind a caustic and ribald statement.

"I'm 'a lettin' my master know about 'dis, yo! Just because you survived don't mean we can't destroy you again! Just you wait!" Roachmon yelled before he opened a digital hole and flew into it. Everyone was silent.

"Uh...what just happened?" Hokuto asked.

"I think Roachmon knows Lucero somehow," Minako said.

"He knows me? But I don't know him!" Lucero exclaimed, feeling rather uncomfortable with this new twist. Yun crossed her arms.

"Well, regardless, I don't think we should ignore this. That ugly bug thinks he knows Lucero. Devimon too. Remember? They both said 'You should be dead!' and tried to attack him. I don't think this is some case of mistaken identity," Yun explained.

"Me neither. We're definitely going to bring this up at tomorrow's Digimon Brigade meeting," Minako said. Terriermon hopped onto Yun's shoulder.

"Maybe Lucero's secretly a super cool Digimon who can save the world! Heehee!" Terriermon exclaimed happily, which irked Lopmon.

"Terriermon! Don't make jokes like that! This is serious!" Lopmon exclaimed.

"Well, if there's one thing that's's the fact that when I get home, I'm taking an epic bath!" Yun exclaimed as she took her two floppy eared friends and zipped back home. But not before registering Isao's digivice with hers and getting his home address and phone number. Now that the battle was over, Yun was determined to get herself clean...and clean herself she did!

In the Digital World...

Roachmon and Witchmon are flying through a very dark, very damp, and very ominous looking cave with determined looks on their faces. Both of them held lit up torches so they could see.

"I'm tellin' ya, Witchmon! I saw him with my own two eyes! I still have a hard time believin' it! To think he's been alive all this time!" Roachmon exclaimed.

"Are you sure it's really him?" Witchmon asked.

"Sure I'm sure! Where else can you find a human boy with purple tattoos and holy rings!?"

"Well, I've never really seen him before so I don't know what he looks like."

"By him you mean what he was like before Master destroyed him, right?"

"Yep! But man! All I managed to do was lay a curse on a tiny little pink fairy! I wanted to do so much more back then! Boo! And besides, our master doesn't believe in humans! He's not gonna take you seriously!"

"Quit yer belly-achin', Witchmon! We gotta tell Master right away! He'll explode!"

In a hurry, Roachmon flew ahead of Witchmon.

"Hey! Roachmon! Wait for me! Don't leave me behind in this dark and dirty place!" Witchmon wailed like a spoiled child, but Roachmon was just too excited and pumped up. Soon, the tunnel got bigger and bigger the further he went.

"Master! Master!!"

He got to the end and found himself in a very big, very dark, very damp, very cold, and very ominous looking room with nothing in it...except for a few other tunnel holes and a 30 foot tall crystal trapped in some rock formations right in the middle of the room. Inside the big blue a shadowy, eerie, and ferocious looking apparition shaped like a small purple dragon with two heads, orange and yellow eyes glowing very evilly and eerily, two arms, and a lighter purple light in it's abdomen. He sure did NOT look like a very nice Digimon. Some little white ghost Digimon and grey animal Digimon ran out of Roachmon's way once he stood in front of the giant crystal. Roachmon bowed before the giant crystal.

"Why do you come?" The ghostly dragon in the crystal asked in a sickeningly deep, rich, and booming voice that seemed to make the cavern shake a little, like a small earthquake hit. But Roachmon didn't feel a thing.

"Greetings, Master MoonMilleniummon! I don't mean to intrude on your coveted slumber, but I've discovered something that I feel obliged to share with you!" Roachmon explained in a polite and suave voice. Suddenly, Witchmon fell on his head.

"Ow!" Both of them yelled in unison. Roachmon vehemently threw Witchmon off of him.

"Git offa me, Witchmon!"

"It's your fault for running ahead of me, you roach!"

"Yeah, well, you're a spoiled brat anyway!"

"What'd you call me?"

"SILENCE!!!" The dragon inside the giant crystal, MoonMillenniummon, screamed angrily, causing the entire cavern to shake violently and most of the small Digimon to scurry out of the cave. Roachmon and Witchmon really felt as if an earthquake was about to it. Thankfully, the shaking stopped.

"Jeez! Can't you two low-life incompetents stop squabbling even for a second!? It's no wonder I don't get any sleep! I can't believe I even paired you two up in the first place! I need to set some standards!" MoonMillenniummon yelled.

"W-We're terribly sorry, Master!" Roachmon bowed before his master, but Witchmon didn't look too happy.

"Shouldn't he be getting all the blame instead of making us share it?" Witchmon muttered to herself.

"Well, Roachmon? You said you had something to tell me? Speak! And after that, get back to recruiting Digimon so I can complete my army!" MoonMillenniummon roared.

