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Mini Movie Reviews 2

Love Thy Neighbor - 7.5/10. This was fine. I remember watching this years ago, and liked it back then. I still do now, though some subplots it throws in feel really contrived and pointless. Eh, it's nothing special, but it's still better than most old Lifetime movies I've seen.

Boyz n the Hood - 5.5/10. I wanted to like this more than I did. This would have been a great movie if it weren't for the gratuitous sex scenes and the characters constantly dropping F-bombs every two seconds. Plus, I only really liked three characters in this movie, nobody else, as the rest of them acted like complete idiots. Uh, hello?! Does it NOT occur to some people to call 911 when they see somebody get shot?! Eh, at least the soundtrack and commentary on gentrification was good.

United 93 (Film) and Flight 93 (TV movie) - 6/10 and 7/10. I thought I saw the latter, but it turns out I saw the former instead. Both were okay tributes to the people who died in the titular airplane on September 11th, though, ironically, I think the TV movie portrayed the subject better. It made more of an effort to make things feel more personal, and I actually knew who the characters were, whereas the former seemed to focus too much on the technical aspects and the command center scenes.

Cinderella (Disney 1950 animated version) - 7.5/10. This was okay. Not the best Disney movie ever, as the supporting cast hijacks the movie a lot and the prince is given next to no personality or development, but it does its job. Not sure if I prefer it over the 2015 version, as while that one remedied a lot of the issues I mentioned, it also had plenty of problems of its own (Like making Cinderella more passive and stupid even though she's touted as strong and independent when she isn't). Eh, I'd call it average, but it at the very least tries. Still think Ever After is a better Cinderella movie though.

Stranger by the Shore (Umibe no Etranger) - 8/10. Now this was a really cute, wholesome romance anime! Two guys meet and fall in love, but one of them has to deal with their own internalized homophobia as a result of his coming out going horribly. It's beautifully animated, I found the characters' chemistry and conflict to be well done, and it actually avoids a lot of the pitfalls and cliches that most BL/yaoi anime tend to indulge in. I'm also glad they chose not to adapt one scene from the manga that I felt was really unnecessary. Though...knowing how the sequel manga turns out, I can't really recommend it wholeheartedly, but on its own, it's a nice little treat.


1, 2, 3, All Eyes On Me - 3/10. Man, this short film was just BAAAD. I would have rated this so much higher if the short didn't seem intent on breaking absolutely every cardinal rule when it came to dealing with a school shooting! Seriously, I've seen Lifetime movies deal with the subject with less idiocy than this did!
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