"Yes! But before I get to that, I'd like to explain something, if you will! See, you know about humans, right? The creatures who supposedly created us? See, I've found that they really exist!" Roachmon explained, rubbing his hands together.

"Huh? That's all? You know very well that there's no such thing as humans! Roachmon, you should know better than to believe such poppycock!" MoonMillenniummon scolded like a strict parent.

"Oh, but Master! There are! Witchmon and I saw 'dem with our own two eyes! And you ain't gonna believe who we found in there!"

"Aren't, not ain't. Aren't. I ought to start giving you grammar lessons," MoonMillenniummon said.

"That ain't important! Listen!"

Roachmon krept closer to MoonMillenniummon and whispered something in front of him. It wasn't entirely low because MoonMillenniummon has a hard time hearing really low voices. Right when MoonMillenniummon heard what Roachmon said, he roared.


A small blue lightning bolt shot out from his crystal and electrocuted Roachmon. Witchmon caught him before he fell onto the ground.

"Hey! What's with the electricity!?" Witchmon yelled as she helped Roachmon stand up and regain his balance.

"How dare you waste my time with such calumny! Roachmon! I'm disappointed in you! I always knew you were incompetent, but I never dreamed of such audacity! I KILLED him!! I killed him with all the powers I had!! You were there! You saw everything! Yet you expect me to believe that he is actually ALIVE and walking amongst humans as we speak!? Lawful heart! Don't ever mention his name to me ever again!! And don't ever tell me those lies either!!" MoonMillenniummon screamed angrily.

"B-But Master! What he says is true! I saw him too! And those brats who keep ruining our plans!" Witchmon pleaded as Roachmon helped himself up.

"Not another word! Go and put Dark Emblems on any Digimon who's not willing to assimilate into my army! Coerce them or do it by force, I don't care!!"

"We're trying, but those humans keep getting in the way!"

"Oh, is that your excuse!? I'd like to go out and recruit myself, but I don't have enough power nor can I break out of this rock formation that's trapped me in this rathole! Anyway, leave this place immediately before you're next, Witchmon!!"

"Master! Listen!"

"I said leave and do your duty! Obey me at once!!"

Knowing that trying to persuade a crystalized dragon with a bad temper was futile, Witchmon abdicated, took Roachmon away, and left the cave, leaving MoonMillenniummon all alone.

'Hmph! He can't be alive! Absolutely not!! And there are NO such things as humans!! They're nothing but a foolish fabrication made up by a bunch of hacks. Those two idiots should know better than to be so gullible! But come to think of is strange that the Digimon who get branded with my specially created Dark Emblems have been disappearing lately. No! That's not true! No human world ever exists! Tch! I'd go and see for myself, but this form and this rock formation are holding me back. Oh well. I might as well wait and see. Now I'm hungry.' MoonMilleniummon thought as he watched Witchmon and Roachmon leave the cave. "Ghoulmon!! Get me some gruel, will you!?"

Witchmon and Roachmon left the cave panting.

"Told you he wouldn't believe you," Witchmon told him.

"Shut up, witch!" Roachmon snapped.

"You know how he is. Once he's set on a certain belief he won't budge no matter how much you try to persuade him."

"Looks like we're really gonna hafta hit it home."

"How? Those pesky brats keep getting in the way and he won't send the other servants with us either. It also doesn't help that LadyDevimon's taken over Mt. Trinity and is living like a spoiled princess."

"YOU actually HATE LadyDevimon?"

"Yes! She's always ordering me around like I'm her servant! But that's irrelevant right now. What are we gonna do?"

"Well, if there's one good thing I know about Master, it's that he'll start believin' something's true if there's solid evidence. We might as well grab somethin' in the human world that'll make him believe!"

"We tried that once, but you dropped the recorder!"

"That was your fault!"

"Was not!"

"Alright alright! It was both our faults! This ain't the time to argue! Anyway, if my feelin' in my gut is correct, he don't look like he has his wings or his powers. He could be easy to defeat. Alrighty! I got a plan! Witchmon, you keep on puttin' Dark Emblems on Digimon and deal with the pests while I do some info gatherin'!"

"What!? Come on! I'm tired of recruiting!"

"Quit yer complainin' and do it! And what do you think we should do? Drag Master to the human world with us?"

"That'd be a great idea! But we can't. One: he doesn't believe what we're telling him is true. Two: the biggest a digital hole we make can be is 5 meters long. He won't be able to fit! And three: if those brats figure out what we're doing, they might want to ruin our plans!"

"That's where you come in! You can stall 'em for however long ya want while I get the stuff I need to execute my new plan! Well, let's get to it, yo!"

Witchmon scoffed at him silently once he flew away. "Pfft! Stupid Mr. Know-It-All."


1. Digimon Savers, or Digimon: Data Squad in the US, is the 5th season in the Digimon franchise, and as Yun pointed out, Kudamon is one of the characters in it.


